A cultural time with wax figures at the Siam Culture Park in Ratchaburi Siam cultural park

Siam Culture ParkBesides the Madame Tussauds in Bangkok City there is one other place with some of the most lifelike wax figures in the town of Ratchaburi. This is the Siam Culture Park which also has one of the largest collections of International personages, very famous Thai Buddhist monks and political figures. There are also a very admirable collection of Thai art pieces, beautiful manuscripts of local Buddhists beliefs and way of life as well as really old cultural relics all kept and displayed for public knowledge. You can also wander around the park in peaceful quietness and is a great escape from all the noise and hustling of a city life.

The museums housed in this park are in the tradition of the old Thai Lanna styles and divided into six zones for you to wander around. These zones are the Honorary Hall of Fame, The Three Era Buddha ImagesChadok Cave, The 4 regions Monk’s Living Quarters, The 4 regions Thai style houses, theBodhisattava Park and the Relax area. The Siam Culture Park is one of the latest tourist attractions for Ratchaburi and most tours to the province now include a tour of the Siam Culture Park in Ratchaburi. If you wonder why these wax models hold up so well in the tropical heat it is because, they are made from a new technology of fiberglass! The skin tones are so lifelike that standing next to one of these figures is like standing right next to the real person and some of them even have very real looking stubble on their chins!

The first place is a one that houses Thai and foreign personalities who have contributed to the benefit of society in their life time achievements and these waxworks are located in the Honorary Hall of Fame where you can see the various figures in their mock office surroundings as if going about their daily work routines. The next is a collection of Buddhist images and relics from the AyutthayaSukhothai and Chiang Saen eras which is located in the Three Period Garden a short walk away. These various zones have been well planned so that you can walk from one zone to the next relatively easily. The third place tells a story about Prince Vessantara who was the so called strict follower of the Buddhist Dhamma which is the following of the precepts of Buddha himself and located at the Story of the Buddhist Saga Zone. From there, make you way to the Monk’s Living Quarters from the Four Regions and experience the frugal living conditions of the monks, what it is like to be in Monkhood and their way of life. Next is the Chadok Caves zone where there is a very interesting exhibit of what happens when one is taken over by the sin of gluttony! It will make you think twice about over-indulgence when you eat and eat non-stop. The exhibits in here depict somewhat the concept of Hell and what happens if you do not live a so called pious lifestyle according to Buddhist beliefs. Then, admire the architectural style of traditional Thai houses from four different regions that includes the daily way of life for the people from these regions in the Thai Style Houses in Four Regions zone. Last but not least is the statue of the iconicBodhisattava who is reputed to be an enlightened person who has been shown the ultimate truth about life and death but deemed his work was not completed in mass enlightenment of all animals and human beings and therefore passed the chance to enter Nirvana. This statue is located in the Bodhisattava Park zone with and inscription about the belief.

All in all, the Siam Culture Park tour is a worthwhile place to go to learn about the peoples of this region and it is just a short trip ride away from busy Bangkok City. Tours to the Siam Culture Park can be arranged by any tour agent including thaitourismguide.com, so check out this place for a great eye-opening time about Thai culture and the concept of Buddhism without getting bored in stuffy old museums!

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