Warehouse Entertainment and Shopping Asiatique Style!

Asiatique the riverfront

Welcome to the “Big Mango’s” latest riverfront entertainment and shopping galore – The Asiatique Riverfront. Bangkok city has a new and pulsating nightlife district just next to the Chao Phraya River and it promises to be one of the premier entertainment areas in the heart of the city.

There are a number of ways to get there but the most interesting and surprisingly free method is to take a 10 minute ferry boat ride from the Sathorn pier, just a short walking distance away from Thaksin BTS. At the pier, go in the left direction to the end of the pier and board the ferry, it is absolutely free but if you take a cab ride to Asiatique from the BTS it will cost you about THB70. The ferry ride is interesting as you get a glimpse of the city from the ferry and it will give you an insight into what a river cruise along the Chao Phraya will be like.

Asiatique the riverfrontThe concept of Asiatique the Riverfront has been based around old warehouses that are refurbished and renovated to accommodate a variety of outlets, entertainment and dining places. Which is why you will notice a big sign on each building stating “Warehouse 1” or “Warehouse 2” and so forth!



calypso show


The large area also has the capacity to host concerts and events throughout the year. The large expanse of Asiatique is divided into 4 areas called districts which are Charoenkrung District, Town Square District, Factory District and Waterfront District. Boasting a total of 1,500 shopping and entertainment outlets, it is practically shop and eat till you drop!

Asiatique the riverfrontAsiatique the Riverfront is yet Bangkok city’s largest shopping and entertainment place. Visitors to this place will have a good choice of entertainment from the likes of The Calypso Cabaret and the renowned Joe Louis Puppet Theater. Party animals looking for a place to hang-out that is hip and trendy will not be disappointed. Mass shopping in Bangkok has a new alternative to the crowded and steamy narrow-laned Chatuchak Market. Here similar items are sold albeit in a much better laid-out condition. In the Town Square District, fussy diners will find a gastronomical delight of fusion, local and Western choices which practically suits any budget. Making a choice on what to eat would be a difficult affair here when everything looks just as good! The rest of the districts are focused more on shopping and entertainment. It might interest you to know that the warehouse building in the Factory District was a previous sawmill and is as old as 100 years!

manohracruiseAs you cruise down the Chao Phraya River especially in the late evening just after dark, in one of the Asiatique the Riverfront complimentary river ferries, you can get a good view of the lights of Bangkok city along the shores, anchored sea-going cruisers at river front properties, Bangkok dinner cruise ships sailing by and off course the bright neon lights of Asiatique the Riverfront as you approach. The docking pier for the ferry is the Waterfront District. This is the prime entertainment and dining site for those who would like a view of the river whilst having their meals. The gentle river breeze makes it all the more exciting and somewhat romantic as you walk along the 300 meter
frontage that offers a panoramic view of not only the river but also part of Bangkok city skyline. This place also happens to be the longest river pathway in the Big Mango.

There are constant events in Bangkok at Asiatique the Riverfront that will interest some of you of which details will be made available as soon as they are published. The best time to visit this place is in the late evenings so make your way there for an interesting night out by the river front. Wine and dine your way as well as be entertained or do a tour of shopping. There is something for everyone at Asiatique the Riverfront!



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