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The odd blend of roses kick boxing and thai culture at sampran riverside

Sampran RiversideWhat would roses have to do with kick boxing when they are on opposite sides of the spectrum? Bangkok is famous for the unusual; therefore it is not unusual to find just such a mix in a tourist attraction in Bangkok City! While you are in Bangkok and not sure of what else that would be of interest aside from the regular temple tours and shopping sprees, give the Thai Cultural at Sampran Riverside Tour a try for something of the unusual. It is one of the sightseeing in Bangkok attractions that offers something of the unusual that you would normally have to go out of your way to the rural countryside to experience but can find it right here in Bangkok City. Quite a number of the attractions at Samphran are a lost art but brought to the venue for the education and entertainment of tourists so that they can better understand Thai culture and traditions.

A visit to Sampran Riverside which was formerly known as the Rose Garden starts off in the afternoon. Tours for Sampran Riverside can be booked online from the Thaitourismguide website and it is best to book in advance. Transfers are available from any hotel in the central business district (CBD) of Bangkok which makes it easy for tourists to visit the place as it is quite a distance out of the city. The tour starts daily at 12.00pm to 6.00pm and is one of the also popular tours for sightseeing in Thailand among tourists. Your arrival at Samphran Riverside would be warmly greeted with a refreshing drink and cool towels to freshen up before heading for a tour of the facilities. The concept for Samphran Riverside is a blend between cultural, ecotourism and agro tourism. They are well noted with numerous certifications for organic farming and if your tour falls on a weekend, you will have the opportunity to visit the farmers market and the floating market. On regular week days there are still ample activities to keep you fascinated during the entire tour.

Sampran RiversideThe shows at Sampran Riverside are divided into two sections; one is a cultural show with more than one hundred and fifty performers while another section provides demonstrations of cultural handicrafts, traditional Thai foods and a sampling of traditional herbal remedies from their organic farms. First item on the itinerary upon your arrival at Samphran Riverside is a walk to their auditorium. The ring side seats at the auditorium gives you a good all round view of the stage where the performances are held. The Thai Village cultural show consists of traditional ceremonies, cultural dances, rituals and sports. The show lasts about an hour and guests will have a chance to see and experience the Thai heritage, culture and way of life.

See what a Thai wedding is like! The lively performance follows the ancient Thai marriage customs which depicts the courting of the bride by the groom, the arrival of the bride and groom to the family house and the ritual of the marriage vows. These customs encompass all the Thai values of being humble, filial, joy of togetherness as a family and friends as well as all the pageantry that goes along with the custom. It is a noisy and colourful event shared not only by family and friends but also the community. Did you know that if you would like to have a Thai traditional wedding in Thailand it can also be a formal marriage registration complete with just such a wedding ceremony? Or maybe you would like to renew your wedding vows with a Thai wedding ceremony!

Next up is a form of Thai martial arts. Kick boxing or better known as Muay Thai is now fast becoming a popular sport even in the Western countries. However, Muay Thai is a martial arts sport that has a lot of beliefs, customs and traditions embedded in the sport. It was a form of self-defence during the warring years of old Siam but now a popular form of extreme sport and recreation. The rituals leading up to the actual kick boxing performances are steeped in a unique form of ceremonies where homage is paid to the deities of each fighter and also their masters. The kick boxing sport requires a very high degree of stamina, endurance and physical fitness and the kick boxing matches are action packed but always with a good example of sportsmanship. Fighters use their hands, elbows, feet and knees as weapons of attack and self-defence. You will get to watch the rituals and ceremonies leading up to the kick boxing demonstration and even get the chance to try a few practice moves with the boxers themselves if you dare!

Sampran RiversideAnother martial art performance is the Thai traditional sword fighting that is practiced by both men and women warriors and it dates back almost six hundred years in Thai history. The skills of each warrior are honed to perfection and in the performance you will get to observe the intricate moves and skills with the swords by these men and women performers.

Following this would be the Thai cultural dances from the north, south, east and west of Thailand. Each of these dances differs in their costumes, moves and music. The elegance of a Thai dancer is quite bewitching to watch and these performances were a form of entertainment in olden Siam especially in the royal courts and on special ceremonial days.

Outside of the auditorium is the elephant show where you can have the opportunity for an elephant ride or to watch a short performance by the elephants on the type of work roles that used to be done in the logging industries. The show is kept to a short minimum so as not to tire or agitate these docile mammals. For most part of the day they are sheltered, fed and bathed by their caretakers and actually enjoy a semi-retired status at Samphran Riverside.

The other interesting activities at Samphran Riverside are their demonstration workshops where guests are given a tour of the various cultural and traditional activities, some of them now considered a form of lost craftsmanship. One such workshop is where you can learn to weave traditional toys from bamboo leaves and rice stalks. The skill is in the weaving of the leaves to form items like fish and grasshoppers which are then attached to dried stalks. These toys were made for children mostly in the rural areas or in the olden days to keep them entertained. There is also a workshop that teaches you how to make medicated balms and massage balls which are used in traditional Thai massages. The ingredients of herbs and various roots are picked from the organic farms at Samphran Riverside. You can make these medicated balls and take them home as a souvenir to be used for joint pains and a light herbal massage.

Sampran RiversideThose interested in Thai cuisine can see a demonstration for fruit carving at one of the booths. The Thai people are noted for their intricate fruit and vegetable carvings that accompany the table dressing for a colourful culinary display. If you are also interested to know how certain traditional Thai desserts are made, there is a stall where you can learn how to make a grilled banana and coconut dessert. You can sample the dessert at this stall. There are also clay work stalls where you can make small pots and figurines or even learn how to make flower decorations from orchids and other sweet smelling flowers.

A must not miss place is the organic Rose Garden of Thailand in Samphran Riverside where they have the biggest variety of roses now grown and cultured successfully at Samphran. Some of these roses are award winning varieties that you do not often see elsewhere such as the Black Rose.  There is also a tour of the rice growing section where you can experience rice growing and harvesting activities. Try your hand at the wooden mills that are used to separate the husk from the rice grains and you will appreciate the efforts and hard work that goes into that serving of fragrant rice on your plate the next time you eat a plate or bowl of rice!

There are demonstrations of bamboo stick dancing for those who feel energetic enough to participate. It is a lot of hops and skips to a rhythm and can be quite fun to try. Otherwise you can take home a picture souvenir of yourself in traditional Thai costumes at the traditional dressing booth. If you are not afraid of snakes you can take a picture with their resident albino snake which is a fairly large sized python, this is not for the squeamish!

Before departing back to your hotel, the tour ends with a visit to the local product and produce retail outlet where you can buy memorabilia and souvenirs to remember your trip to Samphran Riverside. Most of the products here are made by the local farmers who are learning how to do organic farming methods. You can purchase items such as balms, organic soaps and skin cleansers as well as local produce such as honey, snacks and even t-shirts and decorative items.

Sampran RiversideAll tours to Samphran Riverside include full transfers from hotels located in the city centre and the tours to Samphran require advance booking from Thaitourismguide in their online site. The tour duration is a good five hours or a little more but the amount of activity makes it a well worth visit. The Thai culture at Samphran Riverside is one of the attractions for sightseeing in Bangkok activities for a lot of tourists who would like an agro tourism experience that is not too far out of the city. So the next time if you are visiting Bangkok, try not to miss this tour to Samphran Riverside and have an eye opening cultural and traditional experience the Thai way!

Featured Tarad Rot Fai

Like moths to light at the night markets of Bangkok

Tarad Rot FaiIt is a consumer’s market in Thailand, and none more obvious than in Bangkok City. Shopping seems to be a favourite past time not only among the Thais but apparently even tourists who would surprisingly go out of their way to try out a new shopping and sightseeing experience in Thailand. There are street markets, floating markets and of course the night markets. The latter being a little less available as the space designated are rather limited within the city. Night markets are only open on the nights leading up to the weekends very similar to the floating markets or Chatuchak Market.

These market places are one of the tourist attractions for Bangkok City, however there are very few tour agencies that actually offer these night market routes as part of their tour attractions in Bangkok. Therefore if you are visiting the Big Mango and would like to visit  one of these night markets, you would have to make an effort to find your way there. The two main night market attractions are in Rachada Road and in Srinakarin.

The Rachada Night Market is a little more accessible but is yet to be completed. It is reputed to be the biggest night market in the city and within the easily accessible areas of RCA, which is one of the main night entertainment hot spots and the MRT services. The other night market, which is in Srinakarin is a little further on the outskirt of the city and used to be at the old railway lines in Chatuchak area. It is known as the Talat Rot Fai (“talat” meaning market and “rot fai” means the railway in the Thai language).

What is it that attracts throngs of people to a night market or is it simply because people just like to shop? Unlike the other markets, in a night market you can shop in relative comfort even though it is crowded and do not have to bear the heat of the day as night markets are in an open space which also means that during the rainy seasons, business would be a whole lot slower! The night markets in Thailand are a variety of goods and food that appeal to a good cross section of the shopping taste. You can find anything from brand new clothing, second hand designer goods, old vintage toys and décor or even second hand clothing and toys. The Talat Rot Fai in Srinakarin has a good blend of up market retail shops as well as restaurants and cafes which makes it a pleasant place to hang out for those who are tired of shopping. It is a far better environment compared to the original night market which was in a dirt road back area, always muddy and dark. Night markets also offer a good bargain opportunity for those who like to haggle at prices.

Tarad Roi FaiThe night market concept offers a business opportunity for small scale proprietors that are keen to do a little side business over the weekends for extra income and this is where you can find many unusual items for sale which are homemade or customized and not found in department stores or big shopping centres. While you are at Talat Rot Fai night market, try one of the attractions here which is a big bowl of porridge with all the trimmings on it boiling hot in a clay pot at your table! You will not find this anywhere in a shopping centre or even at a food court and one pot serves up to three persons with plenty to spare even for> those with a big appetite.

Shoppers who are keen on collectibles, this is a good place to start looking for them. Some  vendors at the night markets have a good collection of vintage tin toys, obsolete comic books and collectibles or even antiques which are going for a steal. You just need a sharp eye and a good sense of what is vintage and a collectible. You can even buy some good car, bike and bicycle parts here if you like something unusual. These night markets normally start around 4.00pm and go on till 3.00 am in the morning which gives you ample time to mooch around especially if it is one of those sleepless weekend nights or you happen to be a night bird and prefer nocturnal activities. Tourists will have a fun time eating and shopping their way through or even taking some great photos of things that make up the culture of the urban Thai shopping adventure. If you are not sure what to do on weekend evenings in Bangkok, add the night market adventure into your list of sightseeing in Bangkok Experiences, hop onto a BTS train and head for On Nut station and grab a cab to Talat Rot Fai or take the MRT to Phra Ram 9 and walk from there to the Rachada Night Market.

Tarad Rot FaiThe hustle and bustle of Thailand’s night markets can best be described as an eclectic shopping adventure of local smells, taste, sight and sound. The familiar Thai greeting of “Dai na kha?” akin to “Anything?” will see you ending up with an item or two into your shopping bag! So the next time you are in Thailand, especially Bangkok, rather than just heading out to Chatuchak Market or the famous floating markets, try a night market experience in Bangkok and tell us what you think!







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The First Series Of Three New World Wonders In Thailand – The Erawan Museum

Source: The First Series Of Three New World Wonders In Thailand – The Erawan Museum

Pirate Cruise Pattaya

Pirate Cruise in Pattaya

Admirallica is the largest and most comfortable cruise vessel in Pattaya!

Introducing Admirallica, this grand pirate ship is now available in Pattaya for day trip excursions. The mighty galleon offers a truly unique experience and is totally family friendly, with on board entertainers performing pirate shows and catering to all guests, whatever your needs may be.

Admirallica guarantees maximum comfort with easy access to six bathrooms equipped with showers, a large dining area with ample seating to sit down and enjoy the delicious meals prepared by our chef.

The upstairs lounge area is the perfect place on the boat to sit and enjoy drinks from the bar, with draft beer available as well as spirits. The bar is covered and shaded offering a lovely breeze and is furnished to amplify the comfortable and luxurious style that flows throughout the vessel.

The second deck is also occupied by the DJ booth and dance floor, while the upper decks are perfect for relaxing and catching some sun on the lounge beds.

The whole ship offers fantastic view points and ideal photo opportunities, with our on board photographer you can capture every moment!

The islands around Pattaya offer gorgeous clear waters to swim, and all guests can enjoy the water from the swimming platform at the rear of the ship. Should any guests wish to venture to the beach, our tender Admirallica 2, will deliver you safely to the shore.

Admirallica is the finest touristing vessel in Pattaya, safety and customer satisfaction are top priority and our staff are on hand to ensure you take full advantage of what the ship has to offer.

Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya

Teddy Bear Invasion In Pattaya!

Teddy Bear Museum PattayaSomewhere in our childhood, some of us had a teddy bear or two. If you love teddy bears and want to see one of the largest collection of these lovable and huggable childhood icons ….head on over to the Teddy Island Museum in Pattaya! We guarantee even your kids will find this more to their taste than Walking Street just down the road.

Teddy Bear Museum PattayaAt Thaitourismguide we believe that fun should not be limited to adults only, unless of course there is the child in you. Imagine rooms full of these cuddly bears in all shapes and sizes. it will take you a good half afternoon just to get through the whole space within this museum. Conveniently located along the main shopping and entertainment street of Pattaya on Beach Road, it is easy getting to Teddy Island if you are staying in any of the many hotels in this area. This is one of the new attractions in Pattaya that would be fun to explore especially if you have been to Pattaya a few times or have children tagging along.

Teddy Bear Museum PattayaThe museum is the brainchild of a Korean family that makes teddy bears for toy shops around the world. Thinking of what better idea than to have a place where all types of bears can be displayed in imaginative settings for the amusement and entertainment of visitors to Thailand, the Teddy Island Museum was created. Boasting more than one thousand teddy bears specially created for the museum, one can also have a good time taking some interesting pictures within.

There are two levels in the museum but unfortunately no little cafeteria inside where you could have refreshments. While teddy bears may not be for everyone but some of these bears are very cute and one can appreciate the art work that has gone into designing the settings for these bears.

Teddy Bear Museum PattayaWalking into the museum on the third floor, you are greeted by a family of bears in their actual life-sized pose. Beyond this point will be bears galore in Egyptian headgears, Indiana Jones style and even Bat Bear and Dracula! The first bear chamber is dedicated to Egyptian and somewhat Mayan type bears. Of interest here is actually the sculpted fiberglass bears with their colourful costumes. There are also bears of variable sizes placed on shelving, decorated bears and a few interesting mummified bears.

See “Bearcula” in the bear cave hanging from the dark corners of stalactites and stalagmites. He comes with a few minions to scare the bear out of you! Next up is a Jurassic Park adventure. There is a 3D tunnel here for an interesting photo shoot of escaping from the jaws of an ancient croc. You might want to try that picture snapping moment here. A little further up is good old T Rex and his companions all giving the bear friends a ride? T Rex is an interesting and imposing figure in this room and there is a dinosaur eye starring back at you from a corner. Unfortunately the bears were not too outstanding here in this room and overshadowed by T Rex and his friends.

However the archaeology room is a little more interesting. Indiana Jones styled bears investigating old fossils and ruins were fairly interesting. Conveniently located in each of these rooms are pose able bears where you can take some really cute pictures with bigger-than-life bears. There are also a few other stuffed toys mostly in the Safari World section. Here there are hippos, giraffes and other animals mostly for the entertainment of children.

There are many more sections to this museum, such as Underwater World with a huge pink whale on display and mermaid styled bears, Space Exploration with astronaut bears, the Movie Fantasy Room with bears from different character movies such as Obi Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Darth Vader from Star Wars, Superman and even other Marvel Super Heroes.

Little girls would love the Fairy Tale room with winged ponies and Fairy Bears. There is even a tree house you can climb up to much like what one would have loved to have as a child and slides to slip down from the tree house. Under the tree house is a dream bedroom for the musician in you with a self-playing piano.

Pattaya Coral Island Full Day TourWhile a Teddy Island Museum is not for everyone, it is however a great place to add on to your itinerary for sightseeing in Pattaya especially if you have children or just love teddy bears. You can book tickets to Teddy Island Museum early from the Thaitourismguide website and plan your trip to Pattaya early so that you will be able to see as many attractions in Pattaya during your stay.

alcazar show pattayaThe location of Teddy Bear Island on Beach Road is near to other attractions such as Alcazar Caberat Show and the renowned Tiffany Cabaret Show. Other attractions along Beach Road in Pattaya is off course the infamous Walking Street with their nightlife and Go Go Bars, seafood restaurants and the Bali Hai Pier which has ferries to Coral Island or better known as Koh Larn.

Typical bookings to Pattaya would include sightseeing to Koh Larn, a visit to Teddy Island Museum and probably a dinner and show in Pattaya from one of the many famous theatres. Most of the admission tickets for shows in Pattaya are available via the Thaitourismguide travel website.

So if you are looking for something different to do in Pattaya and have been here a few times but want an unusual place to visit in Pattaya, head out to Teddy Island Museum for the afternoon. Remember to bring your camera along for those few good shots!

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Pattaya Coral IslandThe province of Chonburi is located just a mere 45 minute drive from Bangkok City and the most famous place in Chonburi is Pattaya seconded by the beach of Jomtein and Coral Island. This does not mean that Chonburi is any less exciting compared to the other places such as Bangkok, the islands of Phuket, Koh Samui or even Chiang Mai! Adventure and sightseeing are still the highlights of this province, plus the added allure of Pattaya City, also dubbed the “City of Sin” in many ways!

Getting to the province of Chonburi and all the attractions are not that difficult, there are many taxi, bus and minivan services available from Bangkok as well as flights and car rentals. If you are the type that likes to have everything planned before you even hop on to a plane, then check out some of the tour…

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An elephant playground with Crocodile Dundee in Ratchaburi

An elephant playground with Crocodile Dundee in Ratchaburi


Sampran RiversideThis particularly famous attraction is not located in the province of Ratchaburi but rather in Nakhon Pathom which is a province just next door to Ratchaburi and most often a stop-over point for those who are on the way to Ratchaburi. The actual tour route for most travel agents for tours to Ratchaburi includes the province of Ratchaburi, Kanchanaburiand Nakhon Pathom. So it is not unusual to include a tour of the Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo on the way to Ratchaburi or Kanchanaburi. This place was the originator of the elephant show in Thailand but originally started out as a playground for families and a park for orchid enthusiast who were interested in orchid propagation and as a crocodile breeding ground. It is now one of the most famous Elephant Theme Shows and Crocodile Shows in Thailand.

Samphran Elephant Crocodile Show1If you like reptiles and like the thrill of watching people…

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Top 10 Destinations of Phuket


phuketThe tragedy of 2004 will not be forgotten in the minds of many but eight years later there are hardly any signs of reminder in the city of the Great Tsunami. Phuket is back to the bustling beach city it once was and even better than before. Very much, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, so has Phuket risen from the mud and devastation. Phuket is now the all-night-long party city of the Eastern side of Thailand. Half-naked party animals are a common sight every weekend and during festivities but it seems like Phuket has everyday weekends and festivities! Patong Beach is the height of a pleasurably decadent lifestyle. You can find anything here from shopping to all-night hedonistic parties. Phuket also invites travelers of all budgets from the budget hitchhiker to the infamously famous!

On the flip side, Phuket is also a daring adventurer’s haven. There are…

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Phuket Fantasea vs Simon Cabaret

Phuket Fantasea vs Simon Cabaret


Much as we would like to make a direct comparison between the two venues on Phuket Island it would be very much like comparing an apple to a pear. There is a vast disparity between the two as both have very unique highlights about their performances and type of venue. Where one is a whole theme park, show, shopping and dining venue the other is pure showmanship performances and both are just as popular as well as “must see” attractions while on Phuket Island.

The Phuket Fantasea show is more than just a normal cultural show per se. The whole area of the location includes an amusement park, a shopping area, a massive theater, theme park and several restaurants. Whereas The Simon Cabaret show is very much a Vegas style performance but performed exclusively by the transgender community or better known as “Ladyboys”.

Phuket Simon CabaretPhuket Fantasea tour starts with the…

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An ocean in the heart of Bangkok at sea life Bangkok ocean world



ImageMost large cities and Bangkok not being the exception is host to one of the largest indoor oceans in a thriving city scape.  at the lowest level of Siam Paragon in the heart of Bangkok has seven interesting zones for you to explore including an awesome 5D cinemas which will blow your mind. With the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum just practically next door, you could spend a half day over there and another half day at the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World for a great whole day outing plus plenty of shopping and eating all along the way.

Greeted at the entrance way by a huge hanging shark and surrounded in darkness except for the illuminated tanks, it takes some adjusting to the eyes. A prominent cylindrical tank in the center of the room contains the first of the seven zone exhibits which is “weird and wonderful” and…

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	Bangkok to Ayuttaya World Heritage Tour (Join in Group Tour) for Minimum 2 PersonThe Kingdom of Thailand is rich with historical sites and traditions which makes it one of the most diverse countries to visit where history and modernization co-exist together in harmony. There are also many UNESCO World Heritage sites in Thailand from the National Parks to ancient sites of historical significance. One such site is the Ancient City of Ayutthaya located about a two hour and half hour drive from Bangkok City.

Thaitourismguide currently offers the Bangkok to Ayuttaya World Heritage Tour  as a way to visit and see one of Thailand’s national treasures. Ayutthaya is one of the most romantic of the ruined cities. Although enclosed within a modern township, it is considered as one of Thailand’s most revered national treasures. The ruins attest to the all-powerful and splendour of an empire that dominated Southeast Asia for almost 400 years. “In the bloody aftermath of a Burmese onslaught, most…

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The Exotic Experience Of A Floating Market In Thailand

The Exotic Experience Of A Floating Market In Thailand


floating marketThe other name for Thailand is “Venice of the East. ” Aptly named, the topography of Bangkok City and Thailand in general will reveal many waterways, canals, rivers, and tributaries. The waterways were used and are still in use as a convenient way of getting around the cities, as well as to get from one province to another. It is the shortest and fastest route to move around the large expanse of land in the Kingdom of Thailand. Therefore, these waterways are also the life-blood of the country.

floating marketWhen you visit Thailand, make it a point to check with your tour and travel agent in Thailand on sightseeing and tours to floating markets in Thailand . These companies offer sightseeing and tours to Amphawa Floating Market, tours to Pattaya Floating Market, tours, and sightseeing to Ayutthaya Floating Market as well as tours and sightseeing to Damnoen Saduak. These…

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