Discover Amazing thailand with
Discover Amazing thailand with

We would like to thank all our readers for their comments and support of this blogroll. We unfortunately are not able to thank each and everyone of you but we do take note of each comment as we moderate them.

To answer some of your general questions:

1. Problem viewing the site in WAP, Safari or other applications – Yes we are aware of that problem as this site is not optimized for those applications. This is a free template from WordPress and has its limitations.

2. Sharing of content to other sites – Yes, you may share the content as long as there is a link back to the site. The site is also monitored by CopyScape to answer the questions on plagiarism.

3. How often do we post our content – On the average once a month but we try to do it more often as the articles are based on traveling experiences.

4. Do we have a forum – Not at the moment but we are in the midst of setting one up so that readers may interact to find out more. In the mean time, you may post your comment under the ABOUT OUR WRITER page so that I can respond back to you.

5. Where do we host our site – We are using the WordPress hosting services for this site, speed depends on your local service provider specifications.

6. Do we have only one writer for this site – Yes, as everything is based on a personal experience and review in Thailand.

7. RSS feed problems – we are unawares of the RSS feeds at the moment but testing on other sites we have not encountered any problems

8. Contacting the administrator or writer – You may do so directly through this site under the ABOUT OUR WRITER comments section for the author or to the Webmaster. Both moderate the comments in that section. It is more likely to get a reply if you post your comment there.

Once again, we thank you for your many supportive comments and shares of our articles. We wish all of you a very entertaining and educational time on our site about the Kingdom of Thailand.

– Genevieve Pendrageon (Author)

– ThaiTourismGuide Webmaster


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