Pirate Cruise Pattaya

Pirate Cruise in Pattaya

Admirallica is the largest and most comfortable cruise vessel in Pattaya!

Introducing Admirallica, this grand pirate ship is now available in Pattaya for day trip excursions. The mighty galleon offers a truly unique experience and is totally family friendly, with on board entertainers performing pirate shows and catering to all guests, whatever your needs may be.

Admirallica guarantees maximum comfort with easy access to six bathrooms equipped with showers, a large dining area with ample seating to sit down and enjoy the delicious meals prepared by our chef.

The upstairs lounge area is the perfect place on the boat to sit and enjoy drinks from the bar, with draft beer available as well as spirits. The bar is covered and shaded offering a lovely breeze and is furnished to amplify the comfortable and luxurious style that flows throughout the vessel.

The second deck is also occupied by the DJ booth and dance floor, while the upper decks are perfect for relaxing and catching some sun on the lounge beds.

The whole ship offers fantastic view points and ideal photo opportunities, with our on board photographer you can capture every moment!

The islands around Pattaya offer gorgeous clear waters to swim, and all guests can enjoy the water from the swimming platform at the rear of the ship. Should any guests wish to venture to the beach, our tender Admirallica 2, will deliver you safely to the shore.

Admirallica is the finest touristing vessel in Pattaya, safety and customer satisfaction are top priority and our staff are on hand to ensure you take full advantage of what the ship has to offer.

Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya

Teddy Bear Invasion In Pattaya!

Teddy Bear Museum PattayaSomewhere in our childhood, some of us had a teddy bear or two. If you love teddy bears and want to see one of the largest collection of these lovable and huggable childhood icons ….head on over to the Teddy Island Museum in Pattaya! We guarantee even your kids will find this more to their taste than Walking Street just down the road.

Teddy Bear Museum PattayaAt Thaitourismguide we believe that fun should not be limited to adults only, unless of course there is the child in you. Imagine rooms full of these cuddly bears in all shapes and sizes. it will take you a good half afternoon just to get through the whole space within this museum. Conveniently located along the main shopping and entertainment street of Pattaya on Beach Road, it is easy getting to Teddy Island if you are staying in any of the many hotels in this area. This is one of the new attractions in Pattaya that would be fun to explore especially if you have been to Pattaya a few times or have children tagging along.

Teddy Bear Museum PattayaThe museum is the brainchild of a Korean family that makes teddy bears for toy shops around the world. Thinking of what better idea than to have a place where all types of bears can be displayed in imaginative settings for the amusement and entertainment of visitors to Thailand, the Teddy Island Museum was created. Boasting more than one thousand teddy bears specially created for the museum, one can also have a good time taking some interesting pictures within.

There are two levels in the museum but unfortunately no little cafeteria inside where you could have refreshments. While teddy bears may not be for everyone but some of these bears are very cute and one can appreciate the art work that has gone into designing the settings for these bears.

Teddy Bear Museum PattayaWalking into the museum on the third floor, you are greeted by a family of bears in their actual life-sized pose. Beyond this point will be bears galore in Egyptian headgears, Indiana Jones style and even Bat Bear and Dracula! The first bear chamber is dedicated to Egyptian and somewhat Mayan type bears. Of interest here is actually the sculpted fiberglass bears with their colourful costumes. There are also bears of variable sizes placed on shelving, decorated bears and a few interesting mummified bears.

See “Bearcula” in the bear cave hanging from the dark corners of stalactites and stalagmites. He comes with a few minions to scare the bear out of you! Next up is a Jurassic Park adventure. There is a 3D tunnel here for an interesting photo shoot of escaping from the jaws of an ancient croc. You might want to try that picture snapping moment here. A little further up is good old T Rex and his companions all giving the bear friends a ride? T Rex is an interesting and imposing figure in this room and there is a dinosaur eye starring back at you from a corner. Unfortunately the bears were not too outstanding here in this room and overshadowed by T Rex and his friends.

However the archaeology room is a little more interesting. Indiana Jones styled bears investigating old fossils and ruins were fairly interesting. Conveniently located in each of these rooms are pose able bears where you can take some really cute pictures with bigger-than-life bears. There are also a few other stuffed toys mostly in the Safari World section. Here there are hippos, giraffes and other animals mostly for the entertainment of children.

There are many more sections to this museum, such as Underwater World with a huge pink whale on display and mermaid styled bears, Space Exploration with astronaut bears, the Movie Fantasy Room with bears from different character movies such as Obi Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Darth Vader from Star Wars, Superman and even other Marvel Super Heroes.

Little girls would love the Fairy Tale room with winged ponies and Fairy Bears. There is even a tree house you can climb up to much like what one would have loved to have as a child and slides to slip down from the tree house. Under the tree house is a dream bedroom for the musician in you with a self-playing piano.

Pattaya Coral Island Full Day TourWhile a Teddy Island Museum is not for everyone, it is however a great place to add on to your itinerary for sightseeing in Pattaya especially if you have children or just love teddy bears. You can book tickets to Teddy Island Museum early from the Thaitourismguide website and plan your trip to Pattaya early so that you will be able to see as many attractions in Pattaya during your stay.

alcazar show pattayaThe location of Teddy Bear Island on Beach Road is near to other attractions such as Alcazar Caberat Show and the renowned Tiffany Cabaret Show. Other attractions along Beach Road in Pattaya is off course the infamous Walking Street with their nightlife and Go Go Bars, seafood restaurants and the Bali Hai Pier which has ferries to Coral Island or better known as Koh Larn.

Typical bookings to Pattaya would include sightseeing to Koh Larn, a visit to Teddy Island Museum and probably a dinner and show in Pattaya from one of the many famous theatres. Most of the admission tickets for shows in Pattaya are available via the Thaitourismguide travel website.

So if you are looking for something different to do in Pattaya and have been here a few times but want an unusual place to visit in Pattaya, head out to Teddy Island Museum for the afternoon. Remember to bring your camera along for those few good shots!

2 Sky Pattaya Rocket Ball

The Amazing Rocket Ball Flight Experience In Pattaya



2 Sky Pattaya Rocket Ball“ 3, 2, 1 ….Launch!” and your heart is pounding as you accelerate from a complete standstill to a force 5G at more than 100 kilometers per hours while strapped to a solid bucket seat and four point harness within the confines of a wired ball and rubber straps on either side of the module.  Brings up images of a ball bearing in a slingshot doesn’t it?

Well, that is what the  by Thaitourismguide is all about. It is the only rocket ball experience in Pattaya in the province of Chonburi, Thailand. This exhilarating activity is definitely not for the faint-hearted but kids and those with a penchant for extreme thrills will love it. The rocket ball experience tour is one of the most fascinating extreme sport tours in Pattaya at the present moment.

Conveniently located at the Bali Hai Plaza which is near the famous Walking Street of Pattaya, you can book a tour of 2 Sky Pattaya Rocket Ball in advance from Thaitourismguide and it is open daily from 3.00pm in the evening to 4.00 am in the morning. Strange hours you may say but along Walking Street, these are the regular hours. If you are the type that gets butterflies in your stomach, then best to go before dinner but if you are the thrill seekers you may go anytime till 4.00am. Some guests are known to dare each other after a drink or more but please do not throw up all over the seats in your bouts of daring each other!

So exactly what is the Rocket Ball experience that is so exhilarating? Imagine a breathtaking experience where two brave riders are catapulted high up into the air at totally thrilling speeds, spinning and bouncing as they go and reaching a height of 50 meters in the air supported by a body harness in a steel cage and the speed is 100 KPH per minute of acceleration with a 5G force, not unlike what fighter pilots and astronauts go through, all in a matter of a few split seconds and lasting about slightly more than a minute as you are bouncing around after the slingshot.

2 Sky Pattaya Rocket Ball This man made wonder of an amusement machine consist of two steel towers with a special cord connected to each tower. Both ends of the cord are attached to a caged steel vehicle in which 2 riders are seated. The vehicle is pulled to the ground, where riders board. When the vehicle is released from the loading station, the cords engage, sending riders on a high-speed vertical launch 50 meters into the air at speeds of 100 KPH in one second and 5G force. To call the Rocket Ball the most thrilling, exciting, amazing experience is no understatement. No doubt about it, it’s the ultimate rush and those brave enough to take on Rocket Ball also spin around and around whilst taking in a bird’s eye view of Pattaya. (If you are brave enough to keep your eyes open that is!)
It is always safety first and 2 Sky Pattaya Rocket Ball is operated by fully trained, qualified and also fully supervised by on-site European technical engineers from one of the biggest amusement park companies in Italy. The device and the company are fully compliant with world standards of quality and safety. Therefore the Rocket Ball was designed with extreme safety in mind. The ride was built with only the strongest, highest-quality materials and each strategic part is connected with full-penetration welds. It has been tested by our state of the art computer assisted design and engineering programs so it stays up and running safely as long as the ride operates.


If you are wondering about other safety features for this extreme adventure ride in Thailand, this is how it goes. The passengers are first secured by a four point harness (such as what you would find in a rally car for example) A padded safety bar is then locked into position in front of the passengers. Each pair of cords has a determined lifespan which is monitored very closely. Each ‘jump’ is recorded by computer which then generates a regular safety report and tells the operator when the cords are due to be replaced, and if that wasn’t enough, in the highly improbable event of a cord failing there is an additional failure safety system bound into the elastics of the cord to prevent the gondola falling. We also have a highly skilled team of engineers at 2 Sky Pattaya Rocket Ball who carry out daily checks and maintenance but Technical Park-Italy also carry out an annual safety inspection before the attraction is deemed safe for operation. These safety reports are available upon request to members of the public.
2 Sky Pattaya Rocket BallOff course like any extreme amusement park ride, there are conditions attached as to who can or cannot participate in these rides. These conditions are for the safety of the passengers. The whole nature and essence of Rocket Ball is such that passengers will experience very fast motion. Therefore, it is recommended that persons suffering from the following conditions should not take part in Rocket Ball experience. Such persons include those with back or neck ailments, heart conditions, are pregnant, who have vertigo or motion sickness and or any other condition which may be affected by an extreme ride such as this.

If you are concerned about any side effects caused by the ride apart from a compulsion to do it again and again, there are NO long term side effects whatsoever!


Pattaya Dolphin World

The wild wild west and dolphins of Pattaya!

Pattaya Dolphin WorldThe city of Pattaya, an hour and a half drive from Bangkok city may be noted mostly for its nightlife and burlesque entertainments but under all that exterior there is still much to discover for those not into the nocturnal avenues. Day time activities in the city of Pattaya are varied, listings from adventure to family style entertainment.

Our recent explorations of Pattaya brought us to the new travel experience from Thaitourismguide for Pattaya Dolphin World, located about a forty five minute drive from the popular Beach Road area where most hotels are located. We recommend that it is best to include return transfers from your hotel to the Pattaya Dolphin World as even we found it difficult to find our way there otherwise. The place is located in the Jomtien district on a 50 rai piece of land which includes an amusement park, a fishing pond, a resort, Wet Park and the dolphin arena.

This is a place that would cater well not just for families but also couples and groups because there are loads of fun activities in Pattaya enjoyable for all age groups. The fun starts as you walk through the turnstiles at the entrance. If you are too lazy to walk the whole area, hop onto a pony buggy for a quick trot around the facility. Those of you walking beware and watch where you step with the buggies running around, not so much from being bowled over but more like what you might step in!

Pattaya Dolphin worldA 50 meter walk will bring you to Cowboy Town complete with a saloon and Sheriff’s office. They actually have Cowboy shows here to entertain you so you get to watch a short sketch of life in the Wild Wild West. There are also ample opportunities for you to get some really good pictures with the cast and crew and a small tip will suffice for a great shot to remember by.

You might want to remember to bring along your swimming gear on this trip. There is a nice big pool to play and swim in or even for an opportunity to later swim with the dolphins. Kids and adults would love frolicking in the pool on a hot day. Those not into swimming can just laze around at the café with a drink in hand to watch the people walking by or keeping an eye on the kids.

If all this is still not yet a tiresome trip, be adventurous and have a go at the adrenaline rush with a mock cliff climb experience or even take to the ropes for a very intricate rope climbing experience! If this isn’t enough adrenaline, have a go at the all-terrain four wheel quad bike ride around the dirt circuit. The macho guys might want a go at the BB gun shooting range where you get to fire live rounds at the bulleye target in the shooting range. There are quite some awesome BB guns and paint ball guns on sale at the adventure store next to the shooting range.

The dolphin World in Pattaya is very well laid out with enough entertainment and adventure for you to occupy yourself for a whole day. Be sure to book your tickets early from Thaitourismguide so as not to be disappointed especially for the dolphin show. There are two dolphin shows a day so be sure not to miss the show. The auditorium for the dolphin show is located near the exit of the park. You can go for the show and continue the rest of the day at the park, so do not worry about exiting after the show.

Pattaya Dolphin WorldThe dolphin show is the highlight of the park. The auditorium seats about 200 people and when you make your way in, you get the chance to watch the dolphins swimming in the big pool. These are not your average dolphins that you would see in most aquariums but rather the variety indigenous to this region of Thailand. These are fresh water dolphins and there are two varieties here in Pattaya Dolphin World. There is a pair of pink bottle nosed dolphins and a pair of Irrawaddy dolphins. The Irrawaddy dolphins have no snouts like their cousins but they are just as intelligent and awesomely interactive as well as playful. Watching them perform is such a joy and you can see that they actually enjoy their performance routines! The show goes on for about forty five minutes where there are several skills performed. You can see that the dolphins interact very well with their trainers and one can almost say that it seems like a performance time is like playtime for the trainer and the dolphins. The few lucky spectators will get to go up and play with the dolphins but at the end of the show if you really want a great picture with the dolphin, it would set you back about THB200 but I can tell you that it is well worth the cost for a great picture. Those of you, who can afford a little bit more extra, can get to don a wetsuit and get into the water to swim with them for about twenty minutes. This is where it is one of the rare opportunities where you can actually get to play up close and personal with these wonderful sea mammals and understand why it is important to keep their species protected.

Pattaya dolphin WorldAfter the show, you can make your way for another round of the park facilities such as the resort and fishing grounds. Rent a rod and try your luck in the fishing pond where there are quite a variety of fresh water fish that you could try to bait and hook. This is a catch and release ponds, so that means you do not get to bring your catch home but the fun is in the fishing. If you would like to spend a night here, there are the newly constructed resorts with Lanna style cabins complete with all the modern amenities for your creature comfort. Meals are available at the restaurant near the resort that offers a variety of local and international cuisine.

All in all, this is a great place to spend a whole day and more. The most rewarding experience would be the dolphin show and it is enjoyed by young and old alike. The travel experience in Pattaya is not complete without an adventure in Pattaya Dolphin World!


Nong Nooch Garden Pattaya

Explore A Botanical Garden of Artistic Craftsmanship at Nong Nooch Paradise Garden in Pattaya

Sometimes when we mention the word “Botanical Garden” we think of the ones at Kew Garden in England and have the impression of nothing but plants and more plants. Well, Nong Nooch Paradise Garden in Pattaya is truly a botanical garden with a difference. Yes it does have its fair share of numerous plants on display but the concept of Nong Nooch is not so much the scientific aspect of a botanical garden per se but rather a fun place to visit with a host of other activities as well as artistic demonstrations not only of horticulture disciplines but also fun art sculptures. When you visit Pattaya City do make your travel and sightseeing arrangements for Pattaya ahead of time. Getting from one place to another can be time consuming without the proper transport transfers from the tour bookings in Pattaya. You can book ahead for a sightseeing package to Nong Nooch Paradise Garden and spend a half day either in the morning or evening as the place still has restaurants running late into the night for dinner guests. The best part of the tour to Nong Nooch Paradise Garden is recommended for the morning when it is not too hot as there is quite a bit of walking to do even though there is a open bus to take you around the garden.

Originally Nong Nooch as it is known in short, was famous for its outstanding Thai Cultural and Elephant Shows. It is also notably to be the biggest and most attractive botanical garden within South East Asia dedicated to the preservation and research of flora conservation with the largest collection of Palms and Orchids in Thailand. Nong Nooch Paradise Garden not only has a botanical garden but also a hosts of other facilities to entertain visitors and guest. This includes a lakeside resort where tourist can stay to enjoy the ambience of a natural garden habitat. Other activities at Nong Nooch Paradise Garden include bicycle rides around the garden, fish feeding activities, paddle boat rides on the lake, elephant rides, parades, traditional ceremonies (especially for those who would like to get married in a botanical garden!) an animal petting and feeding zoo, bird and butterfly park and so much more that it can actually keep you and the kids occupied for a a whole weekend! As a side note for those interested in a wedding ceremony of traditional Thai style, you can do just that in Nong Nooch complete with a ceremonial elephant ride for the wedded couple and their guest!

Starting from the entrance, there is a section where exotic orchids are on display. If you are not keen on the orchids, take a walk around the many interesting sculptures created by loads of terracotta flower pots all tied by wire to form the décor of this section or take an open car ride around the garden in the comfort of being chauffeured around to get a glimpse of the many decorative garden styles that Nong Nooch is famous for. If you are into taking lots of pictures, then we recommend the cycling tour of Nong Nooch Paradise Garden so that you get to spend your time taking the perfect shot! There are many French, Roman and even Thai inspired garden themes to choose from and each has an attraction of its own. For the romantics you might want to consider photo opportunities at the Fountain Garden or the Umbrella Garden for a more bizarre photo scene with huge metal ants and metal forged umbrella plants amidst the more gentle natural foliage. There is one section of interest called the Thai Province Prayer Houses where you will find white painted stupas creatively placed amidst sculpted tea leaf plants that makes a very mystical setting for a photo shoot either early in the mornings or late in the evenings.

While you are here do check out some of the unusual sculptures created by the artists and landscapers of Nong Nooch especially the Ant and Wall Plant section. One hardly thinks much of ants but just as pesky pests that get into your food from just anywhere. Well, this particular wall sculpture might reinforce that notion or make you think of them differently in a more artistic way! The whole section of a high wall and the surrounding garden area is crawling with gigantic metal ants beautifully sculpted and painted in a variety of colours, for once you might actually get to pose with an ant without getting bitten! Make your way to the Bird and Wildlife Section of the Nong Nooch Garden where there are a huge flock of beautiful parrot sculptures sitting on tree branches in seemingly realistic poses until you get a closer look. Off course you can see the real ones later at the mini zoo in the garden but these are just perfect for yet again another amazing photograph of your memorable trip to Nong Nooch Paradise Garden. A little further on is the Giraffe section, where there are several of these beautiful animals realistically sculptured in a variety of poses. On hind sight, what makes these displays impressive is that it is not just one or two sculptures but many of them at any one time that makes the impact even more exceptional and visual.

Tired of all that walking around? Nong Nooch is never short of food, beverage and entertainment. There is a food court, snack bar and a restaurant that offers a good variety of local dishes, snacks, ala carte and buffet. If you have a tour package for Nong Nooch Paradise Garden, it will most probably include a lunch or dinner buffet that comes complete with a Thai cultural show to entertain you while you dine. This is a great place to spend time while in Pattaya city especially if you have children tagging along. These ceaseless activities will be a great energy drainer for them and you can have a blissful evening after all that activity that is if you yourself are not totally exhausted from keeping up with them!

Things To Do On A Visit To The Sanctuary Of Truth In Pattaya

Sanctaury of Truth

No doubt the building of the Sanctuary of truth is in itself a worthwhile visit but there are loads of other activities that one can also enjoy while at this place. This is a must visit place when you visit Pattaya and should be included in your tour and sightseeing in Pattaya itinerary. Located about a 15 minute ride from Pattaya Road, the Sanctuary of Truth sits on a fairly large beach frontage. With the sea in the background, a mini jungle at the entrance and plenty of space in-between this is an ideal location for some fun activities aside from just visiting the Sanctuary.

Sanctaury of Truth

At the ticketing entrance they have this cute little pony carriage to bring you around the site, which is not something common nowadays especially in Thailand. The more adventurous who would like to show off their equestrian skills can opt for a horse riding session around the property or if you prefer something larger….try the elephant trek! Other attractions available at the Sanctuary of Truth include a shark feeding pool, these are not the huge ferocious ones but much smaller versions of their ferocious cousins and still quite capable of taking a finger or two off if you are not careful hence the use of feeding sticks for the bait and the comfort of feeding them from a platform without the need to get wet in a dive suit. Near the Viewpoint restaurant a little way off from the entrance, you can wander around the compound and checkout the many exotic species of pheasants and one of particular interest is the golden tailed pheasant which is rather a rare species.

Sanctaury of Truth

Motor sport activities at the Sanctuary of Truth has not been left out either. You can choose between speed and rough riding! If you have never tried an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) then this is your chance to do so. Put on a helmet, straddle the seat and off you go riding out the sand dunes albeit rather shaky knees after the ride it is great fun. If you prefer someone else to do the driving then take a speed boat ride off the coast from the sanctuary beach front. Enjoy the spray of salt water and sea wind on your face and an exhilarating ride. This is a great opportunity to take pictures of the Sanctuary from an out at sea vantage point if you have really steady hands and balance from the pitch and roll of the speed boat. Other activities at the sanctuary of Truth include a shooting range and wall climbing turf for the gung ho visitor. You can try your skills on the target practice range and see how eagle-eyed a sharpshooter you are or try and scale the climbing walls like Spiderman if you have that much energy and adrenaline to expand after a tour of the Sanctuary of Truth building!

Sanctaury of Truth

Dining and entertainment at the Sanctuary of Truth is not only very reasonable but interesting as well as absolutely “heavenly.” Maybe it is the sea air or then again maybe the novelty of a dining experience in the presence of a great view of the sea and the Sanctuary of Truth. Whatever the reason it must be said that the food is great. The best choice would be the local menu that serves up typical Thai dishes even though they do have a variety of western fare. There are two places you could enjoy your meals here. One is the Vantage Point at the top of the hill near the entrance to the Sanctuary. You get a good view of the building and the surrounding sea from here while you dine under the shady trees. The other is a restaurant located in front of the Sanctuary where you can feed the sharks, watch a lively traditional Thai dance show or watch the elephants as they trek past. Another alternative is to dine while on a small long-tail boat that will take you around the moat of the Sanctuary very much like a gondola experience in Venice!

Sanctaury of Truth

Sanctaury of Truth

Sanctaury of Truth

Sanctaury of Truth

Sanctaury of Truth


Some Unusual Things To Do In Pattaya

pattayaThink you have seen and done it all in the city of Pattaya? Think again! Off course Pattaya is well known as a place of entertainment, shopping, a-go-go bars and the beach but there are a few places that not only fascinate and rather new . These places are not only fun but also educational. They are great places that you can spend almost a whole day, if not half a day and enjoyed even by those travelling with children or just for the fun of it. No doubt there are many tours and sightseeing activities in Pattaya but these are a few of the unusual ones.

Why not do a good deed and learn a little about this particular marine creature and the impact our environment has on its survival? This is none other than the green sea turtles at the S ea Turtle Sanctuary located at Satthip , a little more than 38 kilometres out of Pattaya. This is part of an eco-tourism in Thailand effort where conservation of various species is part of the attraction and to build awareness among tourists and visitors. There are some interesting activities here such as turtle feeding rather than the usual fish feeding and turtle release program where one month old turtles are released back to the sea. A visit to this turtle sanctuary will also help build awareness on the things that endanger the species such as plastic bags thrown into the sea which ultimately looks like a jelly fish that is one of the turtle’s natural food sources. Unfortunately they are not able to differentiate between the two and end up choking on these discarded bags floating in the water. A visit to the turtle sanctuary will also delight you with their unusual mascot, an albino sea turtle in Thailand! This pure white sea turtle is one of a few rare albino turtles in the world. You would also be interested to know that this turtle sanctuary was started in a Thai naval base and the conservation effort is carried out by the Thai Royal Navy in Satthip, Chonburi.

art in paradiseEver wondered where people sometimes get these really great photos of their vacations that are unusual and really something to talk about? Visit Pattaya city and I assure you, this place is great fun to get a good laugh while taking just such pictures! A visit to Art in Paradise   just behind Pattaya road will yield spoofs of laughter and great fun for everyone including the kids as you try and pose your most hilarious shots for a picture. This is the only trick art museum in the world, and by trick art it means 3 dimensional drawings that bring a picture to life. This museum is a Korean effort and the painters were all Koreans taking a year to complete over a hundred paintings in the gallery. Sometimes it is not just the part of taking the picture but also watching other take a picture that is the fun part. The best shots are taken from a frontal view for a great effect. There are 5 zones of entertaining pictures to choose from and depending on your creative imagination, you can get some really great shots that make it seem as if you were in the pictures itself. This is a must do activity when you make a sightseeing tour of Pattaya.

Pattaya Walking StreetLast but not least because there are so many other activities in Pattaya and increasing all the time to satiate the appetites of the tourist population is a bee farm experience in Pattaya. The Big Bee Farm in Pattaya is not just a bee farm where you go and watch bees or gather honey. This particular bee farm is the largest in Thailand and part of the medical tourism in Thailand attractions. This is no ordinary bee farm and visitors to this place can actually experience playing with the honey bees, learn candle and soap making, baking and cooking with the products from the farm, get a first hand experience in apitherapy which is reputed to be effective for the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis. This visit will be an eye-opener to the remarkable world of the honey bees plus you get to see the variety of products from the farm that you might be quite tempted to buy! While you are at it, give their restaurant a try, the food taste uniquely different when the ingredient is organic honey fresh from the farm. So now you will know what Winnie the Pooh is so taken in by fresh honey!


An adventure with Flight of The Gibbon

You might wonder what does Flight of The Gibbon (FOTG) mean, sometimes people think that it is to observe a nature program or even to watch the gibbons swing from tree to tree. Well, you could not be far wrong from that, only difference is in the Flight of The Gibbon adventure it will be you whooping and screaming as you swing from tree to tree! Think not? Try it and see!

 Flight of the Gibbon Zipline tour in Chonburi

You might wonder what does Flight of The Gibbon (FOTG) mean, sometimes people think that it is to observe a nature program or even to watch the gibbons swing from tree to tree. Well, you could not be far wrong from that, only difference is in the Flight of The Gibbon adventure it will be you whooping and screaming as you swing from tree to tree! Think not? Try it and see!

 Flight of the Gibbon Zipline tour in Chonburi

Our adventure started with a morning pick-up from the Ariyasom Villa Boutique resort on Sukhumvit Soi 1 by the Flight of The Gibbon tour van of which the driver, Thanawat would also be our tour guide. The drive to Chonburi near Pattaya took about an hour and a half from Bangkok with a rest stop in between. Excitement was high as we turned off the highway and headed towards the Khao Kheow Open Safari zoo where FOTG was located. We did another brief stop at base camp to register for our much anticipated flight, it took us about 10 minutes to fill out the forms which is a standard procedure for any extreme sport. Soon we were on our way again to the jungle camp where we are to prepare for our zip line flight experience!

It was another 10 minutes drive through the open zoo grounds and along the way we saw some deers and wild buffaloes grazing along the sides, we could actually put our hands out to touch them if we wanted too. Our transport came to a stop in what looked like a little shelter but all looks can be deceiving. It was the entrance way to the main site for Flight of the Gibbon experience. We took a brief five minute uphill walk through the jungle pathway to the second site. Soon we were greeted with a large, you could say elevated lanna outfitted with nice seating, rows of long tables and off course the equipment section. We were greeted by our chief sky ranger ‘Gin’ and his crew of fellow sky rangers who gave us a briefing on safety and our equipment. We were hustled up to the equipment area and assigned to the sky rangers who will outfit us with the flight harnesses, safety helmets and a brief demonstration of how to land while on the platforms.  We were encouraged to take a group photo as well as an individual one for keepsake mementoes of our experience then off we went for the 15 minute hike to the first tree!


The hike was mostly uphill with a brief respite of level ground but the anticipation of our zip line flightmade it seem easy as we heard the excited hollers and whooping of the group before us.  In no time we made it to the tree that would be our first platform, it was a 50 meter walk up the staircase on the tree to get to the top, all the while clipped to safety lines. Our sky rangers were really experienced and we felt safe all the way. Once at the top, which seemed an awful way down, we were clipped to a secondary line and asked to approach the edge of the platform where there was a long steel cable extending all the way to another tree platform much further down. Each person was to take off one at a time, so this is what they meant by ‘flight’! We assumed a relax sitting position, our weight supported by the harness and after another briefing on how to hold on to the roller and line to counter balance our swing, we left the platform one by one. What a thrill it was to zip through the tropical rainforest treetops at such speed! The wind blowing on your face as you zoom down the zip line. Before long we reached the next tree top platform, eager to start on the next!

Time seemed to short, it was no surprise that we ourselves were soon screaming and whooping very much like the gibbons! There were 23 platforms all in all and after the journey there it seemed to have ended too fast, if we could go another round I am sure most of us would have. The last platform was where we abseiled down to the camp itself where we first started off on our hike. We could have tried the new Go Gibbon! Experience which is a jungle gym of all sorts of obstacles but the euphoria of our flight left us wanting for more. Once back on terra firma, we were lead back to the equipment section to remove our gear but no worries, there is always proof in the pictures that you were there gear and all!

We made our way back to base camp where we had a great lunch of green curry, fried vegetables, fried egg and rice with a platter of fresh fruit at the new cafeteria. It was actually quite pleasant to sit there and watch the animals but our tour package included a tour of the Khao Kheow Open Safari zoo. Our guide took us on a drive around the zoo grounds showing us the various highlights. We saw 3 baby lions up close and personal, a few really large African rhinos that seemed like they sharpened their horns often and the steel railings holding them back seemed so puny compared to their size! We fed the elephants, played with the giraffes and off course went to see the elusive gibbons! We were not fortunate enough to see the ones in the wild and had to settle for those in the zoo!

The Flight of the Gibbon experience is one that must be tried at least once in your life when you visit Thailand. The thrilling feel of free flight as you zip from line to line is second to none as what the gibbons must feel like when they do it so naturally. Don’t we just envy them and this is as close to experiencing it with the Flight of the Gibbon Zip line adventure. Safety is always first every step of the way, the sky rangers speak perfect English and are very confident in their safety instructions which is a comfort when you are that high up on a treetop! Everything from the pick up point to the drop-off back at the resort is par excellent and I for one would most definitely go a second or even a third time if I had a chance too! Our exhilarating one day adventure seemed just too short!