Rocking the Colosseum Down in the East!

Colosseum Show Pattaya

Pattaya has many things to offer in all its splendor and beauty. Known for its Lady Boy cabaret shows, one in particular is the envy of many: The Colosseum, an arena of diverse performances and unrivaled beauties performed by some of the most bodacious and elegant “women”! Be enthralled by their stunning acting, synchronization and spirit of love for the art of entertainment.
Indulge and be spoilt by the array of performances, each show flirting with the arts of both traditional and contemporary dance theaters. From the elegance of the East to the hip and heart thrumming beats of the West be ready to stamp your feet and leap in applause at Colosseum’s culturally diverse theater and curvaceous beauties! Standing out as some of the best! Your eyes will be treated to renown and famous performances such as; “Heart and Soul”, a story of a woman’s nostalgia for soldiers of the Qin mausoleum arriving to liberate their earthly desires. Not only of Eastern but contemporary as well with a performance in feature of Beyonce’s likeness… So what are you waiting for? Come on over and be captivated by the envious beauty and talent of these local and International Lady Boys!

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