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Planning A Good Travel Itinerary To Thailand

Royal Grand Palace

You are all excited about visiting Thailand but how do you even go about planning what to do or see in Thailand? You could search the internet but then again the many places to sightseeing and tour in Thailand not to mention the hotels available and travel tickets will only serve to confuse you even more. You could get recommendations from friends who have been there or check sites from travelers’ experiences but bear in mind that each traveler may have a different experience all together. So what would you do? You know that you want to have a good time and to see as much of the country as possible while you are there.

BeachA good way to start is deciding on how many days you will be staying in the country and leaving out 2 days for flight travel time. That would give you an approximation of time you have in the country to explore and travel. Thailand is a huge country with many diverse activities and sights to experience. The rich culture of the country as well as many great holiday locations will leave a visitor spoilt for choice. A travel itinerary to Thailand should be based on your interest and favored activity. Deciding on what you would like to see could be based on historical, cultural, adventure or a little of all. Historical tours in Thailand include Thailand temple tours, tours to famous attractions in Thailand and tours to historical cities in Thailand. Cultural tours in Thailand include Thai cultural shows, cabaret shows in Thailand and puppet and traditional dance shows in Thailand. Adventure tours in Thailand on the other hand includes diving and island hopping tours in Thailand, cycle tours in Thailand, white water rafting and climbing tours in Thailand just to name a few.

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Decide on which of these categories you would like to indulge in while you visit Thailand and narrow it down to the number of days you would like to spend on each activity. Once you have that in hand you can start looking for information on these places through blog postings or information on the internet. The more you read up on an activity the better prepared you will be to see if that is what will interest you once you are in Thailand. From here you can search out booking sites and do price comparisons for the various tour options. It is a good idea to plan your travel at least 4 to 5 months ahead of time if not more so that you can maximize your time in the country. Find out the best travel times to Thailand which is actually between November to February if you are planning to spend time on the islands and the months of late July to early September is normally the rainy season. Do bear in mind that the more commercialized places such as popular islands and cities cost more to holiday in but are also the main attractions. You will need to know what your allocated budget is for accommodation, flight tickets and the tour and sightseeing expenses. Most people forget to factor in the exchange rate difference as well as service charges imposed for cash withdrawals and changing of cashier cheques over the bank counter. Getting a foreign exchange in your own country will also save you costs as it is generally more expensive to perform an exchange rate once you leave your own country.

When you have made your bookings, do ask for confirmation and the relevant receipts and vouchers especially if you have made an online booking for tours and sightseeing in Thailand. Print them out and bring it along with you when you travel just in case of any contention. Remember to do advance bookings on your preferred sightseeing and tours of Thailand as it is generally more expensive when you make last minute bookings especially at counter tour booths. So to start, re-list your items as per suggested above, make sure about your passports, book all your necessary requirements, bring along the printed copies and get ready for your trip to Thailand where you will discover a truly Amazing Thailand!