An elephant playground with Crocodile Dundee in Ratchaburi

Sampran RiversideThis particularly famous attraction is not located in the province of Ratchaburi but rather in Nakhon Pathom which is a province just next door to Ratchaburi and most often a stop-over point for those who are on the way to Ratchaburi. The actual tour route for most travel agents for tours to Ratchaburi includes the province of Ratchaburi, Kanchanaburiand Nakhon Pathom. So it is not unusual to include a tour of the Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo on the way to Ratchaburi or Kanchanaburi. This place was the originator of the elephant show in Thailand but originally started out as a playground for families and a park for orchid enthusiast who were interested in orchid propagation and as a crocodile breeding ground. It is now one of the most famous Elephant Theme Shows and Crocodile Shows in Thailand.

Samphran Elephant Crocodile Show1If you like reptiles and like the thrill of watching people getting into the enclosure and wrestling with crocodiles bigger than they are, then join the tour for the Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo on your way to Ratchaburi or Kanchanaburi. You will get a chance to watch a skilled master crocodile catcher, somewhat like Crocodile Dundee in the movie, wrestle with a huge crocodile and putting his limbs and head into the gapping huge maw of the reptile! This is supposedly to be in the style of the “Krai Thong” which is reputedly the famous crocodile hunter in the legend of Thailand.

The Elephant Theme Show is one of the few where you can watch a reenactment of the old “Yutha Hathi” which was a massive royal battle. It demonstrates how the elephants were the ones that helped Thailand to win many battles in the old era. Visitors will be able to understand why the elephant is such a revered animal in Thai culture and tradition. The purpose of the show is to remember the role of the elephants for their bravery, loyalty and might in the service of the Thai Kingdom and you will be able to see displays of the elephants and their riders in a spectacular “battle” scene as well as at play and frolic during the course of the show.

Samphran Elephant Crocodile ShowAside from the elephant and crocodile shows, the Samphran Elephant Grounds and Zoo is also a very beautiful tropical garden with waterfalls and stunning orchid gardens. This place has been lauded as one of the best kept and cleanest parks for crocodile care, orchid nursery and overall maintenance of facilities as a great family playground.

If you happen to be visiting in the month of May, do not miss out on the great Jumbo Banquet Ceremony, which is held on the 1st of May. This is when the Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo will host the largest elephant buffet totaling six tons of goodies for the lovable pachyderms to feasts on. The buffet tables for the elephants will be packed with all variety of fruits such as bananas, pineapples, nuts and vegetables for these gorgeous animals to feats on. It is the parks way of remembering these efforts of these elephants and to show their gratitude! You will have a great time watching them enjoy all their favorite foods and is a great picture moment for those who are snap-happy with their cameras!

Besides feeding these elephants, you can also feed the crocodiles! So long as you yourself do not fall in, you are quite safe feeding them with raw chicken meat which you can purchase from the zoo keepers to feed them. It is very awesome to watch these reptiles chomp at their food in large mouthfuls and a good reminder to keep out of their way even in the wild!

Lastly if you yourself feel the hunger pangs gnawing at your stomach, there is a great choice of buffet spread for you at the Erawan Restaurant where you can gorge yourself full on the Continental and Indian Cuisine, so after you have watched all the animals feeding, maybe they in turn will be watching you!

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