Forty years ago, Pattaya in the province of Chonburi would have been the furthest holiday destination from any travelers mind. It was the typical Navy town where having a girl in every port was a norm. In the 21st century, that part of “a girl in every port” has not changed but Pattaya has become more than just a sailor’s port with even more choices that would have made the old sailor salivate in his dreams!

The progress and development of Pattaya and the surrounding area of Jomtein has made the city a much sought after holiday destination. The vibrancy of Pattaya never ceases to amaze into the wee hours of the morning for any traveler, sailor, or even the locals. This is one city where you can shop and party all day and night long, living an almost vampiric lifestyle.

Flashy neon lights, loud rock and techno music, insistent vendors and pushy go-go club owners make a big part of the decadent part of the city especially in Walking Street. Like a modern day “cowboy” town there is everything to keep you occupied, entertained and to part with your currency in the wallet. Yet day after day, tourists would flock here to have a taste of this remarkable city even if it is to laze on the overcrowded beach on Pattaya Road. Pattaya makes no apologies for its raw magnetism and that is the allure of the city!

Top 10 Destinations of Pattaya

Be Tarzan For A Day At Flight Of The Gibbon

flight of the gibbonSwing from treetop to treetop at one of the longest jungle canopy zip-lining adventures with Flight of The Gibbon. Be ready for an uphill hike before you get to enjoy the downhill ride! Want to feel what a Gibbon feels swinging from treetops, this is as close as it gets and you can holler like Tarzan on your way down. They all do!

You Do Not Need 80 Days To Travel Around The World In Mini Siam

mini siam pattayaWith every iconic structure from Thailand to around the world, you will find it here. The Royal Grand Palace of Bangkok to the Eiffel Tower of Paris, all wondrously displayed in intricate miniature construction for your trip around the world, Thailand style!

Be Cast Under The Spell Of The Sanctuary Of Truth

Sanctuary of the truthThere are no truth serums or torture chambers here, just an amazing building intricately carved from wood. You will not find any heavy metal beams or concrete blocks supporting this amazing structure, just wooden dowels and beams in true artisan craftsmanship. The most exquisite carvings from the bottom to the top of the building adorn the Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya. You can gawk in amazement and wonder “How did they get that up there!” during the rest of your visit!

See If You Have Green Fingers At Nong Nooch Botanical Garden

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical GardenYou may think it is a jungle out there but try it and be surprised! Nong Nooch Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful Botanical Gardens in Thailand. There is more than just plants, flowers and more plants here. If you are bored of all that greenery, go take anelephant ride or just sit it out at the restaurant and café for a sweeping view. Somehow, we think you will take that walk or ride around this wonderful place!

See More Than Just Corals On Coral Island

Coral Island PattayaThe waters at Coral Island are definitely more appealing than in Pattaya. Throw in a sumptuous buffet and a day of island hopping, what more can you ask for? This is an uncomplicated island tour that offers you a brief taste of what an island paradise in Thailand can be like albeit the number of other tourist enjoying it there with you. Not exactly a quiet paradise but close enough!

Play With A “Pussy Cat” At The Sri Racha Tiger Zoo

Sriracha Tiger ZooHere Kitty, Kitty! Only difference is this “Kitty” is a whole lot bigger than you are. As docile as a house-trained cat, these wonderful felines at the Sri Racha Tiger Zoo allow you to have a glimpse at their lifestyle and take home a memento worth the bragging rights. Get up close and personal with them, walk with them, or play with them. This is something you can do only in Thailand!

Play With An Adorable Dumbo In Pattaya Elephant Village

Pattaya elephant villageWell, elephants do not fly in the Pattaya Elephant Village but one look into their eyes will melt your heart forever. They may be big in size but as gentle as a butterfly and spending a day with them not only makes you the envy back home but also is a very rewarding experience. It is easy to fall in love with a “Chang” as the elephant is called in Thailand and you just might want to bring one home with you. Forget the DHL Jumbo pack …it does not fit!

Make Sure Your Man Is On A Leash In Walking Street

Pattaya Walking StreetThis is the “hottest” street in the coolest part of town. Walking Street in Pattaya is where the nightlife never ends and blends right into the next day in a never-ending cycle day after day. This is the place where Go Go Clubs, loud pubs, endless shopping and glorious seafood all blend into a hotpot of desires, amazement, indulgence and sometimes discomfort all in one. As its name suggest, Walking Street is either walking by or walking in!

Meet the “Lady Boys” of Tiffany Cabaret Pattaya

Tiffany ShowThe “Lady Boys” or Katoey as they are known in Thai are some of the best stage performers in Thailand. Men dressed as women or transgendered, some of them will put the women to shame. Not only do they look stunningly beautiful but with the talent to match. If you want an evening out with great cabaret entertainment, showman or showwomanship and a good laugh, drop by Tiffany Cabaret Performance in Pattaya. The “Ladyboys” will enchant and thrill you but keep your hands to yourself!

Get Cultured The Alankarn Way In Pattaya

Thai Alangkarn TheaterThe Alankarn Theater is where you can sober up for an epic cultural stage performance that includes spiraling dancers from the ceiling and devilish looking characters from the myths of the Ramayana. Discover the secrets of the Khon, a tradition of dancing in gleaming costumes and hidden behind evil looking masks as they weave out tale after tale. Where Tiffany Cabaret is the volatile cocktail, Alankarn Theater is the champagne of performances


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