The Exotic Experience Of A Floating Market In Thailand

The Exotic Experience Of A Floating Market In Thailand


floating marketThe other name for Thailand is “Venice of the East. ” Aptly named, the topography of Bangkok City and Thailand in general will reveal many waterways, canals, rivers, and tributaries. The waterways were used and are still in use as a convenient way of getting around the cities, as well as to get from one province to another. It is the shortest and fastest route to move around the large expanse of land in the Kingdom of Thailand. Therefore, these waterways are also the life-blood of the country.

floating marketWhen you visit Thailand, make it a point to check with your tour and travel agent in Thailand on sightseeing and tours to floating markets in Thailand . These companies offer sightseeing and tours to Amphawa Floating Market, tours to Pattaya Floating Market, tours, and sightseeing to Ayutthaya Floating Market as well as tours and sightseeing to Damnoen Saduak. These…

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