Getting native with the Karen Long Neck and the Golden Triangle

Getting native with the Karen Long Neck and the Golden Triangle

Longneck KarenIf you are not staying in Chiang Rai but prefer the more modern city of Chiang Mai where there are a lot more facilities and entertainment, you can still visit Chiang Rai and all its attractions. Make an arrangement for a tour to the Golden Triangle and Long Neck Karen. Both these tourist attractions of Chiang Rai have long been featured in documentaries and travel magazines internationally. The Golden Triangle is known by its reputation of being infamous for the opium production and sales but apart from that, it is also the doorway to Myanmar and Laos.

Arranging a sightseeing tour for the Golden Triangle and Long Neck Karen will make more sense as all transportation and transfers will be provided along with English speaking guides so you can fully understand the attractions, lifestyle and highlight of each place. Make sure you book in advance for the tour from your Thai travel agent or check with for the best times and rates to visit.

The tour will bring you to the mountainous range of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai where the first stop of the day is at a hot spring. So if you were feeling a little car sick with all the turning and steep curves, this is a good time to go for a dip in these therapeutic waters and then move on to visit the stunning White Temple. From there, make your way to the borders of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. Make sure you have some extra money with you because you can get some really nice semi-precious stones at a great bargain here! The key word here is “bargain” but also know the real from the fake before you are taken for a ride and end up with the fake ones thinking that you got away with a good bargain!

Last on the list of the tour to the Golden Triangle and Long Neck Karen is a stop at the Yao and Akha Hill Tribe village where the very famous Karen Long Neck people live. Did you know that the brass rings around the necks of the hill tribe women have been placed since a very young age and each year a ring is added to extend the length of the neck? It is considered a beautiful adornment by the tribes’ people and these rings can never be removed or else the neck without much support will break causing instant death!


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