Some Unusual Things To Do In Pattaya

pattayaThink you have seen and done it all in the city of Pattaya? Think again! Off course Pattaya is well known as a place of entertainment, shopping, a-go-go bars and the beach but there are a few places that not only fascinate and rather new . These places are not only fun but also educational. They are great places that you can spend almost a whole day, if not half a day and enjoyed even by those travelling with children or just for the fun of it. No doubt there are many tours and sightseeing activities in Pattaya but these are a few of the unusual ones.

Why not do a good deed and learn a little about this particular marine creature and the impact our environment has on its survival? This is none other than the green sea turtles at the S ea Turtle Sanctuary located at Satthip , a little more than 38 kilometres out of Pattaya. This is part of an eco-tourism in Thailand effort where conservation of various species is part of the attraction and to build awareness among tourists and visitors. There are some interesting activities here such as turtle feeding rather than the usual fish feeding and turtle release program where one month old turtles are released back to the sea. A visit to this turtle sanctuary will also help build awareness on the things that endanger the species such as plastic bags thrown into the sea which ultimately looks like a jelly fish that is one of the turtle’s natural food sources. Unfortunately they are not able to differentiate between the two and end up choking on these discarded bags floating in the water. A visit to the turtle sanctuary will also delight you with their unusual mascot, an albino sea turtle in Thailand! This pure white sea turtle is one of a few rare albino turtles in the world. You would also be interested to know that this turtle sanctuary was started in a Thai naval base and the conservation effort is carried out by the Thai Royal Navy in Satthip, Chonburi.

art in paradiseEver wondered where people sometimes get these really great photos of their vacations that are unusual and really something to talk about? Visit Pattaya city and I assure you, this place is great fun to get a good laugh while taking just such pictures! A visit to Art in Paradise Β  just behind Pattaya road will yield spoofs of laughter and great fun for everyone including the kids as you try and pose your most hilarious shots for a picture. This is the only trick art museum in the world, and by trick art it means 3 dimensional drawings that bring a picture to life. This museum is a Korean effort and the painters were all Koreans taking a year to complete over a hundred paintings in the gallery. Sometimes it is not just the part of taking the picture but also watching other take a picture that is the fun part. The best shots are taken from a frontal view for a great effect. There are 5 zones of entertaining pictures to choose from and depending on your creative imagination, you can get some really great shots that make it seem as if you were in the pictures itself. This is a must do activity when you make a sightseeing tour of Pattaya.

Pattaya Walking StreetLast but not least because there are so many other activities in Pattaya and increasing all the time to satiate the appetites of the tourist population is a bee farm experience in Pattaya. The Big Bee Farm in Pattaya is not just a bee farm where you go and watch bees or gather honey. This particular bee farm is the largest in Thailand and part of the medical tourism in Thailand attractions. This is no ordinary bee farm and visitors to this place can actually experience playing with the honey bees, learn candle and soap making, baking and cooking with the products from the farm, get a first hand experience in apitherapy which is reputed to be effective for the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis. This visit will be an eye-opener to the remarkable world of the honey bees plus you get to see the variety of products from the farm that you might be quite tempted to buy! While you are at it, give their restaurant a try, the food taste uniquely different when the ingredient is organic honey fresh from the farm. So now you will know what Winnie the Pooh is so taken in by fresh honey!


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