The Adventures Of A Cycling Tour In Thailand From Bangkok

Bangkok Biking Tour

The usual tours when you visit any country are from tour buses or minivans that bring you to a specific place or destination. These can in time become rather mundane and a bit of a hectic rush. Every visit to a foreign land should be an adventure and the greatest experience of all is one that you can take your time and see places that are off the beaten track from the usual tour itineraries. If these are the elements that you seek while on a visit then why not try a cycling tour in Thailand when you visit?

Starting with the city of Bangkok, there are options for cycling tours in Bangkok that will bring you to some of the most unusual places accessible only by foot or bicycles. The adventurous soul who craves for an exciting tour that is not found on most travel agent planners will find this a delightful way to explore the city. These cycling tours and sightseeing in Bangkok prices are normally inclusive of snacks and beverages, entry passes to places indicated in their itineraries, bicycle rental, boat rides, lunch and accident insurances. Each tour is accompanied by an English speaking guide who will be on hand to answer any questions, provide a narration of the places you are visiting and know the locale very well.

Bangkok Biking Tour

Some examples of a cycling tour in Bangkok include a trip to the floating markets. Thailand is well known for their floating markets of which some are very commercialized and other that cater more for the locals. They are located along canals or “klongs” as they are called in Thai which sometimes makes them impassable to larger vehicles. With a bicycle you can cycle right up to the site and it is just a short walking distance away. So there you have one of the advantages! These floating markets have been around for years and are very much a traditional and cultural way of life for the Thai people. A bicycle tour to the floating market will start with a drive from Bangkok city to the Mae Klong Delta. This is where the fun starts as you cycle and explore the areas leading to the Damnoen Saduak floating market.  You will have ample time here to look around at the many vendors selling their items and food stuff from little boats and you can find almost anything from fruits, food, vegetables and even flowers. There are also little shops along the walk ways that are there to sell their items. All-in-all it is a truly exotic and colorful sight. While you are here, there is sometimes a few vendors at the edge of the klong walkway that sells these little creatures such as frogs, small eels, turtles and fish. No, they are not for eating but rather for the gesture of earning merit or to ask for luck. These creatures a re purchased from the vendors who will put them in a bucket of water and hand you a piece of paper in Thai which is written a prayer ( you do not need to use this but just say something that you want from the heart) then release the creatures. Each creature is symbolic of a certain meaning. There is this “feel good” effect when you do this!

After a tour of the floating market you will be taken on a long-tail boat ride  to explore the canals and villages all along the way and observing the old way of life that makes Thailand somewhat like an Asian version of Venice before heading out to visit the temples and other historical places. There is a lot more to tour in this respect which is not just a bicycle ride but also other forms of touring included. You will also be taken for rides into plantations where you can pick ripe fruit such as guava, pomeloes, lychee and even coconuts along the way before heading back to the city. All in would be a cool 32 kilometers of bicycle ride not including other forms of transportation!

Another place in Bangkok very seldom listed on a tour itinerary is Chinatown in the city know as the Yaowarrat district. Here you will find loads of shops trading traditional Chinese food, medicine, acupuncture treatments and a mix of Thai along the way. Here most of the Chinese Thai congregate to trade, mix with old friends and buy their supplies which you can’t find anywhere else. It is also a place where you can find a lot of wholesale products but prices in this area are a little more expensive comparatively. The bicycle tour of Chinatown will bring you to a typical Chinese/Thai street market where traders hock their items from roast duck to stewed meats and other delicacies as well as fresh market produce and household items. Cycling along the winding back roads will bring you to well kept secrets such as the Princess Mother Memorial Park where there is a small interesting museum well worth the visit. There are a lot of other little hidden treasures in Chinatown such as Chinese temples, old historical buildings and small Chinese style coffee shops! This is something you do not see on a typical Thai street where coffee is served from old porcelain cups and brewed fresh from their own mixture normally accompanied with half boiled eggs and toast especially in the mornings. This is a scene that you would see in any Chinese community in Asia! The bicycle ride will bring you to the Temple of Dawn or Wat Arun along the Chao Phraya River and from there you will take a long-tail boat ride to visit the Royal Barge Museum where all the old barges have been restored and kept in pristine condition to be used only for ceremonial purposes by HRH the King of Thailand.

Bangkok Biking Tour

For those who are interested in Ancient Thai history, a bicycle tour of Ayutthaya comes highly recommended. Here you have the chance to explore the authentic ancient ruins of temples and palaces during the Ayutthaya period. Cycle around the city and visit the many old temple ruins, the Kings summer palace and the renown UNESCO Heritage Site of the Ayutthaya Historical Park. Visit also the Wat Phra Mahatat where you see for real the root gnarled Buddha Relic you often see in pictures. This place is also the heart and centre of economy for the ancient city in its glory days. Most of the ride will be along scenic routes of the Chao Phraya River and into the countryside where you will pass numerous local communities along the way. The bicycle tour of Ayutthaya is a 25 kilometer ride before returning to the city of Bangkok.

Last but not least is the bicycle tour from Bangkok to Khao Yai Wine Trails which is great for those who love wine tasting fresh from a Thai vineyard. If you have never heard of Thai wines, then this tour is an eye-opener. Thailand produces some of the most interesting revolutionary new wines on the international wine markets today. The highland areas and cool temperatures of this particular region near the Khao Yai National Park which is also listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site and Thailand’s oldest national park are ideal and excellent for the production of wine grapes. On this bicycle adventure tour you get to experience a great outdoor ambiance amidst lovely scenery, undulating hills and cool weather while all along the way you get to sample the wines from the vineyards and enjoy really great Thai food. You will have the chance to visit the national park, stop at waterfalls and great view points, and observe the local wild life and an overnight stay in the region. This is truly an outdoor adventure trip tour from Bangkok. One thing you will notice when you ride through the vineyards is the difference of a European vineyard from one in Thailand where here the grapes grow among banana trees and the jungle in the background! This does not make the wine any lesser in quality but instead gives you the experience of a tropical wine region. This is an over night trip and includes all meals and lodging as well as transfers to the region from the tour office.

Bangkok Biking Tour

A cycle tour is the best way to explore any place which is why you find an increase in long distance cycling adventures which are fast gaining popularity. These tours are on a join in basis, which means you can opt to join in the tours. The requirement is for a minimum of 2 persons and travelling with a child is not a problem. It makes for a great family outing with all the safety features included. This is also a great opportunity to mix with other travelers while on the tour and build friendship along the way which is not only a great thing but you also get to keep fit while enjoying your holidays!


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