The Royal Grand PalaceThailand
is a country that is as diversified as it is amazing. However, for the traveler from Muslim countries or for those with a special diet of kosher or vegetarian food, this issue can crop up, as Thailand seemingly offers more Westernized and Thai food that does not really practice the Kosher or Halal methods of food preparation. This myth can now be put aside as Thailand is currently in the field to attract more tourists from the Muslim countries as well as those who are sensitive to certain types of food. Muslim visitors to Thailand can now arrange halal meals with tour packages of Thailand for their convenience.

The certification of “Halal” means that food is prepared in the ways accorded by the Muslim community. There are diverse communities of Muslim in Thailand as well, so the availability of this type of food preparation is not scarce. Most hotels already practice this method to attract Muslim customers and even for some fast food preparations it is a staple offering. There are Muslim communities in Bangkok as well as other parts of Thailand that provides such cuisine.

Apart from that, there is also the option of vegetarian food where most of the ingredients are soy, vegetable and gluten base. As Thailand is predominantly a Buddhist country, vegetarian food is easily available. There are options from Indian vegetarian restaurants to Thai vegetarian restaurants. Therefore, the travelers who are reliant on these types of cuisine will not find it difficult to obtain.

Pattaya coral islandSome example of tours and sightseeing packages in Thailand offered by which is remarkably suitable for Muslim travelers to Thailand include the Safari World and Marine Park Tour with buffet lunch as well as the Half day Coral Island Tour with Indian Buffet lunch. Both these examples of tours offered by are vegetarian and halal menus. Travelers to Thailand with special food preferences can request for Halal, vegetarian or kosher food menu prior to booking a tour package to Thailand, especially for sightseeing and tour packages in Thailand that includes buffets or set menus.

This in turn offers a wider selection of cuisine for gastronomes in Thailand as we now get to savor a more diverse choice of international cuisine from the usual fare. Visitors from these countries will now also be able to fully enjoy their holidays to Thailand, without the worry of where and what to eat or where they can perform their daily prayers.

Aside from the food issue, most major hotels also provide Signage in the rooms to indicate the direction for prayers for the Muslim traveler, also known as the direction of “Kiblat.” Some places for sightseeing also have special places or rooms for prayers specifically for Muslim travelers. The sensitivity of these travelers is on the increase in the tourism sector as Thailand is all out to increase its tourism intake from such countries as Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Middle East. Another such example of a tour and sightseeing package that offers not only Halal food but also prayer rooms is the sightseeing and tour to the Big Bee Farm in Pattaya where numerous activities are available to learn all about the bees, honey production, acupuncture with bee treatments, cooking with bee products and more.

It would also interest the Muslim traveler to know that there are several mosques within Bangkok itself where if they so desire, can go and perform their daily prayers if they are staying longer than the time allocated for “kadur”, or known as combining two sessions or more of prayer a day to a singular prayer session. In Bangkok City, the Muslim traveller can have access to mosques which are available in the Silom and Bangkrak areas, and Soi 3 in Silom is a predominantly Hindu Muslim area which makes getting a nice Halal restaurant convenient and easy.
Nong Nooch Paradise Garden in PattayaOther places where it is also easy for Muslim travelers to visit aside from Bangkok City are Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Koh Samui. This is because there are really no shortages of Indian and Muslim restaurants in these places. For instance, a Muslim traveler who would like to visit Pattaya, can make arrangements for a half day tour to Coral Island including Indian buffet, which is vegetarian to occupy their half day, then go watch the Alangkarn Theater in Pattaya. Dinner in Pattaya has plenty of options, from Arabic food to Indian and even Halal western restaurants.

Thailand is such a diversified tourist attraction, there are really no limitations for any types of traveling preferences and the tour agents in Thailand are professional enough to make the necessary enquires and recommendations based on a travelers needs and requirements provided they are given notice in advance. Therefore, even Muslim travelers or those who have special needs including the disabled will still be able to enjoy a good holiday in this remarkable country. A point to note where Muslim traveler will really be able to enjoy themselves are also on the islands of Phuket and Koh Samui all the way down to Hatyai where people in the south are one could say, have a higher percentage of Muslim people and therefore more choices of food, mosque and lodgings. Some of the big tour and travel companies in Thailand such as are leading the way for travelers from these nationalities to enjoy their visits to Thailand in the most convenient and suitable way. If you are a traveler from these countries, please do check with your preferred tour agent in Thailand on the options available for such tour packages in Thailand ahead of time prior to your travels.

That being said, there is no reason why Thailand is only suitable for certain types of travelers. The diversity and flexibility of various cultures now in Thailand, has opened the door for travelers of all nationalities regardless of culture or religious backgrounds to now enjoy a part of Thailand from the adventures to the sightseeing and even the cuisine!


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