pattayaVisiting Thailand is never complete without a visit to one of the popular tropical islands. If you only have a few days and mostly based in Bangkok, where can you go to enjoy the white sandy beaches, clear waters and prolific sea life of the famous islands in Thailand?

The great news is that Pattaya in the province of Chonburi is only an hour and forty five minute drive from Bangkok City and there are a number of beautiful tropical islands with all the marine based activities and beautiful sights you would expect of an island paradise. Thaitourismguide now offers the very popular Top 10 Destinations in Pattaya for the Bangkok to Pattaya One Day Tour – Pattaya Coral Island/Koh Larn ( Join Tour) package that will fill a whole day of island and beach activities.

The tour starts very early in the morning with a pick up time at 6.30 am so that means you would need to have a very quick breakfast in your hotel before departing for the tour. This is a full package join in tour which means there will be other tourists going along with you and can be an opportunity to make more friends while travelling. Packing for this trip includes all personal items such as your swimwear, waterproof pouches for cameras and hand phones, suntan lotions and a change of clothing. Dress light and be prepared with a hat as it can be quite sunny.

Once you are on your transport heading for sunny Pattaya, enjoy the ride and get a glimpse of the province of Chonburi and the surrounding areas of Pattaya city which is one of the largest city of entertainment in Thailand second only to Bangkok. You will arrive at Pattaya Beach around 9.00am to meet the boat that will ferry you over to Coral Island also known by its local name of Koh Larn. It is a half hour ride out to the Gulf of Thailand to the island. Coral Island is one of the most popular and largest islands close to Bangkok City and it offers many activities.

seawalkerThe excitement mounts as you approach the island and the sea takes on a bright blue-green hue with crystal clear waters. As you approach the beach you just can’t wait to hop off the boat and get into those inviting waters. There are many activities on Coral Island and depending on your tour package types you may enjoy the activities you have opted for such as the Seawalker activity where you can don a special dive helmet and walk the seabed observing the marine life in their natural habitat or even Parasailing. These however are add-in options for the tour to Coral Island.

You can still enjoy other fun marine activities on the beach such as banana boat riding, snorkelling, jet skiing or just plain lazing by the beach. A scrumptious buffet lunch is served depending on your menu option during the booking period. You have a choice between Indian Buffet or Thai traditional menus. There is ample food to go around which should keep you fuelled up for the rest of the day. However if you are still hungry or thirsty, Coral island is not short of innovative food and drink vendors who ply their trade walking the beaches of the island. You can also get some very delicious seafood here on the go from these vendors, so you might want to consider bringing some spare money. There are also souvenir shops and other knick-knacks that you can go walk around and shop at for small mementoes. So there are ample types of activities for everyone on the island including the shopaholic!

coralpattayaThis tour package is a full day tour that ends at around 7.00pm when you are back at your hotel, by which time you would have been properly tanned and totally worn out from your trip. All-in-all, Coral Island is a perfect getaway to an island paradise for the taste of experiencing the island paradise of Thailand. The tour package is convenient as it includes full transfer from your hotel to the island and back. Just make a note of where to meet up with your fellow travellers and boatman once you get on the island. You will off course be briefed as to where and when to meet up for the departure back to Pattaya and then Bangkok. Your tour includes transportation, all admission fees as listed in the itinerary and an English Speaking Guide and meals if it is a selected option.

So do not miss out on the chance to visit Coral Island if you have a few days to spare in Bangkok and are looking forward to a beach and island experience in Thailand. This is also a great travel option not just for those travelling with kids but also couples and groups alike, after all who does not love the beach and sea if you have the opportunity to experience an island tour!


  1. Hi, thanks for your comment. Yes it is true there are rogue taxis that overcharge customers that is why for tours we normally recommend joined or private tours so you are aware of the costs. To rent a car and self drive means you need to know the routes, read the signs of which some are in Thai and be familiar with the driving conditions on Thai roads. This is not normally recommended if you are unfamiliar with the type of drivers and road conditions in Thailand.

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