Calypso Cabaret

Where would you go these coming holidays if you are in Bangkok city? Off course for many it would be to the pubs and nightlife of this throbbing, vibrant metropolitan and it would be for the later part of the night. BUT … what if you can mix all that in with a great show and dinner to kick-start the festivities?

Asiatique the Riverfront in the Charoenkrung Area is fast becoming one of the hottest entertainments and shopping districts along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok city. Why, they even have a free ferry service to bring you there from the Sathorn pier a short walk from the Saphan Thaksin BTS and back again. If you are planning for a visit to Asiatique the Riverfront, we also recommend that you check out the oldest and most established cabaret performance in Bangkok City. This is none other than the very famous Calypso Cabaret that has recently made Asiatique their new home. With 25 years of experience and a cast of talented lady boy performers, they will rock the house down these coming holidays.

Calypso Cabaret has something special for you to fire up your night! This happens only during the holiday season from the 15th of December till the 31st of December, so if you do not want to miss out on this, make sure you book your tickets to the Calypso Cabaret dinner and show really early as even on normal days they perform to a packed audience!
Calypso Show The new home for Calypso Cabaret sits right in the heart of Asiatique the Riverfront, you can’t miss them with the large flashing neon light right on the top of what used to be a water tower. The whole area of Asiatique used to be a former warehousing facility but now refurbished into one of the most upmarket, glitzy watering holes in Bangkok with a great walking deck all along the front to enjoy a view of the mighty River of Kings, the Chao Phraya River. The new venue has more seating space, a wider stage and very convenient facilities even for the disabled to reach the venue and enjoy the show. They now even have a second performing stage and dining area right at their entranceway.
Watching a performance at Calypso Cabaret is like watching Burlesque or Moulin Rouge life on stage. Their new auditorium for the cabaret show exudes a Vegas style cabaret stage performance and the tiered seating area is just perfect for a clear view of the stage from all angles. The 12 x 12 meter stage, lighting and sound system compliments the 70 performers for the 15 musical sessions with great stage set designs and a flourish of beautiful costumes and performances.

Visitors to Thailand for this holiday season will most definitely enjoy the performances at the Calypso Cabaret that has something special for the holiday season and only those who happen to be here at this time; will be most privileged to watch it! We are told that there will be a special edition for the holiday season in their repertoire of songs and looking at what has been performed onstage so far, we can say that it will be quite a showdown! We can’t wait to see what this special edition is and if you are planning to book your tickets to the Calypso Cabaret show, we suggest you do it as early as possible!

Your evening will start with a seven course Thai set menu dinner that comes with starters, main course and desserts. The dishes are very typically Thai and would be quite a treat and introduction to famous Thai cuisine. In between the dinner, there will be a half hour traditional dance performance, all thrown in for good measure to make sure your evening heads off to a good start and to get you in the mood for the rest of the performance. At the dinner show, you will get a good close up view of the performers and do not be surprised if some of them look more beautiful than the average woman! Not only are they tall, but also elegant and have very good figures….shame on us women! These traditional Thai dance performances are unique only to the dinner and not part of the actual show performance. The dinner starts at 7.00pm so it will be good to head out there early, if you find yourself too early for the diner and performance, you can always wander around Asiatique the Riverfront for a bit, check out the huge ferries wheel which is similar to the London Eye that will give you a good view of the Chao Phraya and the Bangkok skyline. Alternatively, you can also wander around the many shops and boutiques that sell anything from souvenirs to clothing. Note that Asiatique the Riverfront opens from 5pm to 12 pm daily but you can still stay on at the pubs which occupy the riverfront pier. There are two allocated times for the dinner and performance in Calypso Cabaret. The first session of dinner and performance is at 7.30 pm for the dinner only and 8.15 pm for the show, whereas the second session is the show performance only with no dinner at 9.45 pm
Calypso Cabaret ShowThe dinner and Thai traditional dance at Calypso Cabaret last for an hour and from there, you will need to proceed up the stairway for the actual performance auditorium. Visitors on wheel chair or the disabled have a special entrance on the side as well as a lift and washroom special prepared for their use. The auditorium seats about 450 guests and the nice orange glow of the décor and lighting gives it a very warm feel. Waiters and ushers are on hand to lead you to your seats and to serve you with a drink or cocktail, which ever your preference. The Calypso Cabaret Show ticket includes a drink before the performance and some of the Calypso Cabaret ticket includes transfers from your hotel and back again. Please do remember to check which booking for the Calypso Cabaret you have purchased.

The opening sequence of the show is a burst of colors, feathers and sequins in the very typical Vegas introduction. Would you believe that all these performances, costumes and stage sets were choreographed by one man for the past 25 years since 1988? He is Mr. Hans who hails from Germany and has been the lead choreographer for the performers since Calypso Cabaret first started! He has been hand picking and training these lady boy performers for an average of two to three months before they are able to perform on stage. The youngest performer is 18 years old and the eldest is 55 years old!

Audience to the performance can expect a good variety of mixes in the musical repertoire. There are versions of Thai, Japanese, and Korean, Chinese, French, English and even Spanish songs throughout the performance. Our all-time favorite is the Japanese showcase and the one based on the movie Burlesque, it really keeps your feet tapping to the tune! The very wide stage provides ample space for a retinue of 70 performers which is a very large cast indeed for a cabaret performance. Visitors to the Calypso Cabaret show will have a good laugh at some of their slap-stick comedy which is in itself quite entertaining. The entire show lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes with a seamless flow from one performance to another.

Calypso CabaretAfter the show, the lineup of some of the performers outside to greet farewell to the audience is a great opportunity to take some pictures with them. You may take individual photos with your favorite performer and can tell everyone that was your date for the night! Do remember to tip them for the pictures as they will greatly appreciate it though they do not ask. They are only too pleased with posing for a quick picture or two before heading out to the next performance if it is the 8.15 pm show.

If you feel peckish after the great performance, the restaurants and pubs are open till quite late. You can make your way to the pier side for a drink or meal and enjoy the view of boats sailing by, watching the Bangkok city skyline or just watching the people walking by. The choice of restaurants is very wide so it is just a matter of choice on what your preferences are. If you happen to be there over a public holiday, you might be lucky to catch a dazzling display of fireworks right along the river, which would make a wonderful capping off to a great evening and night out at Calypso Cabaret and Asiatique the Riverfront. Don’t forget to try out the free river ferry service if you have the chance. The ride itself is quite an adventure and the perfect way to the start of an also very romantic evening!

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