Markets and food galore in the Northern Thai tradition

Chiang RaiWhat Chiang Rai lacks in infrastructure and high-class entertainment it more than makes up for in their local market scene. When you come to Chiang Rai try to look for a local tour of Chiang Rai city from the tour agents. The city itself is not very big but more widespread. Public transport is in the form of tuk-tuks, a few public buses and the mini vans. Some smaller more personalized tours of Chiang Rai city will bring you to the local market places and street markets of the city.

Think you are good at bargaining? Try your skills at the Chiang Rai main market where you can get just about anything from food to clothing and tobacco. Not too far from it is the fruit and flower market and a small local fair. These markets are all in the tradition of an oriental Asian market where haggling, loud noises, people shouting out their trade and side stall eateries are common place. You would enjoy the atmosphere which is not quite something you can get in a big city, so do make sure that you try to locate a tour to Chiang Rai city and much preferably a private tour if you want to spend the time to look around. There are seasonal fruit fairs such as pineapples and strawberries in abundance at certain times of the year where you will be able to find these local produce on sale anywhere in the markets or street stalls. So this is the time when you can eat till your heart’s content and all for a very cheap price and taste all manner of concoctions that are derived from these fruits!

Thai Chicken CurryThere are not only day markets in Chiang Rai but also very vibrant night markets and bazaars. If you still have not had enough of bargaining, try the night bazaar just behind the bus station. You can find anything you want from hill tribe handicrafts to even temporary tattoos. There are even very cheap open-air drinking bars where liquor is super cheap and lethal. You can drink till you drop in the Chiang Rai version of night entertainment!


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