The Amazing Rocket Ball Flight Experience In Pattaya



2 Sky Pattaya Rocket Ball“ 3, 2, 1 ….Launch!” and your heart is pounding as you accelerate from a complete standstill to a force 5G at more than 100 kilometers per hours while strapped to a solid bucket seat and four point harness within the confines of a wired ball and rubber straps on either side of the module.  Brings up images of a ball bearing in a slingshot doesn’t it?

Well, that is what the  by Thaitourismguide is all about. It is the only rocket ball experience in Pattaya in the province of Chonburi, Thailand. This exhilarating activity is definitely not for the faint-hearted but kids and those with a penchant for extreme thrills will love it. The rocket ball experience tour is one of the most fascinating extreme sport tours in Pattaya at the present moment.

Conveniently located at the Bali Hai Plaza which is near the famous Walking Street of Pattaya, you can book a tour of 2 Sky Pattaya Rocket Ball in advance from Thaitourismguide and it is open daily from 3.00pm in the evening to 4.00 am in the morning. Strange hours you may say but along Walking Street, these are the regular hours. If you are the type that gets butterflies in your stomach, then best to go before dinner but if you are the thrill seekers you may go anytime till 4.00am. Some guests are known to dare each other after a drink or more but please do not throw up all over the seats in your bouts of daring each other!

So exactly what is the Rocket Ball experience that is so exhilarating? Imagine a breathtaking experience where two brave riders are catapulted high up into the air at totally thrilling speeds, spinning and bouncing as they go and reaching a height of 50 meters in the air supported by a body harness in a steel cage and the speed is 100 KPH per minute of acceleration with a 5G force, not unlike what fighter pilots and astronauts go through, all in a matter of a few split seconds and lasting about slightly more than a minute as you are bouncing around after the slingshot.

2 Sky Pattaya Rocket Ball This man made wonder of an amusement machine consist of two steel towers with a special cord connected to each tower. Both ends of the cord are attached to a caged steel vehicle in which 2 riders are seated. The vehicle is pulled to the ground, where riders board. When the vehicle is released from the loading station, the cords engage, sending riders on a high-speed vertical launch 50 meters into the air at speeds of 100 KPH in one second and 5G force. To call the Rocket Ball the most thrilling, exciting, amazing experience is no understatement. No doubt about it, it’s the ultimate rush and those brave enough to take on Rocket Ball also spin around and around whilst taking in a bird’s eye view of Pattaya. (If you are brave enough to keep your eyes open that is!)
It is always safety first and 2 Sky Pattaya Rocket Ball is operated by fully trained, qualified and also fully supervised by on-site European technical engineers from one of the biggest amusement park companies in Italy. The device and the company are fully compliant with world standards of quality and safety. Therefore the Rocket Ball was designed with extreme safety in mind. The ride was built with only the strongest, highest-quality materials and each strategic part is connected with full-penetration welds. It has been tested by our state of the art computer assisted design and engineering programs so it stays up and running safely as long as the ride operates.


If you are wondering about other safety features for this extreme adventure ride in Thailand, this is how it goes. The passengers are first secured by a four point harness (such as what you would find in a rally car for example) A padded safety bar is then locked into position in front of the passengers. Each pair of cords has a determined lifespan which is monitored very closely. Each ‘jump’ is recorded by computer which then generates a regular safety report and tells the operator when the cords are due to be replaced, and if that wasn’t enough, in the highly improbable event of a cord failing there is an additional failure safety system bound into the elastics of the cord to prevent the gondola falling. We also have a highly skilled team of engineers at 2 Sky Pattaya Rocket Ball who carry out daily checks and maintenance but Technical Park-Italy also carry out an annual safety inspection before the attraction is deemed safe for operation. These safety reports are available upon request to members of the public.
2 Sky Pattaya Rocket BallOff course like any extreme amusement park ride, there are conditions attached as to who can or cannot participate in these rides. These conditions are for the safety of the passengers. The whole nature and essence of Rocket Ball is such that passengers will experience very fast motion. Therefore, it is recommended that persons suffering from the following conditions should not take part in Rocket Ball experience. Such persons include those with back or neck ailments, heart conditions, are pregnant, who have vertigo or motion sickness and or any other condition which may be affected by an extreme ride such as this.

If you are concerned about any side effects caused by the ride apart from a compulsion to do it again and again, there are NO long term side effects whatsoever!


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