A deeper exploration on other attractions of Ratchaburi for those who have time on their hands

A deeper exploration on other attractions of Ratchaburi for those who have time on their handsDid you know that there are also puppet shows in Thailand? These are not your regular Punch and Judy puppets or even those from Jim Henson’s Muppets. These are the very traditional Thai shadow puppets. These puppets are flat and made from mostly buffalo hide that has been cured and dried hard enough for crafting on. Shapes of ancient heroes, villains and monsters are cut into the hides which are them embellished with various intricate designs. These shapes and embellishment are what will appear when the puppets are put against a white screen with a light behind and viola you get the shadow puppets. A shadow puppet theater used to be the entertainment of ancient days when there were no televisions, YouTube, computers and the internet. They told stories from the Ramayana and other old Thai folklore to entertain the masses. You can get a chance to enjoy this shadow puppet theater at the Nang Yai Wat Khanon Theater which is a royal Thai puppet theater in Ratchaburi. The plays are accompanie d by a tradtional Thai musical band and plays classic Thai music.

Another attraction of Ratchaburi province is the coconut plantations or rather known as coconut sugar farms. Enjoy the versatility of the coconut when you visit this farm and see the various products that can be produced including coconut sugar candies and enjoy a refreshing coconut drink on a hot day. You do not need to climb the trees to pluck the coconuts as there are monkeys trained to do just that and to entertain you as well. Did you know that there is liquor that can be produced from the coconut flower that is rather potent though it tastes very sweet? The liquid from the flower is fermented to produce the liquor which is quite enjoyable and you never know when you have had too much until it kicks you in the head with a throbbing and light-headed sensation!

If you love wood carvings then make a short trip to the Royal Thai wood carving center which is located very near the floating market. You can see craftsmen at work here producing various carvings of furniture, interior décor and souvenirs. This is one of the local produce of Ratchaburi province and very much a dying craft. You can learn quite a bit about woodcarving here even if you do not intend to buy anything!


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