True Broadway Styled Musicals in Bangkok City Brought To You By Playhouse Theatre

PlayHouse Thailand
PlayHouse Thailand

Finally Bangkok City will have its own versions of New York Broadway Musicals which is a welcomed change from the usual fare of Cabarets! Thailand has proven that it is capable of producing very talented musicians, dancers and performers from all age groups so it is no less different when they put on a stunning performance for you this coming October. Playhouse Theatre, formerly known as Playhouse Theatre Chiang Mai has now opened its doors in Bangkok City for a wider audience to their remarkable plays. Visitors to Thailand will now have a new option to add on to their list of performing arts in Thailand on their tour of Bangkok City. The excitement of a Broadway musical in Bangkok can be seen as a move in the direction of fine art performance in Thailand . The adaptations of Thai culture and Western influence will provide an interesting repertoire of stage settings and performances for theater goers.

PlayHouse Thailand
PlayHouse Thailand

Playhouse Theater cut their teeth in the performing arts 7 years ago when they participated in the Fringe Festival in Phuket which was a 10 day musical festival for the performing arts. Starting their theater with an audience of 80 people they went on to Chiang Mai, casting talents from all walks of society in Thailand who were interested in the performing arts. Choreographed by experienced tutors in various disciplines of dance and performance they soon established a blend of theatrical musicals from Thai and western influences that were unique to their performances. Moving to Bangkok was a big decision and cast, crew and management work frantically around the clock to prepare the new venue, stage prop and rehearsals for the fast approaching opening night. Occupying the former location of Calypso Cabaret in Asia Hotel , Bangkok, they will need to distinguish themselves from the former occupants reputation as a cabaret performance.

PlayHouse Thailand
PlayHouse Thailand

Playhouse Theater will be a fresh act in Bangkok but is expected to be a success as with their past performances in Phuket and Chiang Mai . There is hardly any true musical Broadway plays in Bangkok and Playhouse Theater will be a pioneer in this field of theatrical art. There will be a total of 16 interchangeable stage sets for the whole performance lasting an hour and a half. Audience can expect true Broadway style musicals such as Grease and even adaptations of Moulin Rouge during the performance. As Bangkok awaits opening night, so too are those lined up to get tickets for the great opening performance. Tickets for Playhouse Theater are advised to be booked in advance through tour and travel in Thailand agents to avoid disappointment. Aside from the theater there is also one level dedicated to exhibits for the performing arts that have been kept secret about until the opening night itself, which would be a bonus for those attending the performances ! Bangkok City…be prepared for the raising of the red curtain for the much awaited Broadway musical performance presented by Playhouse Theater!


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