Exploring The Caves of Krabi

Cave in Krabi Thailand
Cave in Krabi Thailand

The topography and geological location of the province of Krabi in southern Thailand is rich in limestone cave formations making it a cave explorer’s heaven. There are numerous caving systems that extend from the inlands to the coastline in the entire province and the historical significance of these caves is just slowly being discovered. Many of the entrances to these caves are covered by the flora of the region and still undiscovered but what little that has already been discovered and opened to the visitors yield a fascinating insight into the past of the people who inhabited the province before civilization. This is one of the reasons why the province of Krabi is a tourist delight and not just for the scuba diving and island holidays in Krabi.

Cave in Krabi Thailand
Cave in Krabi Thailand

Explorers to these caves and their hidden systems have uncovered fascinating discoveries of ancient humans and their tools. For the adventurer and spelunkers, these caves will be a wonderful experience while on holiday in Thailand and a cave discovery adventure in Krabi is a hot item on a tourist agenda. Some of these caves have been turned into temples and monasteries over the ages, yet others are still very much in natural pristine condition and accessible only by sea route when the tides are low. The formations of crystals, stalactites and stalagmites can be observed as well as other natural phenomenon within the network of caves. The cave networks are divided into two varieties, the inland caves and the coastal caves. Travellers to Thailand will be spoilt for choice as to which location to visit while on holiday in Krabi as for them, time is limited and there are so many things to discover in Krabi Province.

Cave in Krabi Thailand
Cave in Krabi Thailand

A natural occurrence where erosion along the coastline into some of the caverns have caused massive collapse in some of the cave systems creating what is locally known as “hongs” in Thai. This has given way to even more fascinating terrains for discovery. Exploring these caverns are only accessible by sea which means a long-tail boat ride or hiring a sea kayak and guide to bring you around. You can check with your travel agent for tours and sightseeing to Krabi and this is mostly listed under the island hopping tours in Krabi section where it includes a long-tail boat ride with a guide during the low tides.

Inside the “hongs”, a visitor can get to see salt water lagoons, open skylights, sites where ancient people lived and died as well as wall painting discoveries. It is a fascinating tour that one should not miss when going to Krabi and no visit is complete without a tour of caves and temple caves in Krabi. Local folklore has it that some of these caves are the home of ghosts and spirits but then again, Thailand is steeped in mysticism and that is what makes it so amazing! So head on down to Krabi this coming months of October till March if you want great weather for exploring and sightseeing in Krabi. Don’t forget to bring along plenty of sun tan lotion and your enthusiasm for adventure while in Krabi!


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