The wild wild west and dolphins of Pattaya!

Pattaya Dolphin WorldThe city of Pattaya, an hour and a half drive from Bangkok city may be noted mostly for its nightlife and burlesque entertainments but under all that exterior there is still much to discover for those not into the nocturnal avenues. Day time activities in the city of Pattaya are varied, listings from adventure to family style entertainment.

Our recent explorations of Pattaya brought us to the new travel experience from Thaitourismguide for Pattaya Dolphin World, located about a forty five minute drive from the popular Beach Road area where most hotels are located. We recommend that it is best to include return transfers from your hotel to the Pattaya Dolphin World as even we found it difficult to find our way there otherwise. The place is located in the Jomtien district on a 50 rai piece of land which includes an amusement park, a fishing pond, a resort, Wet Park and the dolphin arena.

This is a place that would cater well not just for families but also couples and groups because there are loads of fun activities in Pattaya enjoyable for all age groups. The fun starts as you walk through the turnstiles at the entrance. If you are too lazy to walk the whole area, hop onto a pony buggy for a quick trot around the facility. Those of you walking beware and watch where you step with the buggies running around, not so much from being bowled over but more like what you might step in!

Pattaya Dolphin worldA 50 meter walk will bring you to Cowboy Town complete with a saloon and Sheriff’s office. They actually have Cowboy shows here to entertain you so you get to watch a short sketch of life in the Wild Wild West. There are also ample opportunities for you to get some really good pictures with the cast and crew and a small tip will suffice for a great shot to remember by.

You might want to remember to bring along your swimming gear on this trip. There is a nice big pool to play and swim in or even for an opportunity to later swim with the dolphins. Kids and adults would love frolicking in the pool on a hot day. Those not into swimming can just laze around at the café with a drink in hand to watch the people walking by or keeping an eye on the kids.

If all this is still not yet a tiresome trip, be adventurous and have a go at the adrenaline rush with a mock cliff climb experience or even take to the ropes for a very intricate rope climbing experience! If this isn’t enough adrenaline, have a go at the all-terrain four wheel quad bike ride around the dirt circuit. The macho guys might want a go at the BB gun shooting range where you get to fire live rounds at the bulleye target in the shooting range. There are quite some awesome BB guns and paint ball guns on sale at the adventure store next to the shooting range.

The dolphin World in Pattaya is very well laid out with enough entertainment and adventure for you to occupy yourself for a whole day. Be sure to book your tickets early from Thaitourismguide so as not to be disappointed especially for the dolphin show. There are two dolphin shows a day so be sure not to miss the show. The auditorium for the dolphin show is located near the exit of the park. You can go for the show and continue the rest of the day at the park, so do not worry about exiting after the show.

Pattaya Dolphin WorldThe dolphin show is the highlight of the park. The auditorium seats about 200 people and when you make your way in, you get the chance to watch the dolphins swimming in the big pool. These are not your average dolphins that you would see in most aquariums but rather the variety indigenous to this region of Thailand. These are fresh water dolphins and there are two varieties here in Pattaya Dolphin World. There is a pair of pink bottle nosed dolphins and a pair of Irrawaddy dolphins. The Irrawaddy dolphins have no snouts like their cousins but they are just as intelligent and awesomely interactive as well as playful. Watching them perform is such a joy and you can see that they actually enjoy their performance routines! The show goes on for about forty five minutes where there are several skills performed. You can see that the dolphins interact very well with their trainers and one can almost say that it seems like a performance time is like playtime for the trainer and the dolphins. The few lucky spectators will get to go up and play with the dolphins but at the end of the show if you really want a great picture with the dolphin, it would set you back about THB200 but I can tell you that it is well worth the cost for a great picture. Those of you, who can afford a little bit more extra, can get to don a wetsuit and get into the water to swim with them for about twenty minutes. This is where it is one of the rare opportunities where you can actually get to play up close and personal with these wonderful sea mammals and understand why it is important to keep their species protected.

Pattaya dolphin WorldAfter the show, you can make your way for another round of the park facilities such as the resort and fishing grounds. Rent a rod and try your luck in the fishing pond where there are quite a variety of fresh water fish that you could try to bait and hook. This is a catch and release ponds, so that means you do not get to bring your catch home but the fun is in the fishing. If you would like to spend a night here, there are the newly constructed resorts with Lanna style cabins complete with all the modern amenities for your creature comfort. Meals are available at the restaurant near the resort that offers a variety of local and international cuisine.

All in all, this is a great place to spend a whole day and more. The most rewarding experience would be the dolphin show and it is enjoyed by young and old alike. The travel experience in Pattaya is not complete without an adventure in Pattaya Dolphin World!


2 thoughts on “The wild wild west and dolphins of Pattaya!

  1. I recently stayed at Magnolias Pattaya Boutique Resort in Pattaya while on a vacation. In the past, I have had positive experiences when staying at the hotel, however, this time I had an unpleasant experience. When I arrived in my room, I noticed that the air conditioner was not properly cooling the room. I called the front desk staff. She was very impolite and curt. Moreover, the staff never had anyone check it out, and I was not offered a new room. I was very hot, and this lead to an unpleasant night’s sleep. Additionally, I found hair on the bathroom floor when I arrived. In addition, the floor had crumbs and needed to be vacuumed. On my second day, when I returned, I noticed that the beds had not been made, and cleaning staff had not visited. I called the lobby desk to inquire about the issue, but they said they were understaffed and unable to do it on that day.

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