Phang ngaFew can boast of an eternal paradise of sun, sand, sea and adventure, but, the province of Phang Nga has all these and more to offer for those who just cannot get enough of the scenic and resplendent sights of the Andaman Sea.

Phang Nga is a province situated on the south east of Thailand with a capital city of the same name. Most often times than not, the tour destinations of Phuket  subtly blends into that of the Phang Nga province, so even if you are in Phuket, you might find similar tours offered from these provinces. There is more than enough of the place to go around for all these provinces so no harm in share and share alike!


Imagine a virtual playground of islands, gleaming fine white sand that melts at your touch, azure blue seas that reflect like a precious gem, rolling mountains and miles of natural forest reserves as far as your eyes can see. A short holiday stint in Phang Nga is definitely not enough.


IF you have no itinerary or plans on what to do once you get to the province of Phang Ngah or would like to plan your trip early, get in touch with us at Thaitourismguide for a comprehensive plan of what you can see and do in this remarkable province. There is everything for everyone no matter your age, physical limits or preferences and we can assure you of a wonderful tour experience in Phang Ngah.


Getting here is not difficult either; the major points of entry to the province especially for most tourists would be by flight at Phuket Airport or by rail and road. Ferries and boat transportation from the islands to the mainland is several times a day, so this also gives you the opportunity to indulge in eco-tourism on the mainland with its many beautiful National Parks and temples. Off course there are some of you who have visited countless times and may have specific places you would like to revisit or new places you would like to see and we do cater for all your requirements even up to bird-watching tours!


Some of the more adventurous amongst you might want to explore the mangrove marshes which are teeming with marine and other indigenous plants and wildlife or check out the Moken villages and learn their way of life, traditions and culture rather than just a one hour tour of their villages. If you have planned your trip correctly, you will also be able to coincide it with a local celebration which you can take part in while you are here. After all, the Thais are very friendly people and you will have a great time! Did you ever think you could spend a few days on a beautiful idyllic dam that is as huge as the whole city of Bangkok in one of the most beautiful resorts there? Well, there is just such a place and you would wake up to the beautiful calls of migrating and local birds and animal life or try fishing in this huge dam in the middle of a National park. You will never be bored in Phang Nga and just can’t wait to come back for more!


Phang Nga Top 10 Destinations


Limestone Cave and Formation Discoveries in Ao Phang Ngah


Phang Nga The Phang Ngah Bay National Park or called Ao Phang Ngah in Thai is one of the most famous marine national parks in the world aside from the likes of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in this region of South East Asia. Fortunately for Thailand, it is rich in marine diversity all along its coastline both on the eastern and western shores. The unique geographical landscapes of Ao Phang Ngah aside from its bio diversity are the lime stone formations which are found scattered along the shores and small islands in the vicinity. These are locally known as “karst” and form some very interesting shapes and as high as ten to fifteen storey buildings. The most famous one are those found near the famous James Bond island that look very similarly like nails or large wooden stakes wedged into the sea.


Along with these limestone formations are caves which has been formed in part during the formation of these structures. There are numerous caves to be found among these formations making it a spelunker’s dream site for explorations. Some of them are sea caves while others are located higher up the structures. The sea caves are the most popular as they can be accessed by sea kayaks on tour explorations by the many tour companies within the area.


Phang Nga Thaitourismguide offers some of the most interesting caves exploration tours in Phang Ngah for those who are keen to have an eco-tourism tour experience out at sea. Part of this eco-tourism tour also includes a scenic view of the many mangroves that dot the coast line near the islands and shores. Here you will be delighted to see some of the interesting marine life that makes this region so fertile with a large number of birds, fish and coral life.




Phi Phi Island

Island hopping tours are one of the most popular activities in Ao Phang Ngah and for the more adventurous there are scuba diving tourssnorkelling tours and even rock climbing activitiesCave exploration tours are also popular as you have the unique travel experience in sea kayaks to gain entry into these caves when the tides are low. Most of these cave explorations come fully equipped with safety equipment and a competent travel guide who is very experienced in caving activities. Check the list of tour experiences to Ao Phang Ngah with Thaitourismguide as they not only provide the tours but also ground and marine transfer services to Ao Phang Ngah as well as full board facilities for those interested to spend nights out in luxury boats for a few nights.


The Muslim Fishing Village of Mu Ko Similan


Similan islandThe Mu Ko Similan national Park is situated not too great a distance from Ao Phang Ngah and the popularity in this area are the Similan Islands. There are nine islands in this group and coincidentally the word “Similan” is actually a Malay word meaning the number nine. These islands are along the northern and southern coastline and in quite close proximity to the Malaysian marine border. The attractions of this area are the close to paradise feel that can be related to that old movie South Pacific where it is an idyllic life of swaying coconut trees on white sandy beaches with a balmy breeze blowing gently across your face and of beautiful sunsets painted in all the hues of red, gold and pink.


SimilanAside from the tours for island hopping in Similan is the visit to the Ko Panyia fishing village. This is one of the few Muslim fishing villages along this side of the coastland. The Ko Panyia fishermen are an old generation of sea gypsies that have made these islands their home for close to a hundred years or more. Their population is on a decline as they are replaced by modern fishing fleets and a new generation of fishermen. Life is hard on these islands for these sea gypsies who originally made their homes here from the southern parts of the region including Malaysia and Indonesia.


Phang Nga The Ko Panyia fishing village is on stilts and these islands offered shelter from the monsoon seasons when fishing was not an encouraged activity and the fishermen spent their time making handicrafts or other marine products for sale to the mainland. Thaitourismguide provides tours to Ko Panyia fishing village in the Similan islands among their. This is a day tour with a stopover at the village where you get to spend some time exploring what a traditional fishing village in Thailand feels and looks like.


As the boat docks you are greeted with the smell of the village which is predominantly the smell of fish! Not to be taken aback but this is unique in itself because it sets the ambiance for your discovery. You will get to see how the sea gypsies ply their trade, if you are lucky you get to see the catch of the day. There is an easy going life among the villagers who are darker skinned in complexion unlike the northern Thai people. They produce a variety of marine produce such as salted fish and squids as well as local marine snacks of which some are rather tasty. You also get to enjoy a nice home cooked lunch of typical southern islander treats which is somewhat different from what you would get on the mainland. As this is predominantly a Muslim fishing village, the food is Halal which means “kosher” food with no pork or lard so that would be an appeal to tourists who observe these food restrictions. The tour to the village lasts about an hour to an hour and a half before proceeding to other island destinations in the Similan area. These sea gypsies are friendly people and this is one of the rare opportunities for you to get a peek into their lifestyle which still adheres very much to the old traditions.


Deep Sea Fishing and Catch of the Day at Mu Ko Surin National Park


The Mo Ku Surin National Park and another of the large marine national parks located in the archipelago of the Andaman. Consisting of five large islands which are Ko Surin TaiKo RiKo Khaiand Ko Lang. This particular marine national park is located closer to the Burmese marine border and west to the mainland of ThailandSurin island is popular among tourists for its snorkelling and diving activities similarly Ko Khai island.


surinislandThe tours to Surin Island are one of the most popular island hopping trips for holiday tourists. Another activity here is deep sea fishing. Though it is a designated marine park, there are areas allocated for the deep fishing tours operated by local vendors. Thaitourismguide also offers live aboard fishing tours in the Surin islands where you get to experience the deep sea fishing activities in the area. Each of these live on-board fishing tours are well equipped with fishing equipment, bait, meals and comfortable living quarters on luxury fishing boats with modern interiors and fishing technology. It has been known that enthusiastic fishermen have been rewarded with prize catches ranging from black marlins to tuna and other marketable fish. Some fishing vendors practice a catch and release policy while others permit you to keep your catch for a meal on board or to take back to your hotel and have them cook your catch up for you.


These fishing tour experiences are great for those who just are not able to get enough of fishing but if you are not an enthusiastic fisherman but just accompanying your other halves, you will not be disappointed with the other activities of snorkeling and swimming which is part of the live on-board fishing tour activity. Who knows, you might even give fishing a try when you see the enthusiasm on your partner’s face!

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