True Broadway Styled Musicals in Bangkok City Brought To You By Playhouse Theatre

PlayHouse Thailand
PlayHouse Thailand

Finally Bangkok City will have its own versions of New York Broadway Musicals which is a welcomed change from the usual fare of Cabarets! Thailand has proven that it is capable of producing very talented musicians, dancers and performers from all age groups so it is no less different when they put on a stunning performance for you this coming October. Playhouse Theatre, formerly known as Playhouse Theatre Chiang Mai has now opened its doors in Bangkok City for a wider audience to their remarkable plays. Visitors to Thailand will now have a new option to add on to their list of performing arts in Thailand on their tour of Bangkok City. The excitement of a Broadway musical in Bangkok can be seen as a move in the direction of fine art performance in Thailand . The adaptations of Thai culture and Western influence will provide an interesting repertoire of stage settings and performances for theater goers.

PlayHouse Thailand
PlayHouse Thailand

Playhouse Theater cut their teeth in the performing arts 7 years ago when they participated in the Fringe Festival in Phuket which was a 10 day musical festival for the performing arts. Starting their theater with an audience of 80 people they went on to Chiang Mai, casting talents from all walks of society in Thailand who were interested in the performing arts. Choreographed by experienced tutors in various disciplines of dance and performance they soon established a blend of theatrical musicals from Thai and western influences that were unique to their performances. Moving to Bangkok was a big decision and cast, crew and management work frantically around the clock to prepare the new venue, stage prop and rehearsals for the fast approaching opening night. Occupying the former location of Calypso Cabaret in Asia Hotel , Bangkok, they will need to distinguish themselves from the former occupants reputation as a cabaret performance.

PlayHouse Thailand
PlayHouse Thailand

Playhouse Theater will be a fresh act in Bangkok but is expected to be a success as with their past performances in Phuket and Chiang Mai . There is hardly any true musical Broadway plays in Bangkok and Playhouse Theater will be a pioneer in this field of theatrical art. There will be a total of 16 interchangeable stage sets for the whole performance lasting an hour and a half. Audience can expect true Broadway style musicals such as Grease and even adaptations of Moulin Rouge during the performance. As Bangkok awaits opening night, so too are those lined up to get tickets for the great opening performance. Tickets for Playhouse Theater are advised to be booked in advance through tour and travel in Thailand agents to avoid disappointment. Aside from the theater there is also one level dedicated to exhibits for the performing arts that have been kept secret about until the opening night itself, which would be a bonus for those attending the performances ! Bangkok City…be prepared for the raising of the red curtain for the much awaited Broadway musical performance presented by Playhouse Theater!

A Visual Article on The Excitement of Khaosan Road

khaosanTake a peek and spend a whole day in one of the most exciting places in Bangkok! One of the entrances into Khaosan Road, here you will by pass a few good diners, motels that are fairly cheap and comfortable not to mention convenient and just a little ways down, a quick haircut in one of the barber shops or a wet shave to start your day.

khaosanAn invigorating foot massage after a hard day of walking Khaosan Road. A great way to rub out all those kinks and aches from too much walking and all this while you watch others walking by!

khaosanArtists displaying their talents for sale at Khaosan Road. You can purchase their artwork directly from the artist themselves, who knows it might one day be a masterpiece. If not, it is a good memorabilia of your visit to Thailand!

khaosanSidewalk tables laid out by street vendors along tree-shaded walkways. Diners can enjoy a variety of made-to-order Thai dishes here for an absolutely reasonable price and get to enjoy typical Thai food. No worries, the menu has pictures so you do know what you are ordering!

khaosanOne of the interesting outdoor seating at a cafe on Khaosan Road

khaosanA view of a sidewalk cafe in Khaosan Road. This is a more westernized cafe, there are others that are more Lanai or Thai styled, which give a variety of flavors to Khaosan. It is an eclectic mix of western and Thai styles that makes Khaosan such an interesting place to be.

khaosanA tourist enjoying meal at an outdoor diner as a respite from the sun. All along Khaosan Road, there are a variety of cafes and diners you can choose to take a rest and have a drink.

khaosanAl Fresco” street dining! Khaosan Road offers a variety of dining options and one of the most interesting is this nicely laid out street-dining by a vendor who cooks up an interesting collection of Thai dishes for your enjoyment. Sit down, get comfy, watch the crowd passing by and have an interesting dinner while you are at it. All this and more when you make a trip down to Khaosan!

khaosanOne of the 24 hour dining and entertainment outlets on Khaosan Road with the promise that they are never closed!

khaosanVisitors can enjoy a variety of restaurants and dining places on Khaosan Road, one good selection are outlets with a sidewalk seating so you can watch people passing by as you dine.


khaosanComfortable seating in one of the cafes while you enjoy your dining

khaosanWalking Khaosan Road for shopping, dining and entertainment galore

khaosanPad Thai, one of the local Thai street vendor dishes. Consisting of noodles fried with dried shrimp, egg, fish sauce, peanuts and bean sprout it is a favorite among tourist who eat on the go. Several of these vendors can be seen around Khaosan Road.

khaosanYou can buy anything on Khaosan Road! From T-shirts to tattoos you name it …except for other things! All-in-all it is a great place for anyone who would like to have a good bargain, see the colorful activities and enjoy some good food and entertainment.

khaosanA cozy ambiance in an Italian family restaurant on Khaosan Road.

khaosanThis is one place you should if even just take a peek! The restaurant serves barbecue seafood and grilled fare but the effigy inside the courtyard is absolutely amusing!

khaosanSome old refurbished bikes on display as an outdoor decor at a restaurant in Khaosan Road. They are reconditioned to pristine state and actually quite fascinating to know that Thailand still has a number of these old bikes on the road.

khaosanTired of walking and shopping? Hop in for a relaxing foot massage or spa. There are loads of outlets offering a variety of spa treatments, just take your pick but be sure to confirm the price before you commit to a treatment!

khaosanFood, clothes, dining, shopping and entertainment galore on Khaosan Road. Come experience the colorful lifestyle, you might even plan to stay on in Khaosan!

khaosanA small alley way called “Susie Walking Street” along Khaosan Road. Here you can find loads of T-shirts, scarves, street hair dressers, pubs and vendors selling other interesting items as well as Spa treatment shops.

khaosanFancy a tattoo? You can get one quite easily here on Khaosan Road, just pick which one you like, choose a design or get the tattoo master to draw you up one. A word of caution when it comes to needles, make sure it is a new one. Most of the tattoo parlors do use new sterilized needles but there is nothing more reassuring than when you see them change one! In an hour or so, you will be the proud owner of a great tattoo done in Thailand! By the way, tattoos are a popular item not just for tourist but also the local Thais and you can sometimes see really great ones on display on a well-toned body!

khaosanHahahaha….a McDonald welcome in Khaosan Road for those who just can’t get enough of McD. So you just can’t say that there is nothing edible in Khaosan when a burger and French fries with a Coke is the last resort!

khaosanJAWS! In Khaosan Road….no worries, it is just a photo display! A sidewalk attraction to a shopping center but it makes a great photo taking place and give the impression of being in the infamous shark’s grasp….great photo shot for the kids too!

khaosanPizza on the go in Khaosan! A mere THB50 for a piece loaded with toppings and hot off the oven. Something to fill your tummy while busy shopping and sightseeing.

khaosanTake your pick of toppings for your Thai fast food! All fresh and cooked on the spot for your taste buds!

khaosanOne of the many pubs and entertainment places on Khaosan Road, you can get a bucket of beer for a very reasonably cheap price here or try their LaoBan which is a house mix.

khaosanA hair cut and a close shave the ole fashioned way in Khaosan Road, just THB100 for a hair cut plus aneck massage while you are at it! Now, where else can you get it that cheap?!

khaosanOne of the interesting new vendors on Khaosan Road. A fresh fruit and vegetable juice store. You can get them to juice and blend any pick of the fresh fruits or vegetables available on display! A great pick-me-up drink!


Try this out! Currywurst! A type of flavored sausage served on a hot steaming bun or eaten as is with condiments. Yet another fast food option from the vendors on Khaosan Road!

khaosanNight scene on Khaosan Road. A glittering scene of neon lights blaring out the shops and entertainment places. nothing is more lively than a night out at Khaosan.

khaosanQuiet dining for a romantic evening or even a family outing on Khaosan Road. For those with children, there will be vendors trying to sell you toys at every corner and wherever you may be seated! Just a polite “No” will suffice! That being said…it is still a wonderful evening out dining in the many places here.

khaosanThis is an unusual sight here in Khaosan. This street performer plays the most haunting music on the Isaan guitar, and his stoned-face expression gives it the perfect effect for something mysterious. You really must catch his performance while you are there! He plays for a contribution if you feel generous enough but it is recommended you watch him perform!

khaosanThis street performer is just one of many on Khaosan Road. There are also kids doing a really neat dance routine called “Street Dancing” but the best part about Khaosan is the wonderful sights and sounds of different vendors selling the services and trades. You get to see some of them in Traditional hill tribe costumes announcing their presence with a wooden frog that makes a unique sound when rubbed with a stick on its back, street hairdressers applying braids to the tourist who want Rastaman braids and so much more. So make it a point to visit Khao San Road when you arrange for a tour of Bangkok city. This is really one of the most colorful districts in Thailand!



Royal Grand Palace

A Traveller’s Guide To Visiting Thailand – Useful Information Not Often Thought About

Suvarnabhumi international airport Your adventure begins in Thailand the moment you arrive through the country’s gateway, be it at the Suvarhnabhumi International Airport or via the railway or road from a different destination. So welcome to The Kingdom of Thailand. Before you make a tour of Thailand, it would be prudent to know certain facts for travellers into the country. Some of you may travel alone, with children, with the elderly or as a couple. Each would require certain needs while you are in the country in order to make it a pleasurable visit.     Visa StampFirst thing is your visa, entry into Thailand requires a visa and depending on the length of your stay a 30 day tour visa is automatically extended when you arrive at the airport immigration. If you plan to stay longer than 30 days, do apply for a 90 day visitor visa from a Thai Embassy in your own country.  Of course travelling in Thailand requires that you use the local currency which is called Thai Baht. THB 100 is roughly equivalent to USD3.10 or Euro2.30 depending on the exchange rate. The best place to get a better exchange rate in Thailand is actually in your own country or to find a non-bank money changer in Thailand of which you can do so in Bangkok city along Sukhumvit Road. Changing at the bank foreign exchange bureaus in Thailand will give you a much lesser fair trade and if you use your foreign ATM visa credit card debit cardcard in the local ATM machines that accepts the usual Visa and MasterCard credit and Debit cards, you not only get a lesser exchange but also will be charged a service fee. This is only if you need to use cash urgently and there are many ATMs located in shopping malls, 7-11s and along the streets. The machines do have English language options.   TravelIf you are planning a trip to Thailand, you might also like to look into booking sightseeing and tours in Thailand while you are here. You can actually book travel and tour tickets to Thailand online before you travel for better discount rates and to avoid disappointment as some places are heavily booked during holiday seasons. Most travel agents in Thailand do provide an advance booking service and best to look for ones that do understand the English language. Read about the places to sightseeing in Thailand before you make your trip. Booking with a tour company in Thailand, if you have children travelling with you, it is best to check the price per child and do stipulate the age as some tours are free for children below the age of five and others charge a half rate or slightly below.  Travelling with handicapped persons in Thailand is also convenient as wheelchairs are easily available at most major chopping outlet and some sightseeing places. You can request for a wheelchair facility before your travels.     Boots Pharmacy Should you run out of prescribed medication in Thailand, do remember to bring along your prescription. There are in most cases available from pharmacies in major shopping complexes or along major roads. One way to recognize a pharmacy is from the green cross sign located outside the premises; however some may mistake this to also be a clinic that uses the same colored signage. There are big pharmacies such as Boots and Watsons available for prescribed medication.     Coral Island Pattaya Thailand is a large country offering many varieties of activities for children, couples, the adventurous, and the extreme sport fanatics and off course plain old sight seeing. Whatever your pleasures when visiting this amazing country prepare your itinerary well in advance and explore as much as possible. A short 4 or 5 day visit will let you get as far as the beautiful islands on its own or a tour of Bangkok city and maybe one day in Pattaya or Kanchanaburi. Within Bangkok city alone there is so much for a sight see and tour of Bangkok from the Royal Grand Palace to temples and museums of interest. A tour of Bangkok city will reveal the splendour of old and new Bangkok or affectionately known as the ‘Big Mango’. Each province in Thailand has different attractions and most cannot be really covered in a day. Which is why tourists keep coming back year after year. There is great scuba diving in Phi Phi Don Islands, rock climbing, jungle treks in Khao Sok National Park, temple tours in Bangkok and unusual places to sight see, island hopping in Phang Nga, lazing out by the beach on Koh Samui or Phuket, great food, entertainment and not to mention shopping! So if you are planning a visit to Thailand, do look up our blog sites for the many places of interest that you can check out before you make your trip and then come see them for yourself!


The Royal Grand Palace

Bangkok Royal Grand Palace and Wat Arun Tour

The Royal Grand Palace

The most famous landmark in Bangkok city is the Royal Grand Palace which we see often plastered on post cards and magazines. However, the pictures do not do justice to the actual sight of the Royal Grand Palace itself. Pictures fail to grasp the epic size of the grounds and the many intricate details that are to be found in every nook and corner. The same is true of Wat Arun or better known as the Temple of Dawn. Bangkok sightseeing tours will normally include these two venues on their tour itinerary. The tour of Bangkok city includes a visit to these places either by a river cruise on the Chao Phraya or an accompanied tour with guide in hand to explain the history and meanings of some of the sculptures and murals located in these two places.

To go sightseeing in Bangkok, especially when heading out to the Royal Grand Palace and Wat Arun, it is advisable to bring water along with you as these grounds are really huge and requires a lot of walking. The two places are located fairly close to the Khaosan area which is a haven for budget tourist and local Thais alike. The Royal Grand Palace and Wat Arun are wedged in between the mighty Chao Phraya and the high-end and budget district of Bangkok city. Transportation in Bangkok city is very convenient. If you not attached to any Bangkok City tours and making out on your own to these two places, there are plenty of buses, minivans, taxis and the tuk-tuks to bring you there.

When visiting the Royal Grand Palace and temple grounds, it is advisable for tourists and visitors to dress appropriately. Especially in the Grand Palace where no shorts or skirts are permitted in the vicinity, tourists can get help at the Palace information centre where suitable long skirts and pants are available free of charge to visitors who would like to gain entry. There is not much to see from the outside walls of the Palace but once you step into the guard entranceway the beauty of the place becomes apparent. The temple in the grounds are highly intricate in sculptures, murals and designs. There is a mural depicting the story of the previous rulers meticulously drawn section by section. In the temple itself, photography or recordings are not allowed. Many Thais come here to venerate and offer prayers in the Royal Temple. Some sections of the Place are closed to the public but most places are open for viewing. During ceremonial occasions, His Royal Highness the King of Thailand will make his inaugural speech from the balcony of the Grand Palace. The gigantic statues of the temple guards are a photographer’s dream and is the most popular spot for tourist to take pictures.

Wat Arun

A little further down is the famous Wat Arun or Temple of Dawn. The temple got its name from the sight that is unbelievable when the sun rises over the Chao Phraya. The temple glistens and reflects the light of the rising sun from the many sculptured murals on the surface of the temple walls. Words alone cannot describe the sheer beauty and magnificence of the sight. This temple is also accessible by boat, so if you are taking a river cruise in Bangkok or a river ferry on the Chao Phraya, it will bring you directly to the temple entrance. There are several pavilions on the temple grounds where you could sit and take a rest, and since the temple sits right next to the river there are several piers where you can feed the fish in the river as a slight distraction from all the walking. There are several stupas in this

Dinner Cruise

temple and you can climb the steep stairs of each depending on your stamina level. The view from the top is the ultimate reward. Each level and stupa consists of different sculptures and motifs. Each painstakingly hand done piece by piece. No doubt some of the statues and ceramic pieces are of ancient Chinese origin, it was believed that they were salvaged from the Chinese ships who were using them as ballast but put to good use as the temple decorations.  There are so many interesting things to see in this temple alone that it could take you almost a whole day especially if you like taking pictures.  The design of the temple is a little between Chinese and Thai architecture and the best view of the whole temple is taken from across the river. A perfectly good shot can be taken in the evening before the sunsets’ or early in the morning while the sun is rising. A night picture shot is just as good and the ultimate is if you have booked a Bangkok river tour that includes the Bangkok dinner cruise where you get to enjoy a sumptuous dinner and have a great night tour of the city from the river with all the glory of Bangkok city and it’s temples in the light.