Phuket Wet Market Experience

Phuket Wet Market
Phuket Wet Market Photo by

Most travelers who come to Phuket are subject to the usual sights, sounds and experiences of a typically commercialized holiday. Why not for the sake of a different experience try out for a day, the average life of a Thai. They say, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” likewise when in Thailand to do the same. There are many unexplored activities and places to go that is often overlooked by a tourist. These places, most often than not, are discovered by the backpacker traveler who travels on a shoestring budget.

When you are in Phuket, make it a point to get up early one morning. Instead of having your breakfast in the hotel take a ride down to Phuket Town. Seek out the morning wet market. It is the main market of the island and starts early from 5am till 11am. You may think what can you find in such a place that is probably smelly and disgusting. Well, you just might be surprised. Thai wet markets, unlike other Asian markets are fairly well kept and almost clean.

In the Phuket Town wet market, you will have a great opportunity to see the plethora of fresh produce, catch of the day, food stalls and even small vendors selling clothing and gift items at a bargain. This place presents a perfect opportunity for you to look into the lives of a typical Thai. Bring your camera along for some great and interesting photo shoots that you will not find elsewhere.

Since you have not had breakfast, there are plenty of vendors who sell local delicacies, snacks, noodles and other home cooked dishes. So instead of the usual hotel breakfast, you can have a great time binging out at these food stalls that are not only cheap but absolutely delicious. One thing you will find in common with these stalls is that most of the dishes are freshly prepared and cooked in front of you! So that is yet another travel experience for you to encounter!

Phuket Wet Market
Phuket Wet Market |

Try out the spiced fried fish cakes that come with a sprinkle of deep fried basil and a piquant chili sauce, all hot off the frying pan. Or for a change to a western breakfast, have a bowl of Thai noodles with home made fish balls or even a curried crab and sauce. You can even find typical Thai desserts not found in the hotels or restaurants. A must try is the steamed pumpkin accompanied with a coconut milk sauce, quite similar to a pumpkin pie without the pastry crust. There are grilled meats galore, all eaten with sticky rice. Very much a meal in itself.

There are also vendors who ply their trade from different provinces in Thailand. One of them are the people from the province of I’Sarn in north-eastern Thailand which is very near the Cambodian border. Their specialty is the spicy pork sausage called Sai Kot I’sarn. They are easily recognizable from the long rolled form almost like a set of coils! Made of pork marinated with spices, they are grilled or fried to perfection. Sometimes the vendor cooks the sausage in front of you and the aroma is mouth-watering to say the least. You can purchase them by the 100 grams or if you feel really hungry, go ahead and buy the whole roll. They are not expensive at around THB250 or USD8 for the whole link which is more than a kilo worth! Served with fresh cabbage and bird eye chili, you can chalk this one up for a unique Thai experience!



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