Adventures in Kanchanaburi

Elephant Riding

Kanchanaburi is not located very far from Bangkok city and not only tourist find this place interesting but also the local Thais. There are many adventures in Kanchanaburi that can keep one coming back for more. Among some of the activities in Kanchanaburi that one can indulge in will include treks through the rainforest and national parks, swimming in the many beautiful waterfalls, white-water rafting and elephant trekking. Other attractions in Kanchanaburi include visits to the northern hill tribe villages, walking down memory lane in the war museums, old war cemeteries and taking a train ride down the Death Railway or a cruise on the River Kwai. Not only is this town full of post and pre-war memories but the abundance of natural wonders make it an ideal place for outdoor activities in Kanchanaburi that will not only thrill but excite you. There are so many different types of animal sanctuaries that you can also visit as part of the Kanchanaburi things to do while you are visiting this town. Tour arrangements in Kanchanaburican include visits to temples, the tiger temple, elephant camps, extreme sport adventures, city

Erawan waterfall


visit and shopping as well as visits to the zoo and aquarium. There are ample activities for visitors of all ages and abilities. Accommodations in Kanchanaburi are also aplenty and choices between budget and spa resorts leave a visitor spoilt for choice. A recommendation is to try one of the river resorts where in the evenings you can enjoy a view of the River Kwai during sunset. Eco tours in Kanchanaburi include a trip to the waterfalls of which Kanchanaburi is famous for. A dip in the cool waters is absolutely refreshing and the more adventurous traveller can engage in white-water rafting activities that are thrilling and exciting as well as jungle treks that will yield an unusual plethora of flora and fauna to those observant enough.

Children will find Kanchanaburi just as exciting, as here they get the opportunity to try an elephant ride, play with the elephants as well as get to see tigers for real. They can even have the opportunity to feed the baby tigers in the tiger temple tour. Taking a train ride is just as exciting or playing in the waterfalls. There is no shortage of activities for parents who are travelling with children to keep them occupied. Another interesting place that traveller can visit is the Mon hill tribe village located in Sangkhalaburi about 48 kms from Kanchanaburi. A stay there is just as refreshing and a visit to the morning market in the village will be a different experience as these ethnic tribes are very much on the decline. During an overnight stay you will get to try traditional Mon cooking and a cultural show. The uniqueness of the costumes which are colourful and the dance is something to remember.

Kanchanaburi Experience

For the adults, there are many entertainment places where you can get a good beer or drinks at very reasonable prices, also because of the diversity of people who live in Kanchanaburi which includes foreigners, there is a fairly colonial feel to the ambience of the hotels and pubs that are in business in the town. The variety of restaurants and other places of interest will keep travellers coming back for more year after year. So a Kanchanaburi experience is not only interesting but just as educating and the memories of the place will touch the heart strings of many who visit the memorials attributed to the fallen warriors of the war.



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