Songkran” is the Thai traditional New Year and an occasion for family reunion. At this time, people from the rural areas who are working in the city usually return home to celebrate the festival. Thus, when the time comes, Bangkok temporarily turns into a deserted city.
The Famous Place Songkran Festival in Thailand
Songkran in Bangkok
• Songkran Splendours: Amazing Songkran 2017
Date: 8 – 13 April, 2017
Venue: Benjasiri Park, Bangkok
The event will be divided into Four Zones, each with demonstrations of culture and cuisine. Visitors will get the chance to take part in traditional activities, try food associated with Songkran and enjoy entertainment and cultural performances.
• Bangkok Songkran Festival 2017
Date: 13-15 April, 2017
Venue: CentralWorld Shopping Complex, Bangkok
The Bangkok Songkran Festival is at its biggest and most fun at the large outside area in front of CentralWorld Shopping Complex.
• S2O Songkran Music Festival 2017
Date: 13-15 April, 2017
Venue: Show DC Oasis Arena, Rama 9, Bangkok
It is aimed at young and young-at-heart music lovers looking for a memorable way to spend their Songkran break.
Songkran in the Northern Region
• Chiang Mai Songkran Festival 2017
Date: 12-17 April, 2017
Venue: Chiang Mai old city
Here you’ll find a wonderful balance of water-based fun and sacred ceremonies that show the religious importance of this festival to the Lanna people.
• Retro Songkran Splendours, Sukhothai 2017
Date: 12-14 April, 2017
Venue: Sukhothai historical park, Sukhothai
One of the most popular events is the sand pagoda building contest in which families compete to make stunning designs.
Songkran in the Central Region
• Ayutthaya: Songkran at the Ancient Capital
Date: 13-15 April 2017
Venue: Ayutthaya Historical Park, Ayutthaya
Thailand’s former capital – Ayutthaya is another place worth visiting during the Songkran festival.
• Songkran Phra Pradeang, Samut Prakan
Date: 21-23 April, 2017
Venue: Phra Pradaeng City Hall, Samut Prakan
One of the most fascinating ways to celebrate a Songkran near Bangkok is by visiting Phra Pradaeng, where the local people observe Mon ceremonies in a traditional way.

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