Some Whacky And Off Beat Things To Do On Phuket Island

Phang ngaIf you are bored of the usual things to do on Phuket Island and still have plenty of time to spare rather than lazing around on the beach and getting a tan, why not give these few excursions a try? They are unusual, fun and some what an adventure! You can go by bus, motorbike taxi (if you dare) or have the hotel get you a transfer to the location from your hotel.


Top of the list is drink till you drop! After all you are not drink and driving on the island plus the drinks are cheap and the place opens almost all night long. Which makes for a great excuse to party all night long. The drink is known as a “LaoBan”. It is a typically Thai concoction that is tasty and lethal. The sweetness of the drink is what makes it so easy to consume by the buckets and has a slow kick to it. It is a mixture of the local Thai whisky  “Mekong” with a mixer of Red Bull energy drink and soda water and heaped with lots of ice. Some outlets get carried overboard and have additional liqueurs and liquors mixed in for an added kick. It is very similar to the AK47 mix only that it has a slower reaction and leaves you with a real head throbbing hangover the next morning. The average cost per large bucket is only THB150 or USD5. Most bars and pubs have this as a staple on their drinks menu and to order it, all you have to ask for is the “LaoBan”!

Laopan picture from yaipearn

Having a bad hangover? Well, seek out a local barber shop if you need to tidy up with a shave and a haircut. By a local barber shop it is not meant to be a hair dresser or stylist shop but rather one of those old fashioned street barbers that still use the old shaving blade methods. Off course now they are very hygienic with disposable blades! These old timers can still give you the closest shave ever, plus a crew cut to keep you cool in the island heat. They also have the addition of an ear clean and neck rub in the process and all for the price of THB100 or USD3.50 for the service! These barbers are hard to find but if you are in Phuket Town, you will most probably come across one of them.


After all that and you are feeling charitable, why not take a stroll to one of the local temples that are in abundance on Phuket Island. This is not exactly a temple tour but rather one for merit. Most of the temples have a practice of releasing either fish, turtles or birds for good karma and merit. If you are couple vacationing on the island, try releasing a pair of birds. They are supposed to bring good fortune and harmony. Or if you want good merit in your life, try releasing a turtle and some fish. These creatures can be bought in shops around the temple that have small lakes, ponds or are near the coast. Not all temples have them and is easy to spot which ones do from the vendors who sell these creatures along the temple gates.

There is a whole lot more things that you could do on the island, it is just a matter of seeking them out. The best is to get to know the locals. Some of them do speak English and may offer you a different insight into life on the island!

Article By Thaitourismguide

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