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Things To Do On A Visit To The Sanctuary Of Truth In Pattaya

Sanctaury of Truth

No doubt the building of the Sanctuary of truth is in itself a worthwhile visit but there are loads of other activities that one can also enjoy while at this place. This is a must visit place when you visit Pattaya and should be included in your tour and sightseeing in Pattaya itinerary. Located about a 15 minute ride from Pattaya Road, the Sanctuary of Truth sits on a fairly large beach frontage. With the sea in the background, a mini jungle at the entrance and plenty of space in-between this is an ideal location for some fun activities aside from just visiting the Sanctuary.

Sanctaury of Truth

At the ticketing entrance they have this cute little pony carriage to bring you around the site, which is not something common nowadays especially in Thailand. The more adventurous who would like to show off their equestrian skills can opt for a horse riding session around the property or if you prefer something larger….try the elephant trek! Other attractions available at the Sanctuary of Truth include a shark feeding pool, these are not the huge ferocious ones but much smaller versions of their ferocious cousins and still quite capable of taking a finger or two off if you are not careful hence the use of feeding sticks for the bait and the comfort of feeding them from a platform without the need to get wet in a dive suit. Near the Viewpoint restaurant a little way off from the entrance, you can wander around the compound and checkout the many exotic species of pheasants and one of particular interest is the golden tailed pheasant which is rather a rare species.

Sanctaury of Truth

Motor sport activities at the Sanctuary of Truth has not been left out either. You can choose between speed and rough riding! If you have never tried an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) then this is your chance to do so. Put on a helmet, straddle the seat and off you go riding out the sand dunes albeit rather shaky knees after the ride it is great fun. If you prefer someone else to do the driving then take a speed boat ride off the coast from the sanctuary beach front. Enjoy the spray of salt water and sea wind on your face and an exhilarating ride. This is a great opportunity to take pictures of the Sanctuary from an out at sea vantage point if you have really steady hands and balance from the pitch and roll of the speed boat. Other activities at the sanctuary of Truth include a shooting range and wall climbing turf for the gung ho visitor. You can try your skills on the target practice range and see how eagle-eyed a sharpshooter you are or try and scale the climbing walls like Spiderman if you have that much energy and adrenaline to expand after a tour of the Sanctuary of Truth building!

Sanctaury of Truth

Dining and entertainment at the Sanctuary of Truth is not only very reasonable but interesting as well as absolutely “heavenly.” Maybe it is the sea air or then again maybe the novelty of a dining experience in the presence of a great view of the sea and the Sanctuary of Truth. Whatever the reason it must be said that the food is great. The best choice would be the local menu that serves up typical Thai dishes even though they do have a variety of western fare. There are two places you could enjoy your meals here. One is the Vantage Point at the top of the hill near the entrance to the Sanctuary. You get a good view of the building and the surrounding sea from here while you dine under the shady trees. The other is a restaurant located in front of the Sanctuary where you can feed the sharks, watch a lively traditional Thai dance show or watch the elephants as they trek past. Another alternative is to dine while on a small long-tail boat that will take you around the moat of the Sanctuary very much like a gondola experience in Venice!

Sanctaury of Truth

Sanctaury of Truth

Sanctaury of Truth

Sanctaury of Truth

Sanctaury of Truth

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