Colosseum Show Pattaya

Rocking the Colosseum Down in the East!

Colosseum Show Pattaya

Pattaya has many things to offer in all its splendor and beauty. Known for its Lady Boy cabaret shows, one in particular is the envy of many: The Colosseum, an arena of diverse performances and unrivaled beauties performed by some of the most bodacious and elegant “women”! Be enthralled by their stunning acting, synchronization and spirit of love for the art of entertainment.
Indulge and be spoilt by the array of performances, each show flirting with the arts of both traditional and contemporary dance theaters. From the elegance of the East to the hip and heart thrumming beats of the West be ready to stamp your feet and leap in applause at Colosseum’s culturally diverse theater and curvaceous beauties! Standing out as some of the best! Your eyes will be treated to renown and famous performances such as; “Heart and Soul”, a story of a woman’s nostalgia for soldiers of the Qin mausoleum arriving to liberate their earthly desires. Not only of Eastern but contemporary as well with a performance in feature of Beyonce’s likeness… So what are you waiting for? Come on over and be captivated by the envious beauty and talent of these local and International Lady Boys!

Thai Alangkarn Theater


Thai Alangkarn TheaterThe meaning of the word “Alangkarn” in Thai is huge or grand. You can expect no less when you visit the famed Alangkarn Theatre in the city of Pattaya. Located just an hour and a half out of Bangkok, Pattaya City along the southern  east coast of Thailand has much to offer in almost any form of entertainment. There are few epic sized theatre performances around the world of noteworthy mention with the exception of those in London and America, but you can find one of it right here in Pattaya City.

The Alangkarn Theatre situated a little out of the city centre boast a two thousand seat auditorium with a seventy meter “Hexa” stage that has a one hundred and eighty degree view and state-of-the-art sound systems  with three large entry walkways that can accommodate a troupe of elephants literally! It is a most impressive stage not to mention impressive performances that go along with it.

While you are in Pattaya, make sure that you do not miss this epic extravaganza. The Alangkarn Theatre experience tour booking is made through Thaitourismguide and it is advised that you include the transfer from hotel to Alangkarn Theatre in your booking. Please note that there is only one show per day and the pickup time is at 4.00pm as the show starts early at 6.00pm and it takes about half an hour to forty five minutes to get from your hotel to the theatre venue. This leaves you with an hour to walk around the Cultural Rostrum which is packed with pre-show activities. Your bookings for Alangkarn Theatre can also include a Thai and International Buffet dinner at the Alangkarn Restaurant which is served after the show.

Thai Alangkarn TheaterArrival at the theatre grounds will see you first entering the walkway into the Cultural Rostrum entrance. The walkway itself is impressively decorated with huge sculpted Korn theatre masks depicting the many characters of deities and villains found in the Ramakein stories. These colourful masks make a good background picture for your memorable experience at the Alangkarn Theatre. At the end of the walkway as you turn right, is the open air cultural rostrum. The first to greet you would be the star of the elephant cast, a female elephant, who is a young 22 years old. Astride her is her handler and also stage performer. She will oblige you for a ride with a mere fee of THB100 which is equivalent to USD3. This would be bare back elephant riding so it is a different experience altogether compared to those you would find in an elephant village where you rode on a “howdah” which is a sedan chair strapped onto the back of an elephant. You will be able to play with this beautiful pachyderm and also pose for pictures with her and her handler.

There are many activities all around the rostrum that will entertain you. In the centre of this courtyard is a huge bell tower with some very intricate sculptures of mythical creatures such as one with the body of a dragon and the head of an elephant as well as a few life-sized and true to life sculptures of elephants. There are many opportunities here for you to get some really nice pictures especially with the glow of the setting sun in the background, as after all, Pattaya is a seaside resort area! At the mini stage podium you will be able to watch small traditional Thai dances while along the sides leading to the main auditorium will be mini stalls setup with games and souvenirs. Watch out for some of the cartoon dressed characters from the old Thai traditional stories; they are bigger sized than normal and sometimes may seem to be just statues without moving save for the occasional twitch.

Thai Alangkarn TheaterThe show in Alangkarn starts promptly at 6.00pm and there are several entrances into the theatre. Those requiring a wheelchair can obtain them from the front registration counter and one of the ushers will bring you up to the theatre by a separate entrance. The services for the disabled and handicapped are remarkable so it is very convenient even for those who are not mobile. The reception of the theatre is enormous with several more huge masks of deities and mythical creatures, a central display of a Royal Barge and several stage mock-ups in the corners. Making your way upwards will bring you to the theatre stage where seating is numbered. The show starts with two clowns entertaining the crowds using a large ball which is thrown to and fro to encourage audience participation. This goes on for about ten to fifteen minutes followed by the opening of the stage curtains.

There are three parts to the one and half hour show starting with an introduction to Thai beliefs in mysticism. Here you get to experience the first wonders of this extravaganza show with real life fire effects, fireworks and surreal settings. There is a beautiful “naga” or better known as a dragon on stage ending with an epic fight with the Thai elephant. You will also get to see actors flitting across the stage on aerialist wires adding on to the mystical allure of the performance. The entire scene and play in the first part symbolizes the track of Thai civilization, a belief inculcated about the origins of Thailand and its cultures. This is followed by the second scene where you get to see a fire breathing “naga” in all its glory. You can even feel the heat from the many fire spouts along the front of the stage! Watch for the enactment fight between the “naga” and the elephant star of the show, it is truly remarkable. This first act in the show will give you some understanding of Thai mythology and what shapes Thai culture as you see it today.

Thai Alangkarn TheaterThe show consists of three acts with seven different intricate stage settings including a pyrotechnic display at the end of the show. The opening of this wonderful epic stage play begins with the symbolic title of “Belief”. This scene depicts the dawn of civilization based on mythology and the age of fairies. The scene is rich in mythical creatures such as half man/bird which is symbolic of the Thai national emblem the “Garuda” as well as a fire breathing dragon. Great pains have been taken to create all the magical backdrops such as this first scene that is reminiscence of a mythical and magical forest. Look out for the great scene where the elephant battles the dragon which shows the Thai reverence for the “Chang” or elephant in scene 2 and the triumphant elephant as it overcomes the dragon or known in Thai as a “Naga”.

In Act 2 you will experience the different Thai culture and arts through an introduction to the four regions of Thailand which is the North, South, East and West. In this sequence you will see a wonderful parade of elephants in full regalia with a Royal entourage consisting of fire torch bearing troupes, a dais borne on the shoulders of the performers in glittering gold adornments, some very beautiful Thai female performers in intricate headwear and costumes on the top of six elephants parading from the stage to the broad centre aisle among the spectators! This is one of the highlights of the performance not to be seen in such splendour at any other epic performance in Thailand and is a definite MUST-SEE when you are in Pattaya. This is truly one of the best Pattaya travel experiences you can have and it comes highly recommended. Also in this act in scene 4, is to look out for the left and right stage ends where you will get to see beautifully sculpted Korn character statues that are almost as high as the stage. “Korn” is the Thai character from stories and myths based on the Ramayana. Here you are introduced to a fascinating culture of the Royal Mask drama that re-enacts Korn scenes as performed in days of old in front of a Royal audience as a form of entertainment.


Thai Alangkarn TheaterThe final act will bring you to three well known periods of Thai history which are the Sukhothai, Ayuddhaya and Rattanakosin Kingdom. These were the periods of creation, conquests and prosperity in the Thai history. The Sukhothai period is depicted as a time of early creation and discovery under various Kings of Thailand who slowly brought prosperity to the country. In the Ayuddhaya period, there are scenes of conquest between the ancient rivalry of Thailand and Burma. Finally in the Rattanakosin period it is a time of prosperity and wonderment. There are comedy sketches between the scenes with a traditional courting and wedding period, followed by rivalry between suitors ending in an outbreak of war where full ancient Thai and Burmese war regalia are worn complete with war elephants on stage. The last scene in a setting of peace and wonderment another highlight of aerial artistry is displayed with floating fairy like performers gliding down from the back of the audience to the stage and ending in a great fireworks display. In the final Act, there are instances of audience participation so you do get your five minutes of fame on an epic stage! Do marvel at all the wonderful backdrops and stage scenes that must have taken a whole troupe of artisans to create that makes this show so worthwhile watching.


As you leave the stage on the way out to your waiting transportation, the theatre lobby is alive with the performers who are available for photo shoots with you for a mere THB20 or USD0.90 per session. You can always tip them more if you like for the great performances. There are in total about five different scene settings that you can take pictures of with the casts as a good memory of your visit to Alangkarn. This is one of the must see performances in Pattaya, and it is always best to make sure your tickets are booked in advance. There are two options, one is just for the show and the other is for a show and dinner. The dinner is an international and Thai style buffet after the show. There is only one performance a day, so do make sure that you do not miss your transport and to be on time for your transfer arrangements to Alangkarn!

Nanta Cooking Show


nanta cooking showBangkok city is thriving with new shows and entertainment. It is a city that never sleeps but what has cooking got to do with entertainment in Bangkok? In the event that you do not already know which is the current rave in this hot city, the world class comedy entertainment which has won accolades of awards worldwide since their opening performance from Seoul, South Korea and around the world has made its debut in the great entertainment city of Bangkok, Thailand. This longest running and most successful comedy show from Korea since 1997 has taken the world by storm and never cease to amaze the crowds from any age. Cookin Nanta’s international debut was at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 1999, where it was presented with an award for best performance amidst a packed audience craving for more. The performance has been travelling around the world to 18 countries including the famous Broadway in New York and twice in Singapore during its world tour circuit. They are so hilariously funny and yet exciting that the performance never fails to draw bouts of laughter at every scene. Every performance is packed to a full house and Thaitourismguide is proud to present this new tour experience for entertainment in Bangkok in their growing portfolio of interesting places to visit in Thailand!

Nanta Cooking ShowOriginality and simplicity is the essence that has made this simple comedy sketch into a world acclaimed performance. With minimal stage props but depending on the comedy lines and facial expressions with hardly a sentenced dialogue attests to the skills of the performers. Surprisingly the only stage props are a kitchen and the most basic at that. That’s right, just a kitchen with a few cookers and plenty of disposable vegetables! Cookin’ Nanta is all about the kitchen and making music rolled with comedy is what makes it so funny and entertaining. This is a way to experience a Korean musical in Thailand with the entertaining “Samul Nori” traditional drum music in an ultra-modern presentation. This theatrical performance is easy to relate for audiences in general and all musical instruments are improvised from your normal kitchen utensils of kitchen knives, chopping boards and water canisters with a few hot firing stoves for added dramatic effect for an explosive performance.

Seated in the audience, be prepared to experience a total blackout in order to view the following acts. The big roll down screen tells you all about the story of the performance, which is about getting a few dishes ready in time for a wedding ceremony. Sounds simple and straight forward, but the next few instructions are rather funny as you wait for the show to start. Why Cookin’ Nanta is so original it is because there is no fancy costumes, five piece bands or fancy lighting with great backdrops. Everything is reliant on the hilarious script, skills of the performers with kitchen knives, cooking and musical sense.

Nanta Cooking ShowWhat’s so special about a cooking performance, one might ask? The everyday routines of chefs in a kitchen are brought to life on stage when an order goes out to prepare a wedding banquet within a specific time limit. The haywire scene starts when the bad tempered manager of the restaurant decides to put his rather lazy bone and incompetent nephew as one of the kitchen helpers. This is when literally all hell in the kitchen breaks loose and you wonder if they have time to complete the tasks at hand. You actually experience the aromatic smells of the kitchen on stage with an explosive display of acrobatics, pantomime and exceptional culinary skills are displayed mixed with bouts of comedy sketches and magic tricks right before your eyes as they struggle to meet the timeline! Though it is a Korean theatrical performance, few words are spoken and even if done so it is in English so everything comes together well in this awesome slapstick comedy without the audience feeling left out due to the language barrier.

The show revolves around five main characters. There are four male actors and one female actress. Featured are the manager, his wily nephew, the head chef and his two assistant chefs. Aside from the task at hand there is rivalry between the male actors for the attention of the female actress and general idiotic sequences by the manager and his nephew. All this combines into a perfect element of comedy that also displays great acrobatic kitchen skills and it is all about a blur but bad tempered manager, his incompetent nephew and the reluctant chefs contributing to the chaos. The Korean meaning of the word “Nanta” is similar to reckless punching and boxing combines all this with drumming and cooking skills brings you an evening of brilliant performance with kitchen instruments acting as percussion band pieces, so expect lots of lively action with great music. Watch out for some great cutting, chopping and dicing sequences in this performance, you will not be disappointed.

Nanta Cooking ShowThe highlight of the entire performance is in the skills of the knives at use. These performers in Cookin Nanta make it seem so easy but it is definitely no child’s play. You can be assured that the performers of Cookin Nanta are very dedicated at their practice routines to perfect their art and skills with the various kitchen knives every day, so please do not try this at home! It takes anywhere from three months to a year to bring their skills up to par for a performance and very strict selection methods are at hand for aspiring would be performers looking to join the cast and crew.

Audience interaction is highly encouraged, be it to clap along or even to get a chance to go on stage to cook with the performers. A dull audience (if there is ever one!) get a face full of dirty looks from the manager which is in itself rather funny and keeps you laughing in stitches. You might find of fun and lucky to be selected to join in the cooking activity on stage for your two minutes of fame with an international performance.

Though this is a minimal vocabulary performance, audience will be delighted by the skill of the performers in banging the “drums” which includes a special water drum sequence that is quite mesmerizing. As the story unravels, you will see why it is so hard for them to make the scheduled time delivery of the wedding dinner dishes. You would love the character of the manager. Who may seem to be the least obvious but his facial expression of dirty looks and overall character is or can be considered the actual star of the show. Some may fancy the girl chef for her obvious skills with the knife or the well-built head chef for his cool demeanour but though the manager may seem blurish or at times sleazy, his character trait is when he does a quirky pose at the oddest times!

Once the action begins in the kitchen, be dazzled with the cutting and chopping skills of the performers, they are top rate cutting and chopping chefs! Expect flying vegetables and a very messy stage during this process but no worries, it is just part of the show. There is even a short sketch of the ever popular Gangnam style dance sequence in the show which always never fails to get the crowd tapping and clapping along, after all it is a Korean production.

Nanta Cooking ShowAll-in-all, this is one of those must see performances that is now playing it world performance in Bangkok. Tickets are available on sale from Thaitourismguide and be sure to book your tickets early as it is almost always a packed audience especially on weekend nights. As the theatre is located in the busy entertainment district of Rachada amidst all the night clubs, bars and popular discothèques in Bangkok, it makes for a great opportunity to check out this area after the performance. The Cookin Nanta show starts around 7.00pm so you might want to get there early and it is best to have an early meal before you do so as the show last for around an hour. Check with Thaitourismguide for transfer arrangements to Cookin Nanta if you need transport to get there and back. We know that when we did the first review it just wasn’t enough and we had to go another time just because it was worth watching a second and a third time around and each time it was as funny as every which had us laughing and in tears with some really serious laughter stitches on our sides, so do make it a point to visit the Cookin Nanta show when you are in Bangkok!

An elephant playground with Crocodile Dundee in Ratchaburi

Sampran RiversideThis particularly famous attraction is not located in the province of Ratchaburi but rather in Nakhon Pathom which is a province just next door to Ratchaburi and most often a stop-over point for those who are on the way to Ratchaburi. The actual tour route for most travel agents for tours to Ratchaburi includes the province of Ratchaburi, Kanchanaburiand Nakhon Pathom. So it is not unusual to include a tour of the Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo on the way to Ratchaburi or Kanchanaburi. This place was the originator of the elephant show in Thailand but originally started out as a playground for families and a park for orchid enthusiast who were interested in orchid propagation and as a crocodile breeding ground. It is now one of the most famous Elephant Theme Shows and Crocodile Shows in Thailand.

Samphran Elephant Crocodile Show1If you like reptiles and like the thrill of watching people getting into the enclosure and wrestling with crocodiles bigger than they are, then join the tour for the Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo on your way to Ratchaburi or Kanchanaburi. You will get a chance to watch a skilled master crocodile catcher, somewhat like Crocodile Dundee in the movie, wrestle with a huge crocodile and putting his limbs and head into the gapping huge maw of the reptile! This is supposedly to be in the style of the “Krai Thong” which is reputedly the famous crocodile hunter in the legend of Thailand.

The Elephant Theme Show is one of the few where you can watch a reenactment of the old “Yutha Hathi” which was a massive royal battle. It demonstrates how the elephants were the ones that helped Thailand to win many battles in the old era. Visitors will be able to understand why the elephant is such a revered animal in Thai culture and tradition. The purpose of the show is to remember the role of the elephants for their bravery, loyalty and might in the service of the Thai Kingdom and you will be able to see displays of the elephants and their riders in a spectacular “battle” scene as well as at play and frolic during the course of the show.

Samphran Elephant Crocodile ShowAside from the elephant and crocodile shows, the Samphran Elephant Grounds and Zoo is also a very beautiful tropical garden with waterfalls and stunning orchid gardens. This place has been lauded as one of the best kept and cleanest parks for crocodile care, orchid nursery and overall maintenance of facilities as a great family playground.

If you happen to be visiting in the month of May, do not miss out on the great Jumbo Banquet Ceremony, which is held on the 1st of May. This is when the Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo will host the largest elephant buffet totaling six tons of goodies for the lovable pachyderms to feasts on. The buffet tables for the elephants will be packed with all variety of fruits such as bananas, pineapples, nuts and vegetables for these gorgeous animals to feats on. It is the parks way of remembering these efforts of these elephants and to show their gratitude! You will have a great time watching them enjoy all their favorite foods and is a great picture moment for those who are snap-happy with their cameras!

Besides feeding these elephants, you can also feed the crocodiles! So long as you yourself do not fall in, you are quite safe feeding them with raw chicken meat which you can purchase from the zoo keepers to feed them. It is very awesome to watch these reptiles chomp at their food in large mouthfuls and a good reminder to keep out of their way even in the wild!

Lastly if you yourself feel the hunger pangs gnawing at your stomach, there is a great choice of buffet spread for you at the Erawan Restaurant where you can gorge yourself full on the Continental and Indian Cuisine, so after you have watched all the animals feeding, maybe they in turn will be watching you!

Calypso Cabaret Show



Calypso Cabaret

Where would you go these coming holidays if you are in Bangkok city? Off course for many it would be to the pubs and nightlife of this throbbing, vibrant metropolitan and it would be for the later part of the night. BUT … what if you can mix all that in with a great show and dinner to kick-start the festivities?

Asiatique the Riverfront in the Charoenkrung Area is fast becoming one of the hottest entertainments and shopping districts along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok city. Why, they even have a free ferry service to bring you there from the Sathorn pier a short walk from the Saphan Thaksin BTS and back again. If you are planning for a visit to Asiatique the Riverfront, we also recommend that you check out the oldest and most established cabaret performance in Bangkok City. This is none other than the very famous Calypso Cabaret that has recently made Asiatique their new home. With 25 years of experience and a cast of talented lady boy performers, they will rock the house down these coming holidays.

Calypso Cabaret has something special for you to fire up your night! This happens only during the holiday season from the 15th of December till the 31st of December, so if you do not want to miss out on this, make sure you book your tickets to the Calypso Cabaret dinner and show really early as even on normal days they perform to a packed audience!
Calypso Show The new home for Calypso Cabaret sits right in the heart of Asiatique the Riverfront, you can’t miss them with the large flashing neon light right on the top of what used to be a water tower. The whole area of Asiatique used to be a former warehousing facility but now refurbished into one of the most upmarket, glitzy watering holes in Bangkok with a great walking deck all along the front to enjoy a view of the mighty River of Kings, the Chao Phraya River. The new venue has more seating space, a wider stage and very convenient facilities even for the disabled to reach the venue and enjoy the show. They now even have a second performing stage and dining area right at their entranceway.
Watching a performance at Calypso Cabaret is like watching Burlesque or Moulin Rouge life on stage. Their new auditorium for the cabaret show exudes a Vegas style cabaret stage performance and the tiered seating area is just perfect for a clear view of the stage from all angles. The 12 x 12 meter stage, lighting and sound system compliments the 70 performers for the 15 musical sessions with great stage set designs and a flourish of beautiful costumes and performances.

Visitors to Thailand for this holiday season will most definitely enjoy the performances at the Calypso Cabaret that has something special for the holiday season and only those who happen to be here at this time; will be most privileged to watch it! We are told that there will be a special edition for the holiday season in their repertoire of songs and looking at what has been performed onstage so far, we can say that it will be quite a showdown! We can’t wait to see what this special edition is and if you are planning to book your tickets to the Calypso Cabaret show, we suggest you do it as early as possible!

Your evening will start with a seven course Thai set menu dinner that comes with starters, main course and desserts. The dishes are very typically Thai and would be quite a treat and introduction to famous Thai cuisine. In between the dinner, there will be a half hour traditional dance performance, all thrown in for good measure to make sure your evening heads off to a good start and to get you in the mood for the rest of the performance. At the dinner show, you will get a good close up view of the performers and do not be surprised if some of them look more beautiful than the average woman! Not only are they tall, but also elegant and have very good figures….shame on us women! These traditional Thai dance performances are unique only to the dinner and not part of the actual show performance. The dinner starts at 7.00pm so it will be good to head out there early, if you find yourself too early for the diner and performance, you can always wander around Asiatique the Riverfront for a bit, check out the huge ferries wheel which is similar to the London Eye that will give you a good view of the Chao Phraya and the Bangkok skyline. Alternatively, you can also wander around the many shops and boutiques that sell anything from souvenirs to clothing. Note that Asiatique the Riverfront opens from 5pm to 12 pm daily but you can still stay on at the pubs which occupy the riverfront pier. There are two allocated times for the dinner and performance in Calypso Cabaret. The first session of dinner and performance is at 7.30 pm for the dinner only and 8.15 pm for the show, whereas the second session is the show performance only with no dinner at 9.45 pm
Calypso Cabaret ShowThe dinner and Thai traditional dance at Calypso Cabaret last for an hour and from there, you will need to proceed up the stairway for the actual performance auditorium. Visitors on wheel chair or the disabled have a special entrance on the side as well as a lift and washroom special prepared for their use. The auditorium seats about 450 guests and the nice orange glow of the décor and lighting gives it a very warm feel. Waiters and ushers are on hand to lead you to your seats and to serve you with a drink or cocktail, which ever your preference. The Calypso Cabaret Show ticket includes a drink before the performance and some of the Calypso Cabaret ticket includes transfers from your hotel and back again. Please do remember to check which booking for the Calypso Cabaret you have purchased.

The opening sequence of the show is a burst of colors, feathers and sequins in the very typical Vegas introduction. Would you believe that all these performances, costumes and stage sets were choreographed by one man for the past 25 years since 1988? He is Mr. Hans who hails from Germany and has been the lead choreographer for the performers since Calypso Cabaret first started! He has been hand picking and training these lady boy performers for an average of two to three months before they are able to perform on stage. The youngest performer is 18 years old and the eldest is 55 years old!

Audience to the performance can expect a good variety of mixes in the musical repertoire. There are versions of Thai, Japanese, and Korean, Chinese, French, English and even Spanish songs throughout the performance. Our all-time favorite is the Japanese showcase and the one based on the movie Burlesque, it really keeps your feet tapping to the tune! The very wide stage provides ample space for a retinue of 70 performers which is a very large cast indeed for a cabaret performance. Visitors to the Calypso Cabaret show will have a good laugh at some of their slap-stick comedy which is in itself quite entertaining. The entire show lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes with a seamless flow from one performance to another.

Calypso CabaretAfter the show, the lineup of some of the performers outside to greet farewell to the audience is a great opportunity to take some pictures with them. You may take individual photos with your favorite performer and can tell everyone that was your date for the night! Do remember to tip them for the pictures as they will greatly appreciate it though they do not ask. They are only too pleased with posing for a quick picture or two before heading out to the next performance if it is the 8.15 pm show.

If you feel peckish after the great performance, the restaurants and pubs are open till quite late. You can make your way to the pier side for a drink or meal and enjoy the view of boats sailing by, watching the Bangkok city skyline or just watching the people walking by. The choice of restaurants is very wide so it is just a matter of choice on what your preferences are. If you happen to be there over a public holiday, you might be lucky to catch a dazzling display of fireworks right along the river, which would make a wonderful capping off to a great evening and night out at Calypso Cabaret and Asiatique the Riverfront. Don’t forget to try out the free river ferry service if you have the chance. The ride itself is quite an adventure and the perfect way to the start of an also very romantic evening!