4 In 1 Safari Full tour with Junk morning


4 In 1 Safari No lunch/no Junk MorningGood morning Phuket and what shall we do on this beautiful morning in the sun kissed island brimming with adventures of discoveries and fun experiences? One of the highly recommended adventure tours in Phuket recommended by Thaitourismguide is their 4 in 1 – A1 outdoor adventure with junk ride in the morning.

This is actually a a half day tour which starts in the early morning lasting till way over lunch, so that should occupy most of your morning and afternoon on the island and is a perfect tour package of Phuket for those with kids or as a couple. The tour comes with a TAT Licensed English speaking guide, transfers from your hotel to the site, lunch and activities. Any other items out of the tour package will be at your own expenses such as personal purchases, buying items to feed the animals or other items such as alcohol and additional beverages and food apart from those provided during lunch.

4 In 1 Safari Full tour with Junk morning

The tour starts with a pick up from your hotel after breakfast for a leisurely drive to the Chalong highlands. This is one of the highest peaks on Phuket and gives you a wonderful view of Chalong Bay and Phi Phi Island. The attraction of Chalong highlands is the Royal Thai Government Standard Award Siam Safari Elephant Camp. This is the only elephant camp in the south of Thailand to have achieved this award for the best cared elephants. At the Siam Safari Elephant Camp you will have the first-hand experience learning about the elephants, about the mahouts who care for them, the efforts of the Thai Elephant Conservation and how you can help in this effort. Please do note that elephants here are not trained for circuses or performances but rather they receive basic training to learn how to help in the maintenance of their camp. You will have an opportunity to feed them bananas and pet them during your visit to the camp. The Siam Safari Elephant Camp is the best elephant trek and cared for elephants in Phuket and southern Thailand.

4 In 1 Safari Full tour with Junk morningOther mini side tours you will experience during this trip is a visit to local farmyards where you get to see and experience life in a rice field. Here you can watch buffaloes ploughing the rice fields, have a hand in harvesting and de-husking the rice grains as well as to learn about the many varied varieties of rice grown in Thailand. While you are here, you will also have the novel experience of riding and old fashioned bullock cart like what you see in the old Asian movies of pictures of a buffalo drawn wooden cart with its passengers seated in the cart. These are very rare now since there are such things as motorbikes, bicycles, cars and taxis!

Try the sampling of local Thai grown coffee or even experience how Thai jungle curry is made and the ingredients used. I dare you to sample it if you can! Try your hand at tapping a rubber tree and see how the rubber milk is collected and processed into rubber sheets in a rubber plantation. This is where all the rubber comes from including your car tyres and other necessities produced by rubber. You even get to visit a coconut plantation where you can watch how coconut is harvested by monkeys, the way the nuts are cracked and processed to produce coconut milk and oil. We may not think much about these basic necessities and the way they are obtained and produced but this tour will give you a fairly good idea about how it is done and an education as to why it is important to maintain these natural resources. All these activities are done in the better part of the morning, providing you with an eye-opening eco-tourism adventure of its own.

4 In 1 Safari Full tour with Junk morningThe highlight of the day is capped off with a splendid sail on an old fashioned and traditional wooden junk in Chalong Bay. With the wind flapping the marvellous sails on the junk you will take a cruise around Lone Island and get some really amazing views of the other surrounding islands as well. A srumptuos buffet lunch is served on board with an array of tasty and delicious Thai dishes that is cooked just right and not too spicy. Enjoy the view as you dine happily on board. This is one experience you should not miss while you are in Phuket especially the opportunity to sail in a junk ship that is fast becoming very rare.

Once your sailing junk has completed its approximately 45 minute to an hour sail, it will dock again in Chalong Bay and the transport will be waiting to ferry you back to the hotel, completing your wonderful and educational experience!

James Bond Sightseeing Trip by Long Tail Boat

Explore James Bond Island and Phang Nga Bay from Krabi

James Bond Sightseeing Trip by Long Tail Boat Sitting on board a long tail boat, sultry warm sea wind blowing in your face and wave hopping in the azure blue seas of the Andaman as you head out to some of the most exotic island destinations in Thailand. How does that sound to you? A dream holiday for sure! When you visit the province of Krabi in Southern Thailand, this is one of the must do things while in Krabi, island hopping to the famous James Bond Island 

You can arrange for these island visits through thaitourismguide.com as part of their island trips in Krabi packages. Some package is only for James Bond Island, which is an almost full day tour and sightseeing of James Bond Island with visits to the sea gypsy village and another small island to spend some time snorkeling or diving. Most of these Island hopping tours in Krabi also do include lunch and transfers so you need not worry about how to get there or what to eat, just hop on the boat and take a leisurely cruise around the islands and bays for a great time out at sea! Just make sure you have your sea legs about you because it can be quite a bumpy ride!

James Bond IslandThere is nothing much else to do in Krabi except for these highlights to visit the islands and the surrounding marine parks but that is the attraction of Krabi! It is a place where you can spend quiet time, get back to nature, enjoy all the plethora of exciting and exotic marine life in the marine parks and laze around the beach all day or even go scuba diving all day! James Bond Island is a must go, not so much because of the popularity of the James Bond film but because of the unusual rock formations at the beaches around the island and also to actually see with your own eyes the natural beauty of the work of Mother Nature more so that to hope and see James Bond on the island! It is always better to book your tours of James Bond Island and Koh Lanta ahead of time especially in the peak seasons of November till March.

Koh Lanta on the other hand is a beautiful serene island with beautiful white beaches, swaying coconut palms and wonderful coral reefs dotted around the waters of the island. It is home to some of the most exotic marine life and coral species that you can see without actually needing to go scuba diving. For the avid diver who can’t get enough of a nitrous high, this is a diver’s paradise no matter how many times you come back here! You can also make arrangements for scuba diving lessons in Krabi with Koh Lanta as one of your destinations or hire a boat for a few days of full board to Koh Lanta for scuba diving or full board to Koh Lanta for sea fishing, whichever is your preference but make sure you do not miss visiting these two places while you are in Krabi!

Wat Tham Sua

Foot prints of Buddha and tiger paw prints at the Wat Tham Sua

Wat Tham Sua There are many legendary beliefs in the footprints of the revered Buddha found in caves throughout Thailand but what about fossilized paw prints of ancient tigers? These are old but not necessarily prehistoric tigers or they just as well might be because they are fairly large in size and found only in one place in Thailand. A visit to the Wat Tham Sua in the province of Krabi in southern Thailand will be the place where you actually get to see this. The word “Wat” in Thai means temple and this place is known as the Tiger Temple Cave of Krabi. There are also many other tiger temples around Thailand and not to be confused with each other.

This particular temple of Wat Tham Sua in Krabi, can be included in a temple tour in Krabi package as there are also several interesting temples to visit as Krabi is in Thailand which is rich in temples and places of worship! In reality, Wat Tham Sua in Krabi is one of the most beautiful temples in the south of Thailand with a most breathtaking view on the top of a very steep hill and a maze of caves at the bottom and a jungle valley for the surrounding areas. There is also a killer of 1237 steps to climb for you to reach the top! Sounds like a very daunting task having to climb those steps but it is not a matter of racing for the top rather take your time to walk and stop along the climb up and admire the view. It is reputed that it takes a little more than an hour to climb the steps up to the top with stops along the way and half that time to come back down!

Krabi ThailandThe Wat Tham Sua is a must see site when you visit Krabi and you can either go there on your own or you can also arrange for a private tour of the Wat Tham Sua from your travel agent such as thaitourismguide.com where you can also get a guide to accompany you and explain all the little intricacies of the temple. You do not need to rush and can take your time with those many steps which will leave you totally weak kneed if you are not in a very fit condition but well worth the effort for the climb when you see the view from the top. There are also plenty of beautiful Buddha statues and icons at the top which off course you can only see if you take the stairs, sorry no elevators or escalators here, it is all leg power!

Wat Tham Sua is located approximately three kilometers from the town of Krabi which can be reached by private tour transfers to Wat Tham Sua or you could also hire a taxi to take you there. If you want to see fossilized tiger paw prints, they are embedded in stone within the maze of caves on your way in and take the 1237 stairs up to see the Buddha footprint encased in stone at the very top of the temple!. Outside is surrounded by trees which are several hundred years old as well as valleys, mountains and caves. The whole scene reminds you of a movie scene from a Lara Croft adventure or one of those Indiana Jones movies about lost temples.

The monks who live and worship in this temple use the maze of caves as their meditation routes, living quarters and meditation chambers. The monks here practice insight meditation which is a focus on overcoming the human frailties and to reach a state of enlightenment of spiritual focus.  One of the ways to make them focus on this is a collection of weird and bizarre images of dissected human organs and cadavers to depict the short terms of a human life and body. Do make it a point to visit this beautiful temple while you are visiting Krabi and make that extra effort to climb those stairs because the reward of a fantastic view is well worth the effort and do bring plenty of water with you for the climb and remember to go to the toilet before you start climbing those stairs!

Phi Phi Islands

Explore the islands of Phi Phi Don like Robinson Crusoe

Phi Phi IslandActually, more like Leonardo DiCaprio that dreamy eyed actor from the movie “The Beach”, this is also the location of Maya Bay on the island of Phi Phi Don in the province of Krabi, southern Thailand. The island of Koh Phi Phi is one of the most exotic island destinations in the world where it is not too packed with tons of tourist as accommodations here are rather limited and on the pricey side but you can visit this island on a day trip. There are many tours for visits to Phi Phi Island offered by the various tour agencies in Thailand including thaitourismguide.com

Most of these tours to Phi Phi Island include long tail boat rides to the island and surrounding areas either for snorkeling and also scuba diving and the more avid anglers will be able to get overnight full board fishing trips to Phi Phi Island as well. Divers, who want to get a glimpse of the whale sharks known to grow up to seven meters and above, should head out to Hin Muang, a forty minute boat ride from Phi Phi Island and guaranteed to be one of the best dive spots in the world. You can ask for a Phi Phi Island dive package to get to this rock formation and a diver’s paradise.

In and around the island of phi Phi are numerous other activities that you can indulge in if you are taking a tour package to Phi Phi Island such as sea kayaking in Phi Phi Island where you can explore the cliff formations along the coast of the island or paddle out to the nearby marine park. Best time to go sea kayaking at Phi Phi Don is in the early morning or just about sunset. You can also make a snorkeling trip to feed the sharks at Phi Phi Don. These are two meter long black tip sharks that are actually more afraid of you then you are of them! Just be careful they do not nip your fingers while feeding them especially when you get over excited.

KrabiThe Robinson Crusoe types can try a camping trip on Phi Phi Don at the famous Maya Bay and join the tour groups for camping trips to Phi Phi Don or check out the monkey beach called Yung Gassem which is a very isolated bay on Phi Phi Island. The natural primates of the island have a stake on the beach where they come out to frolic and play. All these special tours to Phi Phi Don Island such as a day tour to Phi Phi Don which includes kayaking, monkey beach and snorkeling trips need to be booked in advance from your travel agent in Thailand.

Other places of interest on the island includes the Bamboo Island National Park which is a little to the north of Phi Phi Island. You can book a tour to Bamboo Island National Park through a travel agent in Krabi or thaitourismguide.com in advance. You can have the privacy of this whole island to yourself as you laze or picnic your time away in the quietness of the island with only the wind blowing through the many casuarina trees that line the beach! Isn’t that a romantic getaway just like in the movies!?

Cave in Krabi Thailand

Exploring The Caves of Krabi

Cave in Krabi Thailand
Cave in Krabi Thailand

The topography and geological location of the province of Krabi in southern Thailand is rich in limestone cave formations making it a cave explorer’s heaven. There are numerous caving systems that extend from the inlands to the coastline in the entire province and the historical significance of these caves is just slowly being discovered. Many of the entrances to these caves are covered by the flora of the region and still undiscovered but what little that has already been discovered and opened to the visitors yield a fascinating insight into the past of the people who inhabited the province before civilization. This is one of the reasons why the province of Krabi is a tourist delight and not just for the scuba diving and island holidays in Krabi.

Cave in Krabi Thailand
Cave in Krabi Thailand

Explorers to these caves and their hidden systems have uncovered fascinating discoveries of ancient humans and their tools. For the adventurer and spelunkers, these caves will be a wonderful experience while on holiday in Thailand and a cave discovery adventure in Krabi is a hot item on a tourist agenda. Some of these caves have been turned into temples and monasteries over the ages, yet others are still very much in natural pristine condition and accessible only by sea route when the tides are low. The formations of crystals, stalactites and stalagmites can be observed as well as other natural phenomenon within the network of caves. The cave networks are divided into two varieties, the inland caves and the coastal caves. Travellers to Thailand will be spoilt for choice as to which location to visit while on holiday in Krabi as for them, time is limited and there are so many things to discover in Krabi Province.

Cave in Krabi Thailand
Cave in Krabi Thailand

A natural occurrence where erosion along the coastline into some of the caverns have caused massive collapse in some of the cave systems creating what is locally known as “hongs” in Thai. This has given way to even more fascinating terrains for discovery. Exploring these caverns are only accessible by sea which means a long-tail boat ride or hiring a sea kayak and guide to bring you around. You can check with your travel agent for tours and sightseeing to Krabi and this is mostly listed under the island hopping tours in Krabi section where it includes a long-tail boat ride with a guide during the low tides.

Inside the “hongs”, a visitor can get to see salt water lagoons, open skylights, sites where ancient people lived and died as well as wall painting discoveries. It is a fascinating tour that one should not miss when going to Krabi and no visit is complete without a tour of caves and temple caves in Krabi. Local folklore has it that some of these caves are the home of ghosts and spirits but then again, Thailand is steeped in mysticism and that is what makes it so amazing! So head on down to Krabi this coming months of October till March if you want great weather for exploring and sightseeing in Krabi. Don’t forget to bring along plenty of sun tan lotion and your enthusiasm for adventure while in Krabi!

Krabi Thailand

General information for visitors to the exciting province of Krabi in Southern Thailand

Krabi Thailand
Krabi Thailand

The province of Krabi is located in the east coast of southern Thailand and flanked on one side by the Andaman Sea and the other by the dense National Parks of the province. The province is one of the most popular places for tourists who come here to enjoy the tropical climate, exotic islands, untouched national forests, abundant dive sites, pristine sandy white beaches and an adventure of a lifetime. The most popular and high season for the province is from the months of late October to March and the peak season is in November to January where visitors to Krabi will have to make bookings for hotels and flights to Krabi in advance. In general, Krabi province is most noted for its National Parks, islands and caves. Travellers to this region can expect a variety of activities in Krabi such as island hopping tours in Krabi, adventure tours in Krabi, scuba diving tours in Krabi as well as the Krabi town and temple tours. Note that I have included the keywords in for you so that it is easy for you to search for a specific title from this blog!

The first thing to greet you when you touch down in Krabi province is the warm coastal air. Getting to your hotel should be easy if you have made prior arrangements for a hotel transfer from the airport but in the event that you have not, then there is always the regular taxi service at the airport or bus terminal if you have travelled by bus from Bangkok. You trip to Krabi might also have been pre-planned but again, if you have not and it is a free and easy holiday for you then there are so many activities for you to choose from! The beach is always the biggest lure for most travellers, much like bait on a hook that is irresistible but who can blame you when you gaze at the gleaming clear blue sea with palm trees swaying in the breeze. There are many notable beach destinations in Krabi so depending n where you have booked your hotel, some places that you would like to visit are just a van or taxi ride away to the nearest land attraction or jetty to catch a boat ride. Other modes of transport in Krabi include self drive car rentals in Krabi which mean you are pretty much on your own, so get a hold of a good map or a GPS for directions. The other means of transport include hired taxis and vans or the noisy yet iconic tuk-tuks which are 3 wheeled bike taxis that have the distinct putt-putt sound, hence its name or if you are a risk taker, then you can opt for the motorbike taxis who are easily recognizable from the colourful vest they wear. Be warned that these guys sometimes ride like a bat out of hell on the roads!

Krabi Thailand
Krabi Thailand

Some beaches on Krabi are more popular than others but remember that the more popular it is, also the more crowded so if you are looking for some peace and quiet during your holiday, select one that is more exclusive or further away. The popular beach sites can be noisy and rowdy in the evenings as there are more entertainment places and off course a more vibrant nightlife. Entertainment and dining in Krabi is as wide as your taste buds can care to handle and more. You can find anything here from the local Thai cuisine, street food all the way up to Michelin star gourmand offerings, so food should not be a problem and for you diehard fast food fans, yes there are McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut outlets in Krabi.

The highlights that draw visitors to Krabi are not just limited to the beaches. There are many other attractions in Krabi that entice the visitors such as the many National Parks of Krabi, the marine parks of Krabi, the caves of Krabi and off course the Islands of Krabi. Depending on the length of your stay here you can include a few of these tourist attractions in your travel and tour itinerary to Krabi. An ideal number of days to spend here would be about 4 to 5 days that will give you an opportunity to at the very least visit some of these attractions. Included within these tours and sightseeing packages of Krabi are activities such as scuba diving in Krabi Marine Parks, elephant trekking in Krabi, white water rafting and ATV adventures in Krabi as well as island hopping to Phi Phi Island and Koh Lanta in Krabi. For the more extreme adventurer there are cave explorations by kayak in Krabi as well as the strenuous but rewarding rock climbing activities in Krabi which is blessed with many limestone caves and walls for climbers of all experience types. The packages for these activities come complete with required equipment and safety training.

IF you are an avid scuba diver, the November to March time frame is considered the best diving times of the year where the whether conditions are good, the sea is calm and on many occasions you will be able to experience mirror water effects that provide a clarity of 40 to 50 feet which is great for exploring and underwater photography. There are many dive establishments in Krabi which you can check out and they offer beginner courses as well as open water advance courses. Krabi is a great place to learn scuba diving as some of the dive spots are calm and the topography gradual so a beginner can opt for a beach dive or a boat dive depending on the comfort level.

Making your way to Krabi is also quite easy, there are direct flights from Bangkok to Krabi or you could take a bus or even mini van to the province. You would have to check with your travel agent about transfers and transportation to Krabi as some of them do arrange these for you. Once you get there it will be nothing but fun, fun and more fun in the sun!

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