Ancient CityThe weather in Bangkok is good this time of year and makes visiting an outdoor iconic site one of the best activity for any visitor to Thailand! This tour is one of the most popular sightseeing in Bangkok tours.

One of the most notable and must not miss tours in Bangkok is Ancient City or better known as Muang Boran. No visit to Bangkok is complete without a tour to Ancient City on their list. Just a mere 40 minute drive by arranged transfer from your hotel, getting to Ancient City is a comfortable ride.

Did you know that you can visit all 77 provinces in Thailand just by going to Ancient City? Every icon of each province is represented here in this vast open park and included is a Thai Village where you can do a spot of shopping and have some refreshments.

Ancient CityAncient City was named as such as each of the buildings and structures are exact replicas of the originals down to the last detail and you can get some really beautiful pictures of these buildings. Do not miss the opportunity to stop by the workshop where artisans are busy at work crafting more buildings and sculptures. You get a first-hand view of these master craftsmen at work and realize the intricacies of each of these replicas that have been created.

Ancient City is one of the most beautiful miniature cities in the world and there is nothing quite like it anywhere else.




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