A Safari Adventure in the City

Safari World
Safari World

Contrary to the belief that you will need to travel way out of Bangkok city to visit an open air safari and marine park, this is now available in close proximity to the city for visitors visiting Bangkok and Thailand. It is great fun for the whole family and is a one day adventure tour in Safari World. Located just a mere 20 minutes from the city centre, arrival to the gates of the Safari Open Air and Marine Park will be a welcome change to the skyscrapers of Bangkok. Set in big expanse of land, one can tour the open zoo, Marine Park, open safari and enjoy all the animal performances as well as rides within the park. Dining options are also available as the tour package for Safari World comes complete with a lunch buffet even with options for Halal and Vegetarian visitors.

Safari World
Safari World

Excitement begins with your entry through the park gates and no worries as to which direction to start first because all the routes in the park are well highlighted plus if you follow a tour group you will always be on time for the performances that take place throughout the day in various locations. The park is divided into the following areas – The Sea lion Show, Jungle Cruise Ride, Feeding show, Elephant Show, Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show, Dolphin Show, Bird Show, Jungle Walk, Boxing Show, Egg World and Open Safari. With this number of areas to visit, you can expect your tour to start from early morning to the late evening.

The “Zoo” area differs from the open Safari though some of the animals are the same species. An example is the African animal section in the zoo where you can see antelopes, gazelles, giraffes and other wildebeest within one confine simulated to what you would find in an African natural wilderness setting. On the other hand the Open Safari contains a larger number of animals including birds all co-existing in one natural environment not unlike in the open wild safaris of Africa and you can drive through the Open Safari which you cannot do in the Zoo. Both places are located in different areas of the park where the Open Safari has an entrance of its own. However tours and sightseeing to Safari World includes this in their package which otherwise is an option if you were to book tickets on your own.

Safari World
Safari World

All animal performances, shows and rides in Safari World are located in the Zoo section of the park. The Sea lion, Dolphin, Bird, Elephant and feeding shows are where you will have the opportunity to interact with the performing animals under the watchful eyes of the trainers. You can have the experience of touching, playing and feeding these animals after the performances but you will have to make your way down to the front of the stage so it will be a good idea to grab a seat as front row as possible. One of the interesting shows to watch is the Boxing Show. Here, the lovable Orang Utans demonstrate their intelligence and showmanship. People say they are the link in our evolution as human beings and from the performances in the show, it is hard to deny that it is a possibility! Another show is the Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show. Here you get to watch the Old Wild West relived in fist-fights, shoot-’em ups, bullwhip tricks and horse riding tricks all for your entertainment. If you want a glimpse of the Open Safari, make your way to the Jungle Walk where there is a platform from which you can feed the Giraffes. You can buy buckets of goodies to feed them from the counter at the platform. You can also feed the elephants a little further up which is just a short walk away. You can expect the animals to gaze longingly at you for a tasty morsel and some of them do know how to tug at your heartstrings!

Safari World
Safari World

You can take a mini canal ride through the Jungle Ride section where there are animated scenes of tribal life and a suspenseful moment or two with the unexpected animal animations. These are the thrills and surprises of the ride. If you are interested in aviary, then make your way to the Egg World. Here you can have a history lesson on Aviary or the study of birds and other animals, in particular the egg laying variety! This place is also a world-class incubation area where a lot of the bird species in the park have been successfully breed such as the Macaws and Parrots. You will also have the chance to play motherhood to some of the baby birds where you can feed them with the help of the trained staff available. There are some amazing exhibits in here on the different types of egg laying birds and reptiles including crocodiles, tortoises and turtles. So do not miss this area while you are making a tour of the park.

The Marine Park area hosts a great collection of penguins, sea lions, huge Arapana fish and a variety of other marine creatures which completes the tour of the animal kingdom in the park. There is also a reptile section for those who are not squeamish about them and a large aviary for exotic birds that you can go in and also feed by hand. In the mammal section remember to look out for the huge water rats. Huge really does mean huge as they are the size of small dogs! There are many other delightful highlights in the zoo which are worth taking the time to walk around. Along the pathways are also the trainers who can sometimes be seen walking some of the more docile animals such as the Orang Utans and large parrots. You can go up to them and ask to take a picture, especially with the friendly Orang Utans!

Safari World
Safari World

So do not miss the opportunity to visit Safari World when you visit Thailand. It is notably one of the best tours in Bangkok and always easier to make your travel and tour arrangements in Bangkok through a reputable agent. This place will be a delight for young and old alike. There are also special aids for the disabled such as tour carts and wheel chair facilities and plenty of eateries as well as washrooms located throughout the park area. One thing is for sure, your visit to Safari World will be a great and memorable experience!



Safari World Bangkok

Safari World – Admission Fee with Safari Park, Marine Park and Buffet Lunch
Safari World , with in an area of 170 acres and is divided into 2 part. The first, the Safari Park, house a large variety of animals like zebra, deers, giraffe, birds tigers lion, bears, etc. in natural habitat.


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