Phi Phi Islands

Explore the islands of Phi Phi Don like Robinson Crusoe

Phi Phi IslandActually, more like Leonardo DiCaprio that dreamy eyed actor from the movie “The Beach”, this is also the location of Maya Bay on the island of Phi Phi Don in the province of Krabi, southern Thailand. The island of Koh Phi Phi is one of the most exotic island destinations in the world where it is not too packed with tons of tourist as accommodations here are rather limited and on the pricey side but you can visit this island on a day trip. There are many tours for visits to Phi Phi Island offered by the various tour agencies in Thailand including

Most of these tours to Phi Phi Island include long tail boat rides to the island and surrounding areas either for snorkeling and also scuba diving and the more avid anglers will be able to get overnight full board fishing trips to Phi Phi Island as well. Divers, who want to get a glimpse of the whale sharks known to grow up to seven meters and above, should head out to Hin Muang, a forty minute boat ride from Phi Phi Island and guaranteed to be one of the best dive spots in the world. You can ask for a Phi Phi Island dive package to get to this rock formation and a diver’s paradise.

In and around the island of phi Phi are numerous other activities that you can indulge in if you are taking a tour package to Phi Phi Island such as sea kayaking in Phi Phi Island where you can explore the cliff formations along the coast of the island or paddle out to the nearby marine park. Best time to go sea kayaking at Phi Phi Don is in the early morning or just about sunset. You can also make a snorkeling trip to feed the sharks at Phi Phi Don. These are two meter long black tip sharks that are actually more afraid of you then you are of them! Just be careful they do not nip your fingers while feeding them especially when you get over excited.

KrabiThe Robinson Crusoe types can try a camping trip on Phi Phi Don at the famous Maya Bay and join the tour groups for camping trips to Phi Phi Don or check out the monkey beach called Yung Gassem which is a very isolated bay on Phi Phi Island. The natural primates of the island have a stake on the beach where they come out to frolic and play. All these special tours to Phi Phi Don Island such as a day tour to Phi Phi Don which includes kayaking, monkey beach and snorkeling trips need to be booked in advance from your travel agent in Thailand.

Other places of interest on the island includes the Bamboo Island National Park which is a little to the north of Phi Phi Island. You can book a tour to Bamboo Island National Park through a travel agent in Krabi or in advance. You can have the privacy of this whole island to yourself as you laze or picnic your time away in the quietness of the island with only the wind blowing through the many casuarina trees that line the beach! Isn’t that a romantic getaway just like in the movies!?

Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Don

The Island of Phi Phi Don or better known as Koh Phi Phi of which the word “Koh” means island in Thai is one of the most sought after Shangri-la islands of the Thai Andaman coast. The diving and marine activities are plentyful with crystal clear waters, walks along the miles of sandy white beaches and kayak tours among the lesser islands and coastal waters yeild an abundance of marine life and  sights to behold.


A week on Phi Phi Don island is just not enough and many visitors are known to keep coming back for more year after year. It is no surprise when everyday spent on the island provides a different experience. Much of the island is left almost as natural as can be inspite of the many tourists who flock and frequent the island. So a Phi Phi Don holiday is like a visit to paradise.

A Phi Phi Don adventure holiday is a great way to spend a long vacation. It is easy to get there and accomodations on Phi Phi Don will suit just about any budget traveler.Traveling to the island would be by boat from the mainland and there are no cars on the island so it is either back to good old fashioned walking or hitching a ride on a motorbike taxi to get into the main township of Ao Ton Sai or to go sightseeing on some of the island’s many attractions.

Some of the Phi Phi Don things to see while you are on the island include

Phi Phi Island
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Ecobased activities such as hikes, and rock climbing of which there are several establishments offering such Phi Phi Don adventure tours on the island. Also makee it a point to visit the Phi Phi viewpoint during the early morning to watch a great sunrise from the vantage point where an epic coastal cliff is bathed in the rays of the rising sun. Remember to bring your camera along! If you like primates, they can be quite fun albeit mischevious and you can have a chance to know observe them on Monkey beach where they frolick and play along the beach. The wild jungle in the backdrop is reminiscent of a primeval jungle to beach setting very much like something out of a movie set and this island is one of the few places to experience that.

Other noteable Phi Phi Don things to do include snorkeling with the sharks of the island’s azure green coastal waters. One would think that these sharks are familiar to the sight of snorkelers who sometimes feed them so it is very much like a gathering for a free meal for them in many cases! Alternatively if you are more into an active lifestyle aside from snorkeling and diving,take a kayak tour of the island and enjoy the sea waves lapping along the side whilst you observe the many natural sights along the way. Indulge in a scuba diving experience on Phi Phi Don and swim among the abundance of natural marine life and numerous colorful corals that teem below the surface of the mirror-like waters.

Phi Phi Island
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Other Phi Phi Don adventure and things to do include snorkeling in Hin Klang which is a marine park but it is required that you are a good swimmer as the currents are notably stronger on this side of the island. You could also pay a visit to the Bamboo Island National Park where after a hike you will be rewarded with the most prestine and golden sand beach on the island. Spend a few hours here in this remote place just enjoying the time away from civilization and lazing by the beach or swimming in the clear warm waters. It is an ideal place for a couple to spend some time together here getting to know each other more intimately.

Phi Phi Island Picture from Thailandparadise

Find out more about a Phi Phi Don excitement holiday from the many tour offerings to the island. A Phi Phi Don tour includes the standard sightseeing and tour packages but sometimes wandering about on your own can bring forth unexpected gems that are not only enjoyable but also unique to your holiday experience on the island. So, if you are looking for that ultimate getway holiday, make a tour of Phi Phi Don Island, you will keep coming back for more!