Highlights Of Pattaya Fishing Tour In Thailand



“Whoa! That is one heck of a fight!” excuse the pun but that is exactly what you will hear when you book a Pattaya Fishing Tour experience with Thaitourismguide. The call for “tight lines” is a motto for this particular tour. Do you think you can land a 100kg fish guaranteed and take the strain of at least an hour fight between you and this huge monster fish? This will be a true test of your fishing skills and stamina and you can really go home boasting on the biggest catch of your life, besides the wife that is.

If you want a truly unique fishing experience in Thailand especially for fresh water fishing that includes lure fishing and bait fishing then check out some of the destinations for fishing offered by Pattaya Fishing Tour from Thaitourismguide. You can do a one day fishing experience which is relaxing, game fishing in the great outdoors at beautiful lakes and dams or extreme fishing at places that have these big timers in supply for your fishing pleasure. Either way it is an enjoyable activity even for those who are not avid anglers. Less cannot be said for the all-time angling enthusiast who will be watching who has a strike in the spot across and away from you. The surfaces of the waters are bubbling with monster fish coming up for food or reprieve is a sight to behold. One thing is for sure, you would have to get into the shallows to reel in your fish trophy as it is just too big for any net and will take sometimes two persons just to lift it up and out of the water for a photo shoot.


Pattaya Fishing Tour by Thaitourismguide offers a few unique places for your fishing experience in Thailand and there is no doubt that Thailand is rated as one of the top fishing destinations in the world from salt water to fresh water fishing experiences. All the tours organized by Pattaya Fishing Tour includes a good supply of bait, transportation, equipment, guide and for excursions that span a few days, accommodation and food is also provided. These fishing experiences gives you an option to fish for predator or non-predator fish so you will need to indicate your preference as the bait types are different. There are close to 64 different freshwater fish species available for fishing in Thailand and each one has a different fight value and requires different angling techniques. Therefore this is a good way to test your skills as a fisherman and do not worry about the one that got away. You are guaranteed of at least a catch.


Try out your hand at big game fishing where you can land catches of at least 100kg per fish! These are real monster sized fish such as the Mekong Catfish, Arapaima and the Siamese Carp and at least another 20 other species to be caught here at Bungsamran Lake near Bangkok. So you do not actually need to go very far for such angling thrills. An unusual occurrence here as you look across the lake is the bubbling surface where plenty of fish can be seen breaking the surface and some as large as dolphins. It would be hard for an angler to contain his or her enthusiasm at this point when you can’t wait to get your line into the water. The Thai style fishing bungalows on stilts connected to a central platform is known as a “swim” where anglers take their position to start fishing. Bungsamran Lake is one of the most prolific fresh water fishing lakes in Thailand and you can actually observe one fish being landed after another, and for sure there is no way you can land these fish without help!


Other places offered for a good fishing experience by Pattaya Fishing Tour is Palm Tree Lagoon in Pattaya which is home to a recorded 62 different species of fish with many a monster calling this lagoon their home such as the Arapaima, Redtail Catfish, Chao Phraya Catfish, Mekong Catfish,  Siamese Carp, Catla Carp, Juliens Golden Price Carp just to name a few. This place offers predator and non-predator type fishing with varying bait types such as live baits, dead baits, chicken while targeting the monstrous predators Arapaima or the ferocious fighting Chao Phraya Catfish as well as other predatory species in the lake such as Redtail Catfish, Barred Sorubim, Redtail Tiger Catfish, Lau Lau, Firewood Catfish, Pacu and Tambaqui. The Non-Predatory Species will find you fishing with ground baits, lum rice husk, bread, worm and targeting Giant Siamese Carp, Catla Carp, Rohu, Black Carp, Juliens Golden Price Carp, Mrigal, Mekong Catfish, Chao Phraya Catfish, Pacu, Redtail Catfish, Redtail Tiger.


Beginners can try their luck at Pattaya Fishing Park where the easy water conditions are suitable to catch and experience at first hand the power of Mekong catfish and Striped Catfish as these are the two dominant species in this water. This is a simple one day trip for any fishing enthusiast to just while away the time fishing. Another place here is Pilot 111 Fishing Ponds near Pattaya which offer exhilarating lure & fly fishing for Giant Snakehead, Striped Snakehead, Featherback, Redtail Catfish & Barramundi. This venue allows anglers to roam all ten ponds targeting any species. One of the biggest attractions of Pilot 111 Fishing Ponds is the three Snakehead ponds; two Giant Snakehead ponds and one Striped Snakehead pond. Anglers who do not have the time available to fish a Wild Snakehead Fishing Tour at Khao Laem Dam or Kaeng Krachan Dam with Pattaya Fishing Tours Team now have the opportunity to lure fish for snakehead in a single day trip from Pattaya in these very well stocked ponds. If you don’t want to target the Snakehead then there is still Featherback, Redtail Catfish & Barramundi you can target instead. The facilities at Pilot 111 Fishing Ponds are better than most other Thai fishing venues. On each Pond there are several well designed fishing salas useful to tackle up, retreat from the sun or rain or even fish from. The restaurant offers a delicious menu written in English & Thai, soft drinks and beer is also available on-site. The toilet facilities are built to western standard and kept clean at all times, all these factors add to the pleasure and comfort of each fishing day.


Challenging wild game fishing tours offered by Pattaya Fishing Tour includes Kaeng Krachan Dam located in Phetchaburi Province and Khao Laem Dam also known as Khao Lem Dam located in Kanchanaburi. These two dams are well noted for lure fishing the various Snakehead species (Pla Chon, Pla Chado) and you might be very lucky and hook a very rare Cobra Snakehead (Pla Chon Gnu Hao)and  also the Jungle Perch (Pla Kasoop). It is a lure anglers dream come true due to a network of islands, mangroves, sunken trees and forests, overhanging grass verges and tree verges, rocks, grass fields and sunken wooden obstacles that predatory fish love to hunt and ambush from.  Here, you will be staying with the guide’s family in a wooden floating home on the waters you can also take in the beautiful views and scenery that is all around you. The natural beauty around you will find yourself observing the natural wildlife such as the hornbills, red jungle fowl, both Kalij pheasant and grey peacock-pheasant, woolly-necked stork, black eagle, and many species of songbirds,  woodpeckers and other forest birds. You may see also wild elephants, samba deer, serow, bears, indo-Chinese tiger, leopard, muntjac, tapir, white-handed gibbon, buffalo, dusky and banded langurs, Asian wild dogs, otters, and wild boars.


The all exclusive angler will find Teak Tree Lake Fishery located near Chiang Mai North Thailand and is Thailand’s first all-inclusive fishery a pleasure holiday as well as a fantastic fishing experience. Teak Tree Lake is run by Bruce Dale and family from the UK who are your host and guide for the duration of your stay. Teak Tree Lake offers you peace, tranquillity, and a lake that is exclusive to you and your group with a maximum of 4 anglers for the entire stay. Uniquely, Teak Tree Lake is a very peaceful, secluded lake, only twenty minutes’ drive away from Chiang Mai airport. They do not pride their venue on how many anglers they get through the gate, but on the individual experiences of their guests. There are 42 species of fish you can decide to fish for and its bigger residence being the Arapaima, Giant Siamese Carp, Amazon Red-Tails and Chao Phraya Catfish. Therefore you can see it does have some serious contenders for you to fish for.  You will be fishing for the predatory species using Live baits, dead baits & chicken for the non-predatory species you will be fishing with Lam rice husk, bread, worm and corn. Teak Tree Lake pride themselves in being able to offer Thailand’s most luxurious waterside fishing accommodation. Fishing in Siam has never been so relaxing and comfortable. Each 200 sqm bungalow consists of the following facilities of 2 Double Bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, Front Bedroom features waterside balcony, fully fitted kitchen, fully equipped Lounge/Diner area with Leather or Bamboo sofa, 20 inch TV, DVD/Music Player, walk out on to waterside balcony and Fully Air Conditioned throughout. So it is well equipped with the traveller’s creature comfort requirement.



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  1. James

    The only one on this list that I have visited so far is Teak Tree Lake in Chiang Mai. I had a great time and caught a lot of fish (so not too hard!). As you said, the food was great, and the hosts better – just nice people.
    Thanks for the list. Many more for me to try.

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