James Bond Sightseeing Trip by Long Tail Boat

Explore James Bond Island and Phang Nga Bay from Krabi

James Bond Sightseeing Trip by Long Tail Boat Sitting on board a long tail boat, sultry warm sea wind blowing in your face and wave hopping in the azure blue seas of the Andaman as you head out to some of the most exotic island destinations in Thailand. How does that sound to you? A dream holiday for sure! When you visit the province of Krabi in Southern Thailand, this is one of the must do things while in Krabi, island hopping to the famous James Bond Island 

You can arrange for these island visits through thaitourismguide.com as part of their island trips in Krabi packages. Some package is only for James Bond Island, which is an almost full day tour and sightseeing of James Bond Island with visits to the sea gypsy village and another small island to spend some time snorkeling or diving. Most of these Island hopping tours in Krabi also do include lunch and transfers so you need not worry about how to get there or what to eat, just hop on the boat and take a leisurely cruise around the islands and bays for a great time out at sea! Just make sure you have your sea legs about you because it can be quite a bumpy ride!

James Bond IslandThere is nothing much else to do in Krabi except for these highlights to visit the islands and the surrounding marine parks but that is the attraction of Krabi! It is a place where you can spend quiet time, get back to nature, enjoy all the plethora of exciting and exotic marine life in the marine parks and laze around the beach all day or even go scuba diving all day! James Bond Island is a must go, not so much because of the popularity of the James Bond film but because of the unusual rock formations at the beaches around the island and also to actually see with your own eyes the natural beauty of the work of Mother Nature more so that to hope and see James Bond on the island! It is always better to book your tours of James Bond Island and Koh Lanta ahead of time especially in the peak seasons of November till March.

Koh Lanta on the other hand is a beautiful serene island with beautiful white beaches, swaying coconut palms and wonderful coral reefs dotted around the waters of the island. It is home to some of the most exotic marine life and coral species that you can see without actually needing to go scuba diving. For the avid diver who can’t get enough of a nitrous high, this is a diver’s paradise no matter how many times you come back here! You can also make arrangements for scuba diving lessons in Krabi with Koh Lanta as one of your destinations or hire a boat for a few days of full board to Koh Lanta for scuba diving or full board to Koh Lanta for sea fishing, whichever is your preference but make sure you do not miss visiting these two places while you are in Krabi!


phuketThe tragedy of 2004 will not be forgotten in the minds of many but eight years later there are hardly any signs of reminder in the city of the Great Tsunami. Phuket is back to the bustling beach city it once was and even better than before. Very much, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, so has Phuket risen from the mud and devastation. Phuket is now the all-night-long party city of the Eastern side of Thailand. Half-naked party animals are a common sight every weekend and during festivities but it seems like Phuket has everyday weekends and festivities! Patong Beach is the height of a pleasurably decadent lifestyle. You can find anything here from shopping to all-night hedonistic parties. Phuket also invites travelers of all budgets from the budget hitchhiker to the infamously famous!

On the flip side, Phuket is also a daring adventurer’s haven. There are numerous cliffs to scale, clear waters to dive around in, and jungles to explore. Those who however had one too many drinks the night before can find themselves lazing out at the many pristine beaches, tanning to perfection like a nice grilled red lobster!

Phuket is still the biggest draw to the Andaman. Year in and out throngs of travelers pass the gateways into Phuket, each looking for a piece of the action pie that is Phuket and an affordable holiday. Watching the travelers and revelers at the full moon parties cavorting and cajoling can be just as amusing. Therefore, no matter what your party flavor, Phuket in the blissful Andaman has it all and once having tasted it, you will definitely be back for more!

Top 10 Destinations of Phuket

The Fantasy World of Phuket Fantasea

Phuket Fantasea ShowEverybody enjoys a good laugh and there is no other place on Phuket that you can enjoy an epic style fantasy that is packed from start to finish with absolutely riveting performances. Phuket Fantasea is like Alice in Wonderland Thai style, only you need not fall through the rabbit hole to enjoy this. Instead of rabbits you have elephants and a host of other animals including even chickens and a cockerel all there on stage to entertain you. This is a show of Thai fairytales that just keeps getting better with each performance. A cast of trapeze artiste, performers and animals are there to make you laugh right off your seat so unless you lack a sense of humor this might be a good show for you to start developing one!

Be a 007 agent on James bond Island

James Bond Island

You remember how James Bond always gets his girl and sails off to some exotic place for we all know what? This island, now popularly known as James Bond Island is just a short boat ride away and the place for 2 of the films. The familiar sight is the limestone formations that jut out from the sea much like nails hammered into the sea bed, which coincidentally is the name of the island – Nail Island. Strike your Bond pose like in the movie, maybe if the girls like you then you can make like James Bond and sail into the sunset, if not, just go back with whom you have come with! The island is best known for its view and don’t expect any memorabilia for sale that has a 007 flavor to it, there is none. So just make your own picture souvenir to brag about!

Relive the past of Old Phuket Town

Big Buddha Elephant Camp3Make sure you have your camera with you to snap loads of pictures here in this Sino-Portuguese old town known popularly as Phuket Old Town. It is not the sleepy hollow you might think it to be but underneath all that oldie but goodie façade is one of the funkiest towns this side of Phuket Island. A walk around town will delight you with the many quaint shops and fancy eateries so you can’t really complain about the food and shopping there. There are surprising little delights tucked away in some corner that will catch your eye and mooching around is like a treasure hunt in itself!

Strut Your Best “Saturday Night” Pose at Bangla Road on Patong Beach

Let your hair down or if not just keep your shirt on! Bangla Road on Patong Beach is where the night owls and party animals come out to play. Eye-ball the girls or the guys, whichever is your flavor and spend the whole night drinking and partying away. Just don’t wake up the next morning semi-nude from a massive hangover with a tattoo in some obscure place and not remembering the night before. It is very easy to get carried away with the cheap booze and all night parties!

Ogle At The Beauty Of The Ladyboys In Simon Cabaret On Patong Beach

Phuket Simon CabaretYou might think that some of the performers at this famous cabaret are some of the most beautiful women in the world until some of them start speaking. The “Ladyboys” are transgendered and transvestite performers who are some of the most musically talented people in Thailand. They have the beauty that kills and the humor to match. It will be hard to stay seated during the performance and is a must go see when you are in Phuket. Standing next to one of these performers is like standing next to one of those beauty queens in Las Vegas. Work those stomach muscles with a good laugh before you head on down to the drinking street to work off the rest of your muscles!

Bring Your Sunglasses When You Visit Wat Chalong

phuketNoted as one of the shiniest and most glaring temples in Thailand, Wat Chalong is the iconic temple of Phuket. If you have not been here, you have not been to Phuket. Thousands of tiny glass pieces and many pagodas make up this temple. The gleam of light reflecting from these glass pieces are enough to bedazzle you, so to look through all that gleam you might need your sunglasses! If you visit at the right time, you will get to visit some of the local country fairs that are held where you can munch your way from the start of the fair all the way to the end from the many local Thai snack vendors. Be prepared to part with your cash at the variety of stalls that sell just about anything, you’ll even end up buying what you don’t need just because it looks nice!

Everything Is Big Not Only In Texas But Also In Thailand Starting With The Big Buddha Of Chalong

Big Buddha Elephant Camp3At a whopping cost of USD1 million to construct, the Big Buddha of Chalong stands 45 meters tall in the Nakkered Hills overlooking Chalong, Rawai and Kata. If you are thinking of carting this away, just settle for the smaller souvenirs! Not all that glitters is gold but it sure looks like it from a distance! There is also a great view from this place that makes for a great snapshot, so again, don’t forget your camera!


“Move Like A Butterfly And Sting Like A Bee” with Muay Thai Boxing at Phuket City

Muhammad Ali
 used to say “Move like a butterfly and sting like a bee”, well you will get to watch plenty of this action in a Muay Thai boxing match at the Phuket City Muay Thai stadium! There is no limitation on just using your fists but every part of the body is used as a weapon which is better than watching a kung-fu movie on TV! The pre-fight rituals are interesting to watch not to mention the super-fit fighters. It is a colorful sport to watch albeit all the betting behind the scene and in the quiet! If you are aspiring to be a future Muay Thai boxer, you can take training lessons from the many Muay Thai schools on Phuket Island, just be prepared for a regimental lifestyle!

Sea Walking With The Fish At Coral Island

seawalker phuketYou have heard about walking on the moon, why not try the latest craze on Coral Island with the Sea Walk? Even if you do not know how to snorkel of scuba dive, there is no stopping you from walking on the seabed with the Coral island Sea Walk. Put on a sea helmet and you can pretend to be in the Jules Verne story of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Be an explorer wannabe and play with the parrotfish or watch a real life “Nemo” among the sea anemones or even spot a forgetful “Dory” among the many colorful fishes!


Get In The Seat Of A Kayak And Paddle Your Way Around Phang Nga Bay

phang-nga-bayToo much energy to expend and can’t sit still then hire a kayak in Phang Nga Bay and paddle till your heart is contented around the bay. Do your part in eco-tourism and use those strong arm muscles rather than the diesel fuel from a speed boat! Well, that is about the only way you can really explore all those fascinating sea caves in the bay known as “karst” or “hong” in the Thai language. There are some interesting things to discover in there including “leftovers” from civilizations past. Those who have the adventurous soul of a pirate will relish this exploration!


Experience The Greatest Fishing Expedition In The Waters Of The Andaman

Fishing TourThis is the call to all fishing enthusiast that it is now open season to great fishing in the Andaman waters! Those who are visiting Thailand especially with the intention of heading out to the islands of the Andaman can look forward to a great time going on sea fishing expeditions in the Andaman Islands. If you love game fishing or want to give it a try, now is the right time! The weather conditions are great, the fish plentiful, great guides and boats so what more could you ask for except the extension of time once you get into the thrill of fishing.

There are many fishing tours and expeditions in Thailand. The most popular islands where operators of these tours are located is in Koh Samui, Phang Nga, Phuket, Krabi, Koh Lanta, Phi Phi Don or you can even book through a travel agent from Bangkok for such tour and fishing in Thailand packages. These tours require advanced booking as some of them have a minimum requirement for the number of people on a boat so do check beforehand prior to your visit to Thailand. Most of the fishing tours in Thailand come complete with stay-on-board facilities, fishing equipment, bait, tour guide, food, and beverages as well as fishing lessons for those who are in-experienced. There are full day fishing tours in Thailand to live-aboard fishing tours to the Andaman that means several days out at sea doing nothing but just fishing!
Exotic Fishing PhuketThe Andaman is very renown for big game fishing like the Black Marlin or sailfish as well as many other types such as barracudas, trevallies, jacks, groupers and a host of other varieties. Marlins and sailfish are on a catch and release basis, which means all you get to keep, is a great photo shot of the one that “did not get away”! Most of the fishing expedition boats are well equipped with fish finders, are very comfortable and spacious enough for several anglers as well as a cooling section to keep your catch. There is nothing like the experience of camaraderie among fishing enthusiast during a fishing expedition where cold beer is always close at hand while you watch your line for a tug before the action begins. If you are spending several days out at sea, you get to enjoy your catch fresh on the dining table and the boat operators do know how to prepare a great feast for you from your catch! Therefore, throughout your trip it is great food, great drinks, great friends, and great fishing!
Exotic Fishing TourDo check out the many fishing tours and expedition in Thailand that are now currently on offer. Depending on your preferred location you can make an advance booking for fishing tours in Koh Samui, fishing tours in Koh Lanta, fishing tours in Phi Phi Don, fishing tours in Phuket or even fishing tours in Thailand. The fishing open season is just waiting for you to experience the thrill of a catch at the other end of your fishing rod!

Phuket Fantasea Show

Activities in Phuket

There are few places that can be dubbed an entertainment island in the world and Phuket Island off the Andaman coast of Thailand is just such a place. Compared to all the other islands in Thaland, Phuket is the one that stands out the strongest in terms of entertainment and activities. Phuket tourism is one of the most successful and visitors flock by the groups everyday to indulge in sightseeing, tourism and adventure activities.



Phuket Fantasea Show

Among some of the Phuket things to do while you are there is to visit Phuket Fantasea which is rated as a one-off-a-kind entertainment theme park in the world. The opulence of the decor within the whole theme park is based on traditional Thai culture and myths, intricately woven with state-of-the-art technology in entertainment and entertainment facilities. The vastness of the dining venues can accommodate guests by the thousands at one sitting, not to mention the amusement park, shopping and off course the theater with casts including real elephants and a whole menagerie of other animals in supporting back-roles to the human cast.
Phuket Simon Cabaret Show1Another Phuket entertainment that is a must see is the “ladyboy” Vegas style performances of  The Simon Cabaret show. You will not be disappointed by the performances of the casts helped along by a great sound system, beautiful costumes and stage settings as well as some really good scripts. There is also the Niramit theater which offers an epic style traditional cultural performance.


Apart from these entertainment features on the island, Phuket sightseeing includes many other interesting activities that are sure to keep you preoccupied during your stay on the island. One of the famous landmarks along the Phuket coast is “James Bond Island” which is actually Phang Nga Island. You can either take a cruise to this island bay or kayak there and while you are there, check out the limestone cliffs that give the island it’s unique shape and explore the many caves along the cliff walls. Other Phuket adventures include a safari tour by elephant or white water rafting through the rich jungle eco system on the island.
phuketIf you are more into Phuket sightseeing holiday then take a ride into Phuket Old Town. This is notably the historical and cultural district of the island. In Phuket Town, if you take the time to look around, you will find that it is unlike other typical Thai towns. The island has actually preserved many of the heritage houses, where rather than knocking them down to make way for new buildings, they are repaired and refurbished to give this town it’s quaint charm and tradition that is not only Thai but also Chinese by nature. Visit the many shophouses, cozy little cafes and museums as well as the many entertainment outlets that light-up in the evenings.

Bring out the party animal in you and experience a touch of  Phuket nightlife at Soi Bangla. Here you can hop from club to club in the Patong beach district. Drinks are cheap and go on all night. There is everything from techno to jazz and rock and roll. Occasionally you would find a famous guest DJ spinning his stuff and your feet tapping away to the rhythm while the seabreeze is keeping things cool. It is the place for music, drinks and girls galore so if you feel like a wolf running wild on a full moon night here, go right ahead and howl away…no one is going to notice the difference!

Part of the Phuket excitement includes live sessions of Muay Thai, or better known as Thai kickboxing. You can take lessons or if you rather watch the action, head on to the Muay Thai arena where there are daily kickboxing sports demoonstrations for spectators. Muay Thai is a form of self-defense art that is a combination of boxing and kicking. It is a graceful albeit lethal art of self-defense learned by youth and handed down generation by generation. To have the full impact of this self defense art, it is recommended you watch a live performance!

Other Phuket where to go places include of course the many temples and the famous Phuket Town landmark, The Phuket Big Buddha.This iconic and revered statue is venerated by the Thai and Chinese buddhist who live on and visit the island. It is located in the Nakkerd Hills right at the top, but easily accessible by tour coach, taxis or cars. There is also a good view from the top of the hill. Other Phuket tours you can indulge in while on the island is a visit to Wat Chalong.  A “Wat” means temple in the Thai language and did you know that in total, 29 temples exist on the island! That will keep you fully occupied just visiting temples!

As Phuket is an island, there are also the usual beach and marine based activities you can indulge in such as scuba diving, snorkeling, watersports, sea fishing and sea cruises to the many nearby islands. There is no shortage of marine parks to visit where there is a plethora of rich marine life including beautiful corals and clear emerald green waters to swim in. Those who want a little more adrenaline pumping action can try water-skiing, jet-skiing, para-sailing and the ultimate…cliff and rock climbing. So watever your fancy and interest, Phuket Island will make sure you fulfill them all. Only question is, do you have all that time to spend on the island? But no worries…you can always keep coming back for more!


Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Don

The Island of Phi Phi Don or better known as Koh Phi Phi of which the word “Koh” means island in Thai is one of the most sought after Shangri-la islands of the Thai Andaman coast. The diving and marine activities are plentyful with crystal clear waters, walks along the miles of sandy white beaches and kayak tours among the lesser islands and coastal waters yeild an abundance of marine life and  sights to behold.


A week on Phi Phi Don island is just not enough and many visitors are known to keep coming back for more year after year. It is no surprise when everyday spent on the island provides a different experience. Much of the island is left almost as natural as can be inspite of the many tourists who flock and frequent the island. So a Phi Phi Don holiday is like a visit to paradise.

A Phi Phi Don adventure holiday is a great way to spend a long vacation. It is easy to get there and accomodations on Phi Phi Don will suit just about any budget traveler.Traveling to the island would be by boat from the mainland and there are no cars on the island so it is either back to good old fashioned walking or hitching a ride on a motorbike taxi to get into the main township of Ao Ton Sai or to go sightseeing on some of the island’s many attractions.

Some of the Phi Phi Don things to see while you are on the island include

Phi Phi Island
Phi Phi Island Picture from bestbeachthailand

Ecobased activities such as hikes, and rock climbing of which there are several establishments offering such Phi Phi Don adventure tours on the island. Also makee it a point to visit the Phi Phi viewpoint during the early morning to watch a great sunrise from the vantage point where an epic coastal cliff is bathed in the rays of the rising sun. Remember to bring your camera along! If you like primates, they can be quite fun albeit mischevious and you can have a chance to know observe them on Monkey beach where they frolick and play along the beach. The wild jungle in the backdrop is reminiscent of a primeval jungle to beach setting very much like something out of a movie set and this island is one of the few places to experience that.

Other noteable Phi Phi Don things to do include snorkeling with the sharks of the island’s azure green coastal waters. One would think that these sharks are familiar to the sight of snorkelers who sometimes feed them so it is very much like a gathering for a free meal for them in many cases! Alternatively if you are more into an active lifestyle aside from snorkeling and diving,take a kayak tour of the island and enjoy the sea waves lapping along the side whilst you observe the many natural sights along the way. Indulge in a scuba diving experience on Phi Phi Don and swim among the abundance of natural marine life and numerous colorful corals that teem below the surface of the mirror-like waters.

Phi Phi Island
Phi Phi Island Picture from Thailandparadise

Other Phi Phi Don adventure and things to do include snorkeling in Hin Klang which is a marine park but it is required that you are a good swimmer as the currents are notably stronger on this side of the island. You could also pay a visit to the Bamboo Island National Park where after a hike you will be rewarded with the most prestine and golden sand beach on the island. Spend a few hours here in this remote place just enjoying the time away from civilization and lazing by the beach or swimming in the clear warm waters. It is an ideal place for a couple to spend some time together here getting to know each other more intimately.

Phi Phi Island Picture from Thailandparadise

Find out more about a Phi Phi Don excitement holiday from the many tour offerings to the island. A Phi Phi Don tour includes the standard sightseeing and tour packages but sometimes wandering about on your own can bring forth unexpected gems that are not only enjoyable but also unique to your holiday experience on the island. So, if you are looking for that ultimate getway holiday, make a tour of Phi Phi Don Island, you will keep coming back for more!


Honeymoon in Phuket

Recently tied the knot or planning to tie the knot but not sure where to spend a most memorable time for this once in a lifetime experience? Many would relish the thought of spending this time that hopefully comes only once in their lifetime on an exotic island among swaying palm trees and the sea breeze blowing on their face while relishing the time of togetherness building a new set of memories to last a lifetime.  In that case, welcome to the Island of Phuket in Thailand where you can spend a great Phuket holiday. Nestled among the many beautiful Andaman islands, Phuket Island has all the sights, facilities and excitement to make this a dream holiday and a special place to spend the time for a honeymoon.


It is such an exotic place to spend your Phuket honeymoon holiday where there is not only the emerald green sea to greet you every morning but also the many island activities and facilities to excite and pamper the newly wed couple. The new bride can pamper herself on the many choices of spa holiday resorts on Phuket Island where traditional Thai massage, spa treatments with invigorating blends of essential oils and the most attentive Thai staff on hand to pay every attention to detail. Their charming and friendly disposition will put you in a relaxing mod to enjoy your rejuvenating experience.

For the new groom, there are fun activities such as adrenaline pumping extreme sports that range from rock climbing to sea fishing while the bride is away enjoying her spa treatment. There are also many activities that can be enjoyed as a couple, where both can spend time together doing snorkeling or scuba diving but if you are both not into that, then indulge in a day island hopping where there are plenty of packages to choose from in a Phuket holiday tour package. Some of the accomodations provide special Phuket honeymoon packages that would suit a newly wed couple who are anxious to enjoy an exotic getwaway and for sure the Thai hospitality is well renown for making this a reality.

honeymoonSome of the Phuket holiday packages include a special honeymoon suite that is lavishly decorated combined with sightseeing tours on Phuket Island, along with activities that would be suitable for the couple. Aside from touring the islands and enjoying the activities, the nightlife is also something to behold. There are theaters, shows, great pubs and restaurants to spend many a memorable evening and off course the ultimate is a sunset cruise along the coastal waters of the Andaman.  Enjoy the great seafood that is in abundance and fresh from the sea, prepared in so many ways and enjoyed in lavish restaurants or exotic seaside venues. Wine and drinks are aplenty and absolutely reasonable and from there proceed to a night of dancing away in the many clubs and pubs along the way or enjoy a quiet time getting to know each other more in a quiet cozy café. The choice is limitless.
Everyday on Phuket Island is an adventure and the Phuket honeymoon tours are some of the best in the region. The Phuket tourism alternatives are some of the most comprehensive and it is definate that just a honeymoon holiday on Phuket Island will not suffice which will keep you coming back for more.  Imagine an elephant ride for the newly wed couple, made all the more memorable when it is a special decorated elephant just for that purpose! All these are just some of the fascinating ways you could spend a great honeymoon together. You could also visit Phuket Town and indulge in some cheap shopping or tryout the local markets and bazaars for a different experience as the both of you enjoy your time browsing among the many trinkets and souveniers.

So, if you are planning to spend your honeymoon holiday away from home and are looking for a really great place that is exotic, not too costly but yet adventurous and friendly. Take a look at the honeymoon packages for Phuket Island offered and take the kingdom of Thailand on Phuket Island.