The World Is Your “Oyster” in Phuket


Oyster | phukettatler

Phuket being an island is naturally surrounded by the freshest of fresh seafood. Any where you go on the island, you will find offerings of cooked, grilled and all manner of seafood dishes on the menu. Now, how about trying something a little more adventurous? Provided you are an oyster lover!

Take a walk along the beaches of Phuket, or have a stop-over at any of the beach lay-by stations. The lay-by is a great place to sit and relax with ready parasols, deck chairs and off course the many vendors. Before long, you will have a vendor coming up to you offering to sell a tasty morsel or two of fresh seafood. Most of them offer grilled large prawns, steamed mussels and deep fried crab but among some of these vendors are the ones who specialize only on fresh oysters.

Yes, that aphrodisiac food of the Gods, that is claimed to perform wonders for the libido! The only thing is, the size of these oysters. They are approximately three times the size of the average oyster! Don’t discard the thought of trying it just because of the size, you might actually be pleasantly surprised. If you are thinking “Oysters that size must be tough and strong flavored!” .  Well, think again!

These oysters, cultured along the shores of the Andaman are actually mild flavored and succulent. Unlike their western counterparts they are consumed with lime and a

Oyster @ Acqua Restaurant

special flavored fresh herb that makes the taste pleasant and sensational. The secret is the flavor of the oyster itself. There is the natural sea salt taste within the oysters attesting to their freshness. Off course some of them are too large to swallow whole but biting into them does not taste unpleasant. The lime and herb gives it a perfect combination of flavors unlike the traditional oyster, lime and Tabasco.

These oysters are also really cheap. Vendors sell them for around THB100 for 4 pieces, now where in the world can you eat four oysters that size for below USD3? They come already cleaned and shucked ready for eating. The experience of eating these oysters are only found in the islands and at seaside locations of Thailand, so it is truly a once in a lifetime experience if you have the opportunity to try them.

The availability of these oysters are seasonal, and available only when it is not the rainy monsoon season. So depending on your travel time to the island, if you happen to see these vendors do stop by and give it a try. You can always have a nice cold beer to go along with the oysters and who can blame you if later you are feeling a little frisky for attention! There is nothing like lazing by the beach, a cold beer in hand and feasting on oysters, every travelers dream come true. And all this at an unbelievable price. What a tale to tell when you get home!


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