White water rapids and bamboo rafts of Kanchanaburi

bamboo raftAn unusual adventure for those who are into extreme sports in Kanchanaburi is white water rafting in a bamboo raft! The most basic of floating devices to tumble down the rapids of fresh spring waters in Kanchanaburi. They do not have the conventional hold-on of a regular raft which makes it all the more challenging. Holding on or rather keeping in the raft requires skill and very good balance.

As Kanchanaburi is just next to Kanchanaburi there are also many interlinking activities that involve this province. Tours to Katchaburi often include elephant rides and bamboo rafting in Kanchanaburi tours and it is but just a short hop away. Getting on a tour for bamboo rafting and elephant riding will often include all the safety equipment and instructions just in case you are not a good swimmer but this is also an activity you should not miss when you are in the province. Kanchanaburi province itself has these activities but the more popular ones are just next door!

bamboo raftA bamboo rafting adventure tour means that you will be taken from your hotel to one of the higher points of the river in the vicinity, most probably in the mornings after an early breakfast. You are cautioned to wear non-slip shoes, comfortable clothing and to keep your cameras as well as other electronics preferably in a waterproof pouch. You would not want your expensive equipment lost or damaged all in the name of having fun! It will be a short hike to the river where a bamboo raft will be waiting; they may look rickety but are by no means so and can hold up the weight as well as rigors of the white water much better than a regular raft. Sailing down the river starts calmly until you hit the rapids and the fun begins, you will be instructed well in advance on safety measures, provided with a life jacket and helmet as well as instructed how to stay on the raft. So all-in-all, it will be a fun filled morning bouncing about in the rapids and a true adrenaline rush for those who crave it first thing in the morning!

bamboo raftThe next item on the agenda after this would be an elephant trek in the jungle where you get to ride on an elephant and get a fascinating view of the jungle flora and fauna from the best seat available. It sure beats walking on your own and having to swat aside the plants that swing right back into your face. The elephant ride tour in Kanchanaburi is your opportunity to get to know the mammals better and you will understand why they are so much a part of the Thai culture. This is also one of the highlight of activities when you tour Thailand and a good place to check on this is from thaitourismguide.com that has several such tours on hand for you to choose from and according to your budget requirements, so do not miss the opportunity to try the bamboo rafting and elephant ride tour in Thailand!

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