Picture : dhummathai
Picture : dhummathai

In a few days the nation of Thailand will be celebrating the very auspicious Father’s Day not just as a general celebration but for the reverence of  The Father of The Nation, The King of Thailand. A father figure is the head of the family, the protector, the bread-winner, the comfort and the security of any family unit. Therefore, so is it for a nation with the King who embodies all of these qualities but not only within his own family but that of the Kingdom of Thailand. As a father and a Monarch, His Royal Highness has set the perfect example to every family in the nation, the true meaning of “Fatherhood.”

Just like our mothers who delighted in our birth, so too was our fathers. Those of us who are still young will enjoy the times our dads play with us and comfort us as well as be our super hero that we can always count on. When we get older, they take an interest in our education, careers and lives. As we and our fathers grow older, they may spend their golden years in the enjoyment of grandchildren if they have any or live a more slow paced and contented life. This off course is the ideal picture in the progression of aging for any family unit as father, mother, children and grandchildren. There are times when not all goes exactly as planned, but the person who tries to hold this up lies not just with the mother but also the father. As Father Day approaches, the nation of Thailand reflects upon the deeds of their own fathers as well as that of The King, who is the Father of The Nation.

By respect, we all revere our own fathers, good or bad they are still our dad and family. Asian philosophy is steeped in filial piety and honoring our parents is the utmost of importance. Lest we should forget in these modern times of materialism and the rat race, we often neglect or even sometimes forget all that has been given and sacrificed for us in the growing years. When our parents are old and we are busy with work and life, we do most often than not think of our parents as being bothersome or even a burden. Our parents should be always on our minds especially in their twilight years not just on occasions of days such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

However, every year we celebrate both these days in honor of their sacrifices much like the example set by the very family man himself, The King of Thailand. It is the time when children pay their respect, venerate, give merit and honor their fathers. The 5th of December has been officially declared national Father’s Day in Thailand. It is also the day of the King’s birthday which this year is his 85th Birthday. Late into his twilight years, the nation remembers all that he has done for the country of Thailand. He has demonstrated the true meaning of hard work, consistency, charity, generosity and family hood. His deeds surpassed his reputation as a King. Known to walk among the locals and commoners he broke the barriers that most Monarchy keeps between the people and the Royals. He did not mind trudging in the mud and getting his hands all dirty just like the common farmer, he picked stray dogs off the streets and gave them a good home, he went down on the streets and took an interest on the daily goings on of the common person, on and on his deeds became more talked about as the “King who is like the people.”

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the King of Thailand is also the longest reigning Monarch in the world and his reputation has become legendary. As the nation celebrates his birthday, preparations have been underway to decorate the streets with lights and banners declaring the celebrations. The most decorative place to be at this time would be along the Dusit district, Khaosan and all the way leading to the Grand Palace and along the Chao Phraya River along these places. The celebrations started much earlier with the Royal Barge Procession for the presentation of the Royal Kathin Robes to the monks at the Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun) by HRH Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn in November. The celebration for HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej will be no less grand. The grandeur of the celebrations will start early in the morning with a military parade leading to the Grand Palace, followed by parades from the Government and Civil services as well as the private sector. There will also be a presentation of gifts and flowers for the King and a candle lighting ceremony at the end of the day for his health and longevity. Fireworks displays are also part of the celebration. If you can’t make it to the celebration site, just turn on your television or log in to your mobile devices for news coverage of the occasion.

For all the rest of us, Father’s day will start just as early. It is the day when we get to pay respect the very Thai way by prostrating ourselves before our fathers to ask for forgiveness, give thanks and perform merits for their good health and longevity. Father’s day is also a Family Day, where we bring our fathers out for a great meal and spend quality time or go to the temples to offer prayers of merit. Those of us still lucky enough to have our fathers with us can relish the time in their company but for those whom our fathers are no longer with us, does not mean that they are forgotten. It is also a time when we can offer special prayers and merits as we remember them.

So, no matter how we choose to spend our Father’s Day, we do know that it is a day that we not only honor our fathers but also that of the Father of The Nation that has brought Thailand to the progressive country that it is now today. As we give thanks and a silent prayer for all Fathers in Thailand and around the world, we think of the exemplary deeds and sacrifices that they have all made to bring us up and to be good examples as fathers of our own children.

With our utmost respect from www.ThaiTourismGuide.com to HM The King of Thailand on his auspicious Birthday

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