Amazing Ratchaburi festivals to discover

Amazing RatchaburiVisitors should not miss out on the festivals which are unique to the province of Ratchaburi. Check the calendar of events for Ratchaburi province before you travel to see what events and festivals will fall on the days that you plan to visit Ratchaburi province. Some of the most well-known festivals of Ratchaburi province include the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market Festival and the Ratchaburi Tourism Week Festival.

The best time to tour the province of Ratchaburi is during the festivities when the township comes alive with fairs, promotions, bazaars and activities. Visitors will be able to get an insight into the local produce coming from this province, take part in some of the activities and best of all … try the huge variety of food, snack and scrumptious desserts! Remember to check with your travel agent for tours to Ratchaburi when some of these festivals are happening and if you can, try to make a trip there on these days!

Make a note that the Ratchaburi tourism Fair is held annually in February and March at the City Hall grounds. If you are staying in a hotel or accommodation in Ratchaburi town, this is not too far away and you can take a tuk-tuk or taxi there. If you are staying a little further, try to make a transfer arrangement from your hotel in Ratchaburi to the site so that you still get to go and enjoy the sights, sounds, colors and food! Those of you who are arty-farty may enjoy the many craft making demonstrations available at this festival fair such as the making of clay jars, cloth weaving called “Sin Tin Chok” and other handicrafts. Remember not to miss out on the cultural shows as well and traditional dance demonstrations.

Another popular festival is the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and Sweet Grape Festival which is held around March or April depending on the season. Best check the exact dates before you go from your travel agent! If you didn’t know that they grew grapes here, well you can find it at this festival fair! Grapes in the province of Ratchaburi are grown in the Amphoe Damnoen Saduak area and these grapes albeit a little small are really sweet and succulent! The main purpose of this festival is to introduce the local produce of the province through their OTOP franchising scheme which is a Government run organization under the patronage of the Royal family. The highlight of this festival is the beauty contest held for all the local beauties of the province, so if you want some eye ogling exercise, be sure not to miss this festival!

A tribal festival in the province of Ratchaburi is the Ang Mi Thong Festival where it is held on a full moon day in the ninth lunar month around October. The peculiarity of this festival is that it is held as a blessing ceremony in a month that is superstitiously rife with wandering ghosts! People are blessed with happiness and longevity to contradict the ghostly month that is supposed to devour people. They make little coconut palm cones filled with sticky rice and boiled as a dessert called “Khao Ho” which is eaten with coconut pulp shreds or sugar. A festival that should not be missed if you happen to be visiting Ratchaburi.


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