Phuket Fantasea vs Simon Cabaret

Phuket Fantasea vs Simon Cabaret


Much as we would like to make a direct comparison between the two venues on Phuket Island it would be very much like comparing an apple to a pear. There is a vast disparity between the two as both have very unique highlights about their performances and type of venue. Where one is a whole theme park, show, shopping and dining venue the other is pure showmanship performances and both are just as popular as well as “must see” attractions while on Phuket Island.

The Phuket Fantasea show is more than just a normal cultural show per se. The whole area of the location includes an amusement park, a shopping area, a massive theater, theme park and several restaurants. Whereas The Simon Cabaret show is very much a Vegas style performance but performed exclusively by the transgender community or better known as “Ladyboys”.

Phuket Simon CabaretPhuket Fantasea tour starts with the…

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