4 In 1 Safari No lunch/no Junk MorningGood morning Phuket and what shall we do on this beautiful morning in the sun kissed island brimming with adventures of discoveries and fun experiences? One of the highly recommended adventure tours in Phuket recommended by Thaitourismguide is their 4 in 1 – A1 outdoor adventure with junk ride in the morning.

This is actually a a half day tour which starts in the early morning lasting till way over lunch, so that should occupy most of your morning and afternoon on the island and is a perfect tour package of Phuket for those with kids or as a couple. The tour comes with a TAT Licensed English speaking guide, transfers from your hotel to the site, lunch and activities. Any other items out of the tour package will be at your own expenses such as personal purchases, buying items to feed the animals or other items such as alcohol and additional beverages and food apart from those provided during lunch.

4 In 1 Safari Full tour with Junk morning

The tour starts with a pick up from your hotel after breakfast for a leisurely drive to the Chalong highlands. This is one of the highest peaks on Phuket and gives you a wonderful view of Chalong Bay and Phi Phi Island. The attraction of Chalong highlands is the Royal Thai Government Standard Award Siam Safari Elephant Camp. This is the only elephant camp in the south of Thailand to have achieved this award for the best cared elephants. At the Siam Safari Elephant Camp you will have the first-hand experience learning about the elephants, about the mahouts who care for them, the efforts of the Thai Elephant Conservation and how you can help in this effort. Please do note that elephants here are not trained for circuses or performances but rather they receive basic training to learn how to help in the maintenance of their camp. You will have an opportunity to feed them bananas and pet them during your visit to the camp. The Siam Safari Elephant Camp is the best elephant trek and cared for elephants in Phuket and southern Thailand.

4 In 1 Safari Full tour with Junk morningOther mini side tours you will experience during this trip is a visit to local farmyards where you get to see and experience life in a rice field. Here you can watch buffaloes ploughing the rice fields, have a hand in harvesting and de-husking the rice grains as well as to learn about the many varied varieties of rice grown in Thailand. While you are here, you will also have the novel experience of riding and old fashioned bullock cart like what you see in the old Asian movies of pictures of a buffalo drawn wooden cart with its passengers seated in the cart. These are very rare now since there are such things as motorbikes, bicycles, cars and taxis!

Try the sampling of local Thai grown coffee or even experience how Thai jungle curry is made and the ingredients used. I dare you to sample it if you can! Try your hand at tapping a rubber tree and see how the rubber milk is collected and processed into rubber sheets in a rubber plantation. This is where all the rubber comes from including your car tyres and other necessities produced by rubber. You even get to visit a coconut plantation where you can watch how coconut is harvested by monkeys, the way the nuts are cracked and processed to produce coconut milk and oil. We may not think much about these basic necessities and the way they are obtained and produced but this tour will give you a fairly good idea about how it is done and an education as to why it is important to maintain these natural resources. All these activities are done in the better part of the morning, providing you with an eye-opening eco-tourism adventure of its own.

4 In 1 Safari Full tour with Junk morningThe highlight of the day is capped off with a splendid sail on an old fashioned and traditional wooden junk in Chalong Bay. With the wind flapping the marvellous sails on the junk you will take a cruise around Lone Island and get some really amazing views of the other surrounding islands as well. A srumptuos buffet lunch is served on board with an array of tasty and delicious Thai dishes that is cooked just right and not too spicy. Enjoy the view as you dine happily on board. This is one experience you should not miss while you are in Phuket especially the opportunity to sail in a junk ship that is fast becoming very rare.

Once your sailing junk has completed its approximately 45 minute to an hour sail, it will dock again in Chalong Bay and the transport will be waiting to ferry you back to the hotel, completing your wonderful and educational experience!


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